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Is anyone else planning for 2016 or am I on my own this far ahead?!

Hello all, I'm new to this forum so first of all hello to you all, Me and my other half are looking to get married on the 20th August 2016-miles away I know but we need the time to save up to have our day the way we want it and I feel like its miles away!! Is anyone else in the same boat? We have only got as far as selecting a venue and are about to place the first deposit-but will it be too long away?!


  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    We're getting married in 2014- which isn't long now- but we have been engaged for what feels like forever thanks to a long sort-of-engaged-but-not-announced period.. We started booking things last year and although there were a few raised eyebrows suppliers are happy to take your money

    I would say that if you want toget started nowthen look at photographers and venues and if you do book anything with a long time to go make sure you have wedding insurance!

    Don't go dress shopping yet, I got mine early and I'd be lying if I said I don't regret not waiting for the current collections to come out! I try it on next week (like I said, with a whole year to go until I wear it) and I can only hope I love it as much as when I tried it on!

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165
    Thanks-i was really concerned we were far too early

    We're struggling to find anyone who will insure us as its a long time off-haven't yet found a provider who will cover us for longer than two years image we didn't intend to start this early but found a venue we both love and OH is desperate to put a deposit down to secure the date and the price (the venue have taken ??4,000 off the package we want which isn't going to stay that way forever!)

    Shall definitely be avoiding the likes of dresses etc until 2015 at the very earliest. I have family over in Australia who will want to be there to so getting a date set early means they have time to try and finance the flights for 5 to be here!

    Do the likes of photographers start booking early? I assumed they could be one of the 6-months-before jobs!

    Fingers crossed that you shall still love your dress when it comes around. I'm sure you will if you loved it enough then to buy it!
  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    Good photographers get booked up well well in advance and they are a massively important priority- don't be shocked at ome of the prices!

    We were same, family in Oz image

  • *Freckles**Freckles* Posts: 147

    I think it's too early for some things simply because (speaking from experience as our engagement will be two years) you change your mind about things - or I did. But I think it gives you plenty of time to spend on the fun things like colour schemes, stationary etc which can otherwise be a bit rushed when you don't have as long.

  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165
    Little red-thanks, I'm hoping I manage to pull in a favour from one of my dads friends (he used to be a photographer professionally and one of his ex-colleagues is still in the business!) so am hoping the prices won't be too terrifying, but will definitely look at them a lot sooner than I initially thought!

    Jobo85-thank you, I am hoping to rein in the OH on those sorts of things-I think he is getting a LOT more carried away with it all than I am, he's currently trying to convince me we need a horrendous band from the 90's to play at our reception and is looking at shoes for himself and the boys!

    Am just concerned that it will all go stale. Ie have the venue booked and then be nothing to do for ages. Suppose there are perks and downers to however the time scale goes.

    Do you think it's too soon to be deciding upon a venue then??
  • Hi Sweet Tooth,

    I am in the same boat - got engaged in Feb, but with my brother getting married this year, cousin next year, and having some substancial saving to do, I will be 2016 too.

    I am thinking (yes, I did find a calendar!) on 30th April 2016. So far, I know pretty much what's happening, where we're having it (I work at a fantastic wedding venue, so it's a no-brainer really!) what we're eating, colours etc, but it's all in my head at the moment!

    My trouble is, I don't want to step on anyone's toes by organising it too soon (ie: before other people's weddings) and I don't want to loose all the excitement. I will be keeping it all in my head until next year at the earliest. After my cousin's wedding and by then, there will only be two years to wait!

    Some people ask why such a long engagement, and for us - it's all about finance. I would rather wait a couple of years longer and have an amazing party, rather than have a little one with hardly any people just to scrimp. We're making the commitment to each other by being engaged - I don't see the problem of having a little bit longer to plan it all!

    Can't wait to follow your planning along - it's quite exciting that someone else is in the same boat as me!


  • KathymufcKathymufc Posts: 1

    I'm also in the same boat getting married 2016 as we want an amazing day and need time to save for it!! We've booked the venue and now it's a case of getting ideas etc. I too feel like it is ages away but keep telling myself it'll fly by !! 

  • b-2-cb-2-c Posts: 16

    Hi I'm planning for 2016 too! But havent even started looking at Venus yet, I thought I could use the rest of this yr while I'm on maternity leave to get ideas together then start viewing places early next yr and then book somewhere by next summer when they'll onky be 2 yrs to go. Can't be too early if they let you book your venue! it's exciting planning and everything so it's just making it last a bit longer! Also the saving and paying things off for us too as we also have 2 children and don't have rich parents lol image

  • I am plannign for 2016 aswel I am having a winter wedding so it's miles away image I can't seem to find anywer that will let me book for this time? I have just been looking online tho ?


  • Katy xKaty x Posts: 5

    I'm also planning for 2016. We're in the engaged but not announced stage currently, planning to announce at Christmas and book our venue in January as soon as 2016 dates become available. We want a weekday wedding in early April. It is kind of about money and saving but we're having a small day anyway, close family and friends only and no wedding breakfast just a late ceremony and drinks reception and hog roast because we want it to be informal and relaxed. Our honeymoon is going to cost an awful lot of money though as we've set our sights on a very expensive resort already lol I made the mistake of looking at dresses in the excitement and finding one that I absolutely love and seems quite unique. I've had to convince myself to forget about it as things change. And my plan is to drop a couple of dress sizes by my wedding anyway lol x

  • Would recommend waiting to buy things until as close as you can . Especially the dress as new styles and fashions come out all the time and in 3 years themes will be so different to now x

  • I have booked for 4/6/16 image paid venue deposit and making payments each month! 


    Going to save planning until nearer the time as buying a house next year! We wanted our venue confirmed so we get what date we want image 


    again no one knows about it! So can't wait to tell everyone image

  • We are the same. Waiting on finances. Though it's nice to not feel rushed and being able to shop around!
  • And apologies to all of you who have responded and I haven't seen your messages-they appear to have stopped sending my emails to say someone has responded to the post! Totally understand the not wanting to tread on anyone's toes-people seem to get exceptionally touchy when it comes to weddings! Xx
  • MrsGeeMrsGee Posts: 96

    After initially hoping for a 2015 wedding it's looking like we'll be looking at 2016 purely so we can afford the day we want rather than buying a house next year and then rushing a wedding and scrimping because of a lack of funds in 2015. A little bit gutted as had my heart on 2015 but never mind. image 

  • congrats ladies image I'm with Michelle on this image if book venue but leave a lot till late 2014/2015 as you could change your mind on a lot of things and styles etc change a lot x

  • Thanks ladies!

    im really enjoying it not being rushed and gives us time to have the money for what we want! So far we have booked venue, ice cream cart, cake and in the process of booking fireworks and a replacement photographer as the one I booked had gone bankrupt xx

    how are plans going for you? X

  • Hi sweet tooth!

    im getting married 26th August 2016, seems so far away but I love knowing we have enough time to make sure we have everything we want. Where are you getting married ?

    sounds silly but I did not realise till re searching how much photographers are!! image

  • hi mrscallow2b- I can totally relate to it feeling so far away but it is really nice knowing you have plenty of time to plan isn't it?! I love that it has given us time to make it really personal to us and to make things ourselves and without the mad rush! We are getting married in Nottingham at Lakeside tower. Knew straight away that it was exactly what we wanted and I love it more every time we go there! Whereabouts are you based and getting married? The photography cost threw me too! Don't know what I was expecting but I know it was less than what it is! How is your planning going? What have you done so far? Xx

  • Yes, its nice being able to have some breathing space!

    My husband to be's brother had to plan the whole day in 6 months, imagine!! image

    We live in West Sussex and are getting married in a church in Ottershaw, Chertsey. We are having the reception at Wentworth Golf Club, virgina water. Do you have some pictures of your venue? It sounds beautiful.

    It's going well so far! We are waiting to receive our contract through from Wentworth, this week some time then its booked! We have also got our banns of marriage application to confirm the church. We have also started our invites as were making them our selves image

    How about you? xxx


  • Six months?! Id be suicidal doing that!! Just had a sneaky peak at your venues, looks lovely. I don't have many at all and they are rubbish online I'll get some next time I go

    We have done bits but not all that much to be honest! We have the venue booked along with cake, ice cream and fireworks and photography but other than that we haven't really touched much I've no idea where to start!!  What are you planning on doing next? X

  • Wow fireworks what a lovely idea!! 

    nope I've no idea either!

    We had a look around a local de vere hotel for all the guests to stay in and even though we're not having the wedding with them, they have agreed we can have the wedding rate for bedrooms and that the price won't change between now and 2016. They've put rooms on hold for us so nearer the time they can just phone up and confirm their own rooms. 

    Just shows some things are good to get done/confirmed if you know what you need/want image 

    its good knowing that everyone has somewhere to stay if they want too as theres only 10 bedrooms at the venue image 


  • We are hoping our venue has built their hotel by out wedding! if not we are a bit stuck!! Planning is through they were just awaiting some stipulations by the road people as they wanted them to change the junction to have the hotel And a bigger slip road etc.... That's really nice of them to do! Especially at a fixed rate!

    we are really looking forward to the fireworks image


  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    I wouldn't worry as I'm sure there's somewhere else fairly close by for guests to stay.

    are you planning on getting ready at home on the morning of the wedding? my mum didn't take it well that I'm getting ready at a hotel ! Xx

  • I haven't decided yet-if it was built in time it would make more sense to get ready there as there will be me, my mum and 5 bridesmaids/flowergirls before we even factor in my very excitable dog. Spoken to the venue and the planning is through but haven't even started work yet so it's unlikely! 

  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    Ah, well this is another plus to having enough time to plan!!!

    We have booked our chair covers as well now image how are you getting on? 

  • We're booking for 4/6/16, church wedding in our beautiful village church and a reception about 15 minutes drive away, confirming the venue this weekend, so very excited but can't help feeling a bit deflated when we tell people the date & their response or their faces say "that's ages away!"


  • emily88emily88 Posts: 10

    hiya, im new to this site. got engaged nov 2012. we have planned for wedding 16-4-16 just to save money and get the things we want and get little bits when we can. have put deposit down on venue and photographer and got my dress and shoes already and loads of decoration bits and buttonholes etc. v excited and it elimated the stress by doing it over timex x

  • MrsCallowMrsCallow Posts: 348

    I'm loving it organising everything over time image 

  • Hey, we are getting married July 30th 2016 and I totally feel the same! I feel like 21 months to go is soooo far away!! But we have booked the venue, photographer and videographer so I think it's definatly the time to start booking the venue and people who you want such as the photographer as they get booked up sometimes years in advance!! image xx

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