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Want to marry in Greece in April/May 2015 with Thomson??

Hi I'm new to the forum and really need help!

Only been engaged since Xmas day but we want to marry asap after I've had the baby and lost the weight lol.

So we're thinking April/may 2015 and in Greece!

We want to get deposits down and fix date so family and friends have time to save etc' but I have no idea where to start!

We want a pretty location but quite small max guests 20, Thomson can't make bookings until may this year which freaks me out time wise.

Also no brochure shows reception costs? Were on a very small budget and just want a fun relaxed BBQ reception with music and maybe some Greek entertainment.

Someone please help n point me in the right direction!!



  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    Hi congratulations on your engagement it depends if you want your wedding in a hotel or not we have booked our holiday thro Thomsons but you have to marry in one of their hotels which we didn't want so we have a wedding planner ,as for a reception if you have a planner they will guide you on what's available we haven't booked a reception we are just going to find a nice taverna when we get there 

    If you need any more info I can try and help



  • Hi. I think we do want a hotel gardens/poolside wedding.

    Who did you use as a wedding planner?x

  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    We have used Alexandra's Dream Weddings .

  • I am getting married in Lindos in September and am going through a wedding planner? I think you can personalise it a lot more than going through a holiday company.

    I would look at where you would like to get married and then contact a few of the many planners for information. A lot of the hotels also offer wedding packages so might be worth contacting them directly.

    There are quite a few hidden costs in getting married in Greece with regards to getting the paperwork sorted but our planners wereal ally helpful in giving us all the information so we could budget accordingly.

  • Have you looked at the atlantica aegean blue that looks lovely.

    I've been searching and searching and just can't decide ok anywhere! Xx
  • LeanneLeanne Posts: 15

    Hi, we are getting married in a taverna in crete in may 2015. The views are stunning, its a unique place. We decided to use a wedding planner and choose Ruth at Sun and Snow weddings, she is amazing and nothing is too much of a problem.


  • Hi - as previously a wedding planner in a 5-star hotel in Cyprus for 3 years , I have seen many Tour Operator weddings, and my advice to you is to use an Independent Wedding Planner.  You get more of a personal service, and they can book well in advance for you.

    I am now looking after my own weddings all over Cyprus and I have bookings confirmed as far in advance as 2016. 

    The most important thing is to get your venue booked, and then you can book your flights and accommodation when they are available.  This is quite normal.  I am not sure of the legalities in Greece, but I would expect them to be the similar to Cyprus.

    Hope this helps!

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    I got married in Greece last Sept and used an independent wedding planner. she arranged everything and our day was seamless. i would avoid tour operators I have heard numerous horror stories. Also some don't confirm the date of your wedding in advance. 

    Our planner gave us lots of options for the venue for both the ceremony and reception. We went for Kalithea springs on Rhodes followed by a reception in a hotel. it was amazing. 

    As as said above there are hidden costs if you not careful. Your documents have to be translated. Which does add up. 

    Cost wise our planner was £1000 for the ceremony, brides transport, brides bouquet, all legal and translation cost. The reception was 45 euro per head but that was at the very top end cost wise. I think a taverna would be much cheaper.

    You also have to pay to get your documents stamped in the uk by the foreign office and get your banns read this cost us approx £200. 

    Hope that helps

  • Rookie who did you use?

    After weighing up pros and coins I think I'm going to go with a wedding planner so I can get it booked and a budget, then get hotel and flights in April when released for 2015.

    Thankyou everyone x

    Keep them suggestions and advice coming x

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We got married in Cyprus and used an independant planner, just to echo what others have said, you get a lot more flexibility, you get your date & time confirmed sooner, and you get a personal service with a planner - I've heard a lot of horror stories about travel companies not confirming dates/times of the wedding until you arrive at the location!?

    I found a really useful facebook group with loads of people getting married in Cyprus, not sure if one exists for other places, but definitely worth a look image

    We booked everything for the wedding through the planner, and booked our own holiday seperately, as did everyone else - I'd advise not getting involved in holiday bookings for guests - we let everyone know where we were staying, but then let them book their own accomodation, it was much simpler image

  • Hi,


    I have booked my wedding with Thomson - the actual booking was a nightmare as I used the store rather than the weddings team. The weddings team are very helpful therefore if you want to use Thomson then i suggest use them directly do NOT go in to store as they do not have a clue about weddings !! (they lost our forms and we almost didnt have a wedding - to cut a long story short) but am hoping all will be fine when we get there. But the place where im getting married the hotel owner is great as been there before so im quite relaxed about it all xx

  • if i had looked into it more i would have used a planner instead image x

  • BrookieBrookie Posts: 163

    We used unique weddings rhodes. Bev was brilliant. 

  • We got married on Crete and used Ruth at Sun and Snow Weddings - had an amazing day and it was very reasonably priced.

  • LeanneLeanne Posts: 15

    We are using Ruth too, she has been fantastic with every request so far x

  • i have also been in touch with Ruth at sun and snow weddings and enquired about the Stella palace in Crete through thomas cook which was recommended by another bride on here. Ruth's prices seem to be really reasonable too xx

  • Simone CSimone C Posts: 112



    we have used lindos weddings to plan our wedding in Rhides next year in May. They have been great so far and have heard good reviews about them which helps.


  • NixM2BNixM2B Posts: 7

    I'm getting married in Zante in August and have been using the wedding planner, Zante Dream weddings. I found them to be more helpful at the initial stages than a travel company. Although haven't done much planning with them yet though. We should be starting soon! 

  • Hello and congratulations on your wedding !!!My friend got married in Santorini ,and it was the best !I know for sure that she had booked the date two years ahead as we made the search together.....!!She sent some e-mails to several local planners and she finally came up with Santorini Weddings  

    Everything was absolutely perfect from the first day.....The wedding was amazing !!!

    it is not too soon to book the venue and start planning your big day !!!you absolutely need to do this as soon as possible ,so you relax a bit and continue with the rest without having to wait and waste time until May!!!

    wishing you the best !



  • BVWBVW Posts: 1


    Firstly a huge congratulations on your engagement! It can be a bit of a minefield when trying to plan your wedding abroad so if you are taking this route then it is often best to use an independent wedding planner who is 'on the ground' and more than often, lives in the destination so knows it inside.

    My advice would be to go with an independent wedding planner (not being biased because I am one myself) but as many others have commented, you will be able to have more flexibility over what you want for your special day. Incidentally I was previously a wedding planner for the mentioned holiday company so have considerable experience.

    My service is totally bespoke - I'm based on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia which is one of the top destinations in Greece for getting married. Please feel free to get in touch if you would further detailed information.



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