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Red lipstick on your wedding day?

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering if anyone has worn or is wearing red lips for their wedding day? I know this is probably more suitable for vintage style brides, but I'm not vintage at all.

Im getting married in Las Vegas and wearing a Pronovias full satin sort of princess dress. It's really my partner who has a thing for glossy red lips, I do  love the look too but just wonder if it will look stupid. 

I have just spent £50 on the most amazing Armani lipstick with one of their glosses to go over the top, it wouldn't go to waste as I'd use them anyway but I guess I just wanted to find out other peoples thoughts?




  • Mrst2b5Mrst2b5 Posts: 246

    I wore red lips and everyone commented on them. Heres me! Can you tell im missing planning and my wedding! 



  • Oh wow, you look stunning! Love the red nails to match! I'm not having a veil but the rest of your looks is exactly what i'm going for, very sleek and polished. You really look gorgeous and have helped settle me a lot! xx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I say go for it!  And Mrst2b5, you look absolutely stunning!  Have I missed your wedding report?  If you haven't done one you need to!  ;)  x

  • I will be having red lips but I wear red lipstick every day anyway and wouldn't feel right without it! I say go for it!

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