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Help... Useless venue


i was wondering if anyone can help. Hubby and I have booked our venue for the wedding reception and we really love it. However now six months before the date and the venue are being really in helpful and rude when I ask questions, also not replying to emails or returning my phone calls?!? I know we probably wont find another venue we love so much or that is in our budget! I'm so sad and this is the only thing holding back my planning 


  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    As it is a reception venue you could find somewhere else, if needs be. Maybe have a look at potential alternatives, although do check your contract for how much you are liable for at various points in time.

    The lack of replies could be down to them not having a person who deals with weddings, my venue is okay at replying any delay is always down to the wedding planners availability.

    In your shoes I would be contacting the manager, if the manager was the one being rude then I would contact the venues owner/head office, if that didn't get results I would find another reception venue.



  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Likewise, I would also be ringing, giving my thoughts and telling them to get it squared away sharpIsh. It may be an oversight but if you make it clear you're less than impressed they have the chance to put it right! 

  • I don't think you need to do anything drastic like cancelling at this point. Rudeness isn't acceptable, but if they're just not being particularly helpful, it may be that they're busy and six months is still quite a way off for a venue so they don't understand the urgency. I struggled with communication with a few of our suppliers but they were all fantastic on the day; sometimes I think us brides can go into a panic because we're thinking of so many different things and there's "only" six months to go, when to some suppliers that's still loads of time.

    Personally I would make a list of everything you need to ask / tell them, and then arrange a meeting where you can go through it all face to face. This way they can't procrastinate over replying to your emails or calling you back - you can get it all sorted in one go. You can also make it clear that you haven't been happy so far with the communication and hopefully they'll be much better as time ticks on!

  • Thank you so much for your support x

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