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Love and lace

I'm starting this thread with 139 days to go as apart from growing my hair and dieting there is nothing else I can do at the moment in preparation for our wedding and the blokes in my office aren't that interested in listening it my wedding plans so I'm hoping you are a more receptive audience!

i've been with Mr H for 5 years after meeting at work and can honestly say he is my perfect man! I never thought I would meet anyone who would tick all of my boxes and I even think some of my boxes changed to fit him in.

After asking for my Dad's blessing, he proposed on Boxing Day 2012 in front of our families. He'd bought a beautiful platinum ring with a diamond. I'm not very delicate so the fact that it doesn't have a lot of height is perfect! He'd bought me a cocktail set for christmas and hid it in one of the spirit measures then got on one knee as he passed it to me! I cried and said yes!




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    Congratulations to you both. You must be getting married very near to my date, June 6th. 

    Sounds like you are very well organised especially in such a short space of time. So, tell us all about your plans so far. 


  • 14th June! The the first day that England play in the World Cup! 

    Mr H wanted to wait 2 years but that was never going to happen as patience is not my strong point!

    I wanted our families to be a part of the planning process. I asked my sister straight away if she would be my bridesmaid and her little girl (who will be 2 by the time we get married) to be a flower girl and her son to be a Paige boy. My sister was so happy and so was I. I've got quite a few close friends so it was difficult to know if I should choose anymore!

    we wanted an informal wedding but with all the trimmings.

    about 2 weeks after we were engaged my aunty asked me if I had chosen my bridesmaids and I told her I hadn't. She then told me "there would be hell to pay if I did not choose my cousin". My cousin is 21 and I hardly see her anymore.

    I was gobsmacked and not prepared for this so just said that money would be the deciding issue and I would let her know!

  • I couldn't think about the wedding for weeks as the bridesmaid issue upset me and I didn't know what to do!

    i really wanted my best friend from being 3 to be a bridesmaid so I asked her and eventually gave in and asked my cousin too. Although it wasn't what I wanted I felt better knowing that I'd reached a decision and there would be no hard feelings in the family.

    We decided we wanted a venue that was more than a rectangular room made pretty with tables and flowers so we booked Great John Street hotel in Manchester. The venue is amazing and has views across manchester and you can even see Coronation street! The quirky roof top terrace is lit by fairy lights and the room for the ceremony has little alcoves with books and ornaments.

    A huge part of a wedding day is taken up by eating so we thought that to make more time for fun we would opt for a BBQ!

    I love the venue so much and when I took my parents they gave us complimentary drinks and the staff were so lovely. My only issue as that everything is so driven by money and everything has a price attached to it and sometimes I've felt this has been shoved in my face. For example, it's a free house and I wanted them to supply beer from where Mr H is from. At first they said they could not get through to the brewery so I could by it myself and they would charge me £3 corkage which would mean the beer was £5 a bottle! I told them we'd stick with their beer but in the end they managed to contact the brewery and it seems sorted. 

  • My dress!

    I've never been able to picture what my wedding dress would be like. I went dress shopping with my best friend and found that every dress was beautiful. Just not on me. I'm was a size 12 but quite a big frame and am 5ft 8. Big dresses made me look frumpy and slim fitted dresses made my hips look huge. 

    My best friend found her perfect dress on the first day of looking! And she made such a gorgeous bride. My sister was so tall and slim and she also knew straight away what she wanted!

    the second time, I went shopping on my own. It was summer 2013 and was unbelievably hot trying dresses on! This made me think about what I could wear! I narrowed it down to 2 very different dresses!


     This Ronald joyce one and one I can't find a picture of!


    i didn't buy either.

    Every shop I went in, I was told how lovely I looked. I needed someone to be honest and when I went to the last shop, that I was I got and I was so happy for someone who sees girls in dresses all the time, to tell me what suited.

    my dress is the most amazing thing i've seen but can't put it on here in case Mr H looks!

    In October my mum told me I needed to loose some weight. It hurt my feelings but I joined slimming world and so far I've lost a and a half stone and feel amazing. I'm now a size 12 and i've started swimming so my arms are getting toned!

  • STD's!!!!

    We wanted a personal touch on our save the dates so we made them ourselves. We ordered the photos off moo cards and bought the brown cards and string from hobby craft and as Mr H has nice writing. He wrote them all! We addressed the envelopes with people's nicknames which our friends liked !



  • aww i love your save the dates, theyre so personal and fun image not long now before your wedding, bet youre getting very excited, im not getting married until december 2015 and i already cant wait haha. xx

  • image

    Having these ink jars filled with skittles vodka as favours! It fits in as the venue is an old school


  • image

    We've made this box by covering it with a copy of mills and boon and then varnished it. It looks really good although we"ve taken the lace off the letters now so it looks better! 

  • Been really busy so not had much chance to write anything. Last year I was shopping and saw the most beautiful dresses in house of Fraser and there was 20% off so I just bought them. Felt bad that my bridemaids didn't get to choose but they are all quite strong minded and kind of wanted these. They look so beautiful in them and in the end they were happy! 

    I bought 3 as I'd been bullied into having my cousin but there has been quite a big family argument so my Aunty and her family are no longer welcome at our wedding or part of our lives so I'm back with my original 2 and very happy!



  • I really. Like the colour scheme, Navy and pink so this is what I'm liking for the men.



  • For flowers i've ordered. Pink roses and peonies for the bridesmaids and men and me and mr H have got ivory ones. So excited!


    84 days to go. 

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    Love how personal the STDs are - we are planning to have photos of H2B and I at different ages alongside the table numbers. Also love your card box - old book pages are great - guess some guests might blush a little at some of the words if old mills and boon?! Keep updating as looking forward to seeing more of your plans image

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