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Bridesmaid presents

Hello, I am struggling what to get my bridesmaids as a little thank you present.  I have about £50 to spend on each of them. I initially wanted to get them a watch but my one bridesmaid doesn't really wear them and my other got a nice shiny Micheal Kors watch for Christmas, that I don't think my one would compete with!!!  Ideally I would like to get them a bracelet, but I wanted something a bit special and anything I like is coming in way over budget.  So I was just wondering what you had all got for your bridesmaids so I can steal ideas image ................


  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    i know someone got a pandora braclet as their present (plain) it also meant the rest of the family could buy charms as present for birthdays etc or what about earrings?

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    Ahhh yee thats a nice idea.  Pandora bracelets are quite cute.  Yes I was thinking earrings but they just don't look very much in a box, ha!

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Beaverbrooks have a sale on some Thomas Sabo jewellery at the moment.  And Hot Diamonds stuff is quite nice for a BM present- you could get a bracelet or necklace for £50.  I know Ernest Jones and John Lewis sell pieces.  Or, you could get them something other than jewellery- what about a really nice leather purse? x

  • I got my girls the fabric pandora braclets and if they already have one then your could get them a charm It doesn't matter how small it looks it's the gift inside image

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    Very true Clare image

    Thanks Jodielou, all very good ideas.

    I really like the Molly Brown birth stone bracelets, but I think they are for kids which is a bit annoying!!!!

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    Oooh I have just thought, what if I got a special blend of perfume from Jo Malon, one to suit each bridesmaid?  Would that be a nice present?  How much are they??

  • Etsy is really good for special gifts. They sell bracelets with charms with initials on. Or you could get them a goody bag? E.g. smellies, little keepsakes to remember the day, perfume, a hanky, earrings (Accessorize). Its the thought that counts image

  • I got my 3 girls personalised clairabella bags, they are all very much into handbags and I liked that they were personalised.

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    I have got my bridesmaids a personalised wine glass and clairebella style dress, a charm for their bracelets and will have chocolates in too!



  • Have you looked at troll beads bracelets? Personally, I prefer them to Pandora and Ive found they are much less popular so always get compliments on how different they are. Again, you can just buy the bracelet and a charm and they can collect them for birthdays, christmas etc. 

  • spiderspider Posts: 71

    Swarovski do a bow shaped charm and plain charm bracelet. I'm planning on printing out cards saying 'Thank you for helping us tie the knot'. I liked the Etsy ones but the Swarovski charm bracelet is much more substantial and the charm is surprisingly big so looks more of a present.

  • MrsG23MrsG23 Posts: 231

    I got my girls a Personalised Bridesmaid Clairabella Bag each, A floral kimono from a woman on Etsy and also personalised champagne flutes from another woman on Etsy who will, if you send her pictures of your bridesmaid and their dress design, paint them onto the glass image It means each of my girls gets to wear a floral kimono and sip champagne out of their own glass image 

    I may also make them a bridesmaid survival kit with bits for the morning after image 

  • Geek GirlGeek Girl Posts: 145

    We went for a 'tying the knot' style pun too with these silver Hiho bracelets. They were quite simple and stylish, adjustable (so no size issues!) and came in a really nice gift box and both my bridesmaids loved them.



    That said, if one of them didn't already have a Pandora bracelet I think we'd have been tempted by those too!

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    Ahhh that hiho bracelet is lovely image  I really love all of the personalised gift ideas aswell.  Thanks ladies

  • I bought my bridesmaids dressing gowns!  A really nice fluffy comfy one each. This way they've something to wear while getting ready and then something lovely and very useful to take home after! I got mine from Debenhams image



  • Angie4Angie4 Posts: 55

    Shoe clips, gorgeous Sparkle Bow Shoe Clips that they wore on the day and wear all the time since them, something different. xx

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    Apart from dresses, cardigans and shoes (2x pairs), I got my bridesmaids rose gold necklace and earring sets from Pilgrim and will be making a little survival bag for the day. I have seen so many ideas I wish I could have them all. 

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