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Hi, everyone!! I've had a bit of difficulty finding a decent / reasonably priced photographer. My original photographer is semi professional but his work is amazing & his prices are well within our budget. However, a friend offered to do our photography as a wedding gift, which really helps us out financially. The original photographer seemed ok with this at the time & wished us well. Unfortunately, our friend has let us down. We don't know why only that they can no longer do the photography for us. The first person we thought of after this was our original photographer. We contacted him & he seemed thrilled to hear from us again. In fact, he was very enthusiastic about being a part of our big day, which immediately put my mind at rest. But out of nowhere, he seemedto be ttrying his hardest to put me off & make excuses about why I shouldn't use him. This worried me a little so I tried praising him up, telling him how impressed I am with his work but I had no reply whatsoever. Alarm bells were now going off in my head so I tried arranging a meeting but he seemed very vague & disinterested. I'm very disheartened by this & have no idea what to do or what to make of it. I don't know why he's suddenly had a change of heart. I do believe however, that I'm probably wasting my time with him. So any recommendations would be extremely appreciated!! Xx


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    Whereabouts are you? 

  • Sorry, forgot to mention I'm from the Bridgend area in South Wales (Mid Glamorgan)! Xx
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    Sorry, cant help you there. It does sound like your photographer is not keen for some reason so best to forget him just in case he does let you down at the last minute.  Have you got any wedding Fayres coming up near you?  You might find one there, good luck in finding another. 

  • Take a look at Emily Shurmer Photography! She's fab, if she wasn't going to be my bridesmaid she'd be doing my pics x x

  • My brother does reasonable priced photography, I'm unsure how far he'd be willing to travel but worth a go. Gary Porch Photography on Facebook

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    I maybe wrong but the photographer may have forgot you changed your mind about them before and doesn't want to risk it? I would find a new photographer and kick my friends backside.

    I actually have numerous friends and family that could have done my photos but opted for a professional because I didn't want to put any of them under that pressure and having helped my dad photograph weddings for friends and family, and photography is his hobby not profession, it is hard work, also being in any of the pictures is very difficult!

    Keep in mind that most photographers will travel so maybe expand your search area.

  • Thanks ladies, you've all been a great help & I've actually got around to messaging a few photographers today. Fingers crossed I'll get lucky & find one who ticks all the boxes!! Xx
  • Hi Gemma, sorry to hear you're having trouble securing a photographer and I hope you don't mind me getting in touch.... Myself & a good friend are currently offering free wedding photography....(although travel expenses may be asked for)  We've been photographers for many years doing landscape and family photography but we're moving into weddings now and need to increase our experience and grow our portfolio. We did a friends wedding recently and the photos we took really impressed them.  if you feel we can potentially help please let me know!  All the best. Phil

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    Hi Gemma!

    I am writing on behalf of a professional photographer that has recently decided to start wedding photography and focused mainly on that.

    He would shoot for free the first weddings he gets to shoot!

    The only thing would be if he could get paid travel as he's based in London.

    If you want to have a look at his work, please visit

    Look forward to hearing from you!  

    Best regards,

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