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What are you having for your favours?

So we were going to combine favours and place name cards by having cookies with guests names on (wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon in our colour theme)....until we got a quote for just over £300! So now I'm unsure of what to do! I still would like to combine favours and place name cards and wondered if you ladies could pls share what your having and any ideas you might have to inspire me! Thankyou x


  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682


    These were ours, I made chutney, worked out about £1/head inc ingredients, jars, tags, labels, lid covers. 


  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    ... Not sure how the pic ended up upside down!

  • I'm making skittles vodka and putting the them in little 30ml ink bottles that I bought from wares of knutsford (really cheap for jars and bottles) and putting tags on them. X

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    If you want biscuits you could make your own shortbread? That's what I'm doing - it's dead easy; it's basically 3 ingredients! Then I am going to use a cookie stamp to stamp our wedding date on - you could do people's names if you wanted?

  • I'm making Sloe Gin and Blackberry vodka - then filling 50ml mini demijohns from

    Depends when you are getting married?

    You can also make raspberry gin which is a lovely light pink colour and very tasty.

    Then you can write names on the bottles or attach labels.

    X x



  • MrsG23MrsG23 Posts: 231

    We are having fudge (which we are making ourselves) and then having them in little clear bags, tied with twine and with a little tag with their name on... image We may even cut the fudge into little heart shapes image 


  • Zara GZara G Posts: 48

    We're having little shot glasses with our names and wedding date engraved on them. I was going to do vintage key bottle openers, but I thought little glasses were more collectable and less likely to be thrown away image

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I am making lips and mustache lollies image out of chocolate. I want to experiment with flavours, sprinkles, nuts, marshmallows etc... I will put labels on them so guests know where to sit image

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    We are having slate hearts with the names wrote on, it goes with our theme x

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Instead of place names, we used photos of each of our guests, and for favours we made mix cds with songs that reminded us of all our friends and family who came to our wedding image I made origami cd covers and printed the cd covers with love and  music quotes

  • Mrs BakeMrs Bake Posts: 1,651

    We're cheating with ours, I had so many ideas but the more I thought about them, the more I thought people might not like this or that so we decided to use our sweety table as the favours so people can choose what they would like instead.

    I've ordered haribo, jelly beans, dolly mixture, retro sweets etc and placed them all in Ikea jars so people can see what's on offer.


  • we are doing charity favours (Yorkhill hospital and british heart foundation pins, clicsearget braclets, and cancer research pedometers and keyrings) and they are inside a ball with sweets

    but i had soooo many ideas! jars with soil and seeds (grow with love and tags), cupcakes, paper laterns and candles, eco shopper bags, tablet or fudge,

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    We are having a christmasy wedding so opted for a little mini bottle filled with Hot chocolate powder (our venue wont let our guests drink the favours on the premises, we had opted for a mulled wine or punch previously) accompanied by a shortbread cookie in a christmas shape ( a nod to his scottish roots but still inkeeping with our theme) and a cone of Marshmallows all in a little kraft bag from hobbycraft stamped and decorated with bows

  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447



    I think I am opting for seeds (not sure what flower yet ) in lovely packaging with the words "let love grow" think it will be perfect with my spring wedding. 

    This is the Inspiration: 


  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    We are having Cancer Research badges in memory of my Grandad xx

  • I'm making birdie shaped keychains for the ladies and having mini bottle of whiskey for the men

  • MissGMissG Posts: 86

    We are having pins from a local children hospice, before we decided on that we were going to have mini jam jars filled with our favourite sweeties and some ribbon etc on to make them look pretty xxx

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Ours are blowing bubbles in those nice white hexagonal pots, and I'm refilling them with different sweet scented bubbles and adding kraft card tag labels as place names. We're also having mini pinatas in the middle of the table for guests to open and share. Cheap and cheerful!

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    I'm having toffee apples to go with my village fete theme image

  • tinkymootinkymoo Posts: 419

    We are having home made jam in little pots. My dad speciality haha xx 

  • We are donating to cancer research as both of our families have been effected. We are also making little lego heart key rings (H2Bs idea) as he loves lego and then we have the sweet buffet which Im doing myself to keep peoples energy levels up!

  • We're also making a donation. We've chosen Help for Heroes as a lot of our friends and family are/have been in the armed services. We're putting a note somewhere to let our guests know.

  • Where in the country do you live? The lady making my cake does biscuit favours for about £1.50 and she's around birmingham. 

    if it's what you want I would have thought you could do it yourself quite easily - especially if you bought ready to use icing tubes

  • we are having strawberry sweets in little paper boxes. They were the first thing I sent to H2b whilst he was overseas and ever since I have sent him a box of them every time he has gone away. I would have loved to have made something though but thought these were ideal. I am using little business card sized air mail letters for place names. 

  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    We are having hart shaped mini mints in hart shaped tins with bride,groom on the tins , we was gonna have trolly tokens but a lot of supermarkets have stoped useing them I have around 40 if anyone is interest thay double up as keyring holders and have logos on them like shoes ,born to shop,footy boots vintage cars so both men,ladies can use them , that can also be used in gyms that take pound coins 


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