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Hello Ladies!

I really want to decorate our chair backs with ribbons. We're having a woodland theme and our venue is a beautiful, rustic barn - so I think this informal look will work really well and also add a dash of colour (as everything else I've done is cream & hessian!) 

I am desperately hitting Google trying to find out exactly how much ribbon is required to decorate chairs in this way... does anyone have any experience of this at all, as there doesn't seem to be any answers out there!

The image below pictures the exact chairs in our venue (this was from an open day they held... but the company who did this wants to charge £5 per chair - which H2B refuses flat out to pay, so I need to DIY this!!) 


 I'd be grateful of any advice... or else I'm just going to be taking a stab! (And probably ending up with a lifetimes supply of ribbon!! haha)

Thank you!! x





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    Ask your venue for the chairs measurements, height and height to the seat, minus that from the overall height, add extra to the ribbon so it will dangle past the seat, times by 2 add extra for the loop at the top, actually ask your venue how tall and wide the top bit is then you can work out rough my the loop size.

    Or ask the venue if you can pop in to try something

    Or if your cheeky ask the decorator for a quote and ask how long each bit of ribbon is

    Remember you need to times the length by 6 then number of chairs needed.

    Ask the venue for the measurements between the spindles as well, because that looks like wide ribbon!

    £5 a chair might seem a lot but that's a time consuming look, defiantly get lots of people to help you to do it, actually nominate the groom and his guys, get someone trusted to supervise them!

    My venue does the set up for me within reason, I think ribbons would be a step to far!

    I think I would get bored measuring and cutting 500 steps and wrapping them up in a way so they don't tangle up, so around card and into a small food bag, maybe image

  • Thanks so much for your reply!

    Great idea to ask the venue for the measurements... then that will take away any guesswork and be sure I have it right.

    I know it will end up being a bit of a faff... but I have overspent in so many areas, I really have to do the decor DIY! We do have the whole day before to set up so I figure it should be okay...

  • The website meiflower is really good for cheap nice ribbon-I've just got 23m rolls of 25mm thick ribbon for £5 each and it's 99p delivery and comes next day. Just thought I would let you know to hopefully save you some cash image 

  • I'm doing this for just 15 chairs and have had to order almost 400 metres of ribbon... 

  • Just a little update in case anyone is interested...

    I ended up needed lengths of ribbon that were each 1.5 metres (x5 lengths per chair)

    We have 65 guests, so 7.5m x 65 = 487.5 metres of ribbon!

    Luckily, I found a very good seller on eBay (perfecttables08) and got 500 metres for £105.

    They had LOADS of colours too, so I got Aqua, Dusky Pink and Grey to match my colour scheme... 

    I actually don't think it will be too bad to do the day before, as you loop the ribbon rather than knotting it on. So all being well... I've saved myself a lot of ££!!

    Thanks for your help ladies image

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    Glad you got it sorted image

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