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Our wedding day (and the sun was out)!

Hi guys

I have been sitting here thinking back to our wedding day with a massive smile on my face and thought what better way than to tell you lot all about it! Hope you enjoy.

Will try and fill it with photos because I know that's the bit we are all most interested in!

Date - 28th September 2013

Venue - Hollins Hall hotel, Baildon


  • Quick bit of background.

    My husband and I met through a friend back in 2008. He moved in with me in 2009 and proposed on my 30th birthday in 2012 up in Windermere, one of our favourite places.

    This is the view from our favourite walk, looking over windermere which reminds me of our engagement.



     We got together on the 27th of September so decided that we would like to get married on that date. This meant either arranging it for a Friday in 2013 or wait until 2014 if we wanted a Saturday. We decided that it would be easier for our guests if we made it a Saturday but we really didnt want to wait an extra year. So we decided 28th September 2013 was going to be our date.

  • Venue

    Our first decision was to where to get married. This actually turned out to be really easy. My family and friends and hubbys family and friends live about 30 miles apart. Hollins Hall is about half way between the two. When I was little I had always thought I would marry in the local church, where my parents married and where I was christened. In the last 3 years we have attended about 15 weddings, most of the church services. It made me rethink. Neither of us go to church, the hymn singing was just uncomfortable and we deicded it really wasnt for us. A hotel seemed the best options. We had never realy considered Hollins, but hubby played golf there one weekend and came back and said he had seen a sign for a wedding open day. We decided to go check it out. Anyway, we loved it. We only visited one more option just to confirm our thoughts.

    This is the hotel on the morning of the wedding



  • The dress

    i thought i wanted quite a plain dress, strapless and not too fitted. Other than that i was quite open minded. I went to three dress shops, all of which were lovely. Below are some pics of the dresses i tried on.




     I very nearly bought this one!


     The one!

  • Think thats enought background!

    The day before

    Both hubby and I had the Friday before the wedding booked off. Last minute jobs. We had to take the cat up to the cattery, pick up the cake, get everything over to the hotel. Bit of a mad morning to be honest. But once that was done I could relax. I had arranged to have lunch with my mum and my three bridesmaids and then to have our nails done.

    Hubby was stopping at the hotel the night before, so i left him to get sorted out knowing i wouldnt see him until our wedding day.

    Lunch and the pampering sessions were really nice. No one could believe how calm I was. There was no need to be worked up though,everything was done. Everything was now out of my hands so i was just going to enjoy myself.

    After the pampering we all went out for tea, and a couple of my other mates joined us. Very relaxed. I was back home for about 9 and in bed for half 10. Didnt expect to sleep much, but managed to get to sleep pretty much straight away and slept through until about half 6.

    The day!

    I got up and had a nice hot bubble bath, and then woke my parents who were staying with me. I had arranged for my bridesmaids to come over for 8am so we could have breakfast together and so i could give them their gifts. They still couldnt beleive how relaxed i was. My Dad taxied us to the hair and make place and then went and picked up the flowers for me. I was so pleased with my hair, make up and flowers! Everything was just falling into place!

    I havent got many pics of us getting ready because the phtographer was with the boys at the hotel. I will come back and add a few that the girls took.

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    I hope I'm as calm on my day........ Bubble bath in the morning...must remember this oneimage

  • I surprised myself at how calm I was! I'm pretty laid back most of the time anyway, but did expect to be nervous the day before and the morning! The bubble bath is def a good idea if you have time for it x

  • Looking forward to reading more image x

  • Looks amazing image

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Don't stop! We need more, more more!

  • More please image

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    You look lovely in all three dresses but especially gorgeous in your dress- defo picked the right one image xx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Really like the dresses you chose, the third one really suits you. Looking forward to reading more about your day image

  • Aww thanks girls, wasn't sure if anyone would read this! Will continue tomorrow x

  • Looking forward to reading more. It really got me thinking about my big day but it's not until July 2015. Ahh well, at least I can enjoy all the planning leading up to it. Hope I'm as calm as you on the day.. & you look gorgeous in all 3 dresses. Xx
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