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Im up to the part of starting to sort out a florist for my wedding and it's come to light that it's going to cost a fair bit for my venue to be decorated, im having around 100 guests in the day (maybe more this is just an estimate) and I didn't realise how expensive button holes can be! 

I had the idea of having fresh flowers for my centrepieces and bouquets and having silk flowers for my buttonholes but I'm unsure of wether people will notice the difference between them and if the silk flowers will look too fake. I also don't want to spend loads of money on something which is more than likely going to end up on the floor or with people taking them off throughout the day because it's just a waste!

i had the idea instead of buying loads of diamanté heart brooches and everybody wearing them instead as it's something a bit different but I don't know if the men will wear them! 

So now I've come up with the idea of getting all the pictures of me and my fiancé since we first met made into badges and giving everyone a different badge to wear but blinging them up somehow!

do you think this is a good idea or am I making too much work for myself? 

If anyone has any other ideas I'd be really greatful! Xxxx



  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Are you planning on everyone having a buttonhole? Not just the wedding party?

  • Yes I haven't been to many weddings but the ones I have been to, all the guests have received a buttonhole! My mum and his mum keep saying all the guests get one aswell which is why I want to keep the price down. Do you think it's bad if just the wedding party have one because that I could afford! Xxx

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    I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where everyone has had one - although one of my friends has said to me at one point when I was talking to her about flowers, that her family tends to do it - but they all get their own to match their outfits! I would think it's very uncommon for all the guests to have one - I've only ever known it be for the bridal party. 

    If you want to do them could you do something like making cute paper flowers? Something like a variation on this? They are surprisingly easy to make, especially if you have some helpers!

     Something like gypsophila can look beautiful and is dirt cheap; you could get it yourself from flower shop/supermarket and sort it yourself?

     Only thing is, trying to sort buttonholes from fresh flowers yourself for 100 people will probably be quite stressful just before the wedding!

    I don't think it's bad at all if only the wedding party have them - and it's your wedding; have whatever you like! xx


    EDIT: Google 'do all guests have buttonholes?' and you may get an idea of whether it is commonplace or not! xx

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    Do you want everyone to have them. I know it was the done thing 30/20 years ago, but the brides parents also tended to foot the bill too. Plus you didn't get favours back then!

    I am only getting them for the bridal party, although the mums aren't having them, cause they don't want to wreck there outfits. I think it's a nice way to help them stand out.

    You could get charity pins instead?

  • I've been to weddings where everyone has had button holes and also where it's just been the wedding party (this has been more common in my experience). We're just giving button holes to our wedding party. I know at the weddings where I've been given a button hole my main concern is that the pin would damage my outfit!

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    Blimy that would be expensive! I saw on pininterest the idea of having a 'flower station' where guests can make their own button holes. Form of entertainment and they can match their outfit. 

    I really like the idea of paper flowers as they can be made in advance, imagine you will have enough to do the day before image 





     Loads of ideas on the internet. If you or a friend is creative it might make a good excuse to meet up and make a load image

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    I've only been to one wedding where all the guests were given buttonholes (and I've been to a lot of weddings!) and they were only little things...no idea what flower (I'm useless with that sort of thing) but they were basically just like one little flower off a long stem that has lots on, so they worked out 50p each or something.  I would definitely say it's more common just for the bridal party (well, we'll be having parents and siblings).

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