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Cambrige Diet-12 weeks & 3 stone

So after losing a stone and a half last year pretty quickly on Sole Source+ I have decided to get back on Cambridge. I only stopped as I had surgery (tummy tuck) in October and had to eat for recovery for 12 weeks minimum.

I've tried Slimming World (and love it for a day to day diet) in the hope that with 6 months sill to go until the wedding I can lose weight sensibly and steadily but if you give me a food choice at the moment I'll usually make the wrong one so I'm going back to Cambridge where I am less likely to cheat and I'm hoping that by taking food away for a while and by working through some books that retrain your brain (The Beck Diet Solution in particular) that I'll be more comfortable with normal eating after I've worked through the Cambridge steps.

I'm also hoping to be body beautiful by scrubbing, moisturising, cleansing and pampering every night instead of an evening meal!

Exercise isn't recommended for the first 2 weeks but I'm going to do some crucnches, the squat challenge and the bingo wing challenge just to make sure I don't get too squidgy as this weight comes off!

Any comments/tips/general observations welcome. If you are doing Cambridge too feel free to add a daily update, I will be image I have to stick at this as the pressure of having weight to lose is making me cheat all the does that make any sense!!!!?

I think this diet is as tough as you make it, so ';m going to go in positive and think of the results!

Time for a black tea x





  • I'm going back on the cambridge next week! I lasted 4 days beformy and lost 7lbs and 6 inches but its really is a quick fix for me. I can't sustain it but my dress doesn't fit and I'm so I uncomfortable that I'm going to sole source plus this time and will sticK to it! Xx

  • How long are you planning on doing it for this time? Sole Source+ is a lot better knowing you have a meal coming or tea with milk!! I'm going to do Sole Source for 2 weeks at least just to show myself the world isn't going to end if I can't eat image .

    Feel free to post here once you get going, sometimes it's nice just to tell someone how utterly awful it is for 5 mins until you get over yourself and realise it's all in your mind!!!!

    Good luck x


  • Well I have 9 weeks til the wedding but hoping to be eating again by then! So aiming for 6 weeks on Ss+ xxx

  • Wow, not long for you now!

    6 weeks should be doable if you know it's just for that time and then you can reintroduce food.

    Just had a strawberry tetra pack-I had forgotten how tiny they are!!xx

  • Today so far:

    Strawberry tetra pack

    Toffee and walnut shake

    1.5 litres of water

    5 cups of tea.

    My head hurts!x


  • Day one 100% image x

  • Day 2

    1 x strawberry tetra

    2 x chocolate tetra

    1 x choc orange

    100 teas image

    I think I might be on my own here but posting for my own other half just made gammon and chips!!!!!


  • will be joining you friday !!!! Well done for 100% day 4 is when i cave lol stay in the zone xx


  • I'll stick around! Day 3 and 4 are tough but I'm determined to get passed week 2 when I really get hooked!x

  • Day 3 and I'm feeling positive-I've decided that this is the easiest diet ever if you want it to's all in the mind image

    No cooking, no weekly shop, no worries about it not working, I get more water than usual and I'm pampering loads so my skin is going to look great!

    I'm so lucky to be on Cambridge, who needs food!!!!!!?


  • Day 3 100% image

  • Day 4 and I went out for a meal with work and ate...nothing image

    Really want to weigh today but trying not to x



  • Oh, well done. You're doing greatimage. I've done it in the past but couldn't face it this time. I'm just doing calorie counting and trying to go no more than 1,000. It's only coming off slowly though and, with less than three months to go, I did contemplate Cambridge a few days ago. Just for a bit of a crash session....I'm tempted. 

  • I've struggled today, but know once I get past day 7 I'll be fine!

    I just can't stop cheating when there's food involved!

    I am having a chicken salad tomorrow as I'm taking my little sister bridesmaid shopping, she's only 11 and I just don't think it's healthy for her to see me sipping a shake when we're out for lunch!


  • So I had steak and salad with my sister and found her dress.

    2 chocolate tetras too...first weigh in tomorrow so hope I didn't do any damage x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Just realised I didn't post my reply to you Songbirdsings-sorry! I was going to say is it worth you doing a week on SS to get you going and then move up the steps quickly so you are still low call but with some Cambridge involved so there's a faster loss for you?

    Weigh in at 11.30!!!!!x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Went to weigh early and I lost 6lbs...pretty happy with that considering I had a lot to drink before I went.

    A Saturday weigh in is great to keep me on track too, it's a bit of a boost not to treat myself.


  • I'm starting Slim and Save on Monday - it's very similar to Cambridge. I lost a stone for my wedding in October using it - pretty much put it back on now (wedding bliss!!) and would like to loose it again for my honeymoon next month! 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Yep, I know Slim & Save...I think I have tried everything at some point image

    Good luck, let me know how you get on x

  • One of my Brides is doing Paleo - might look into that too! image xx

  • SongbirdsingsSongbirdsings Posts: 1,290

    Well done with the loss AlmostMrsC.  Stick with it, you are doing so well. image

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    So last night I had some chicken salad...not really on plan but not the end of the world...the weekends are so hard! I'm going to try a full week of just shakes now and NO milk as I think it's taking me out of ketosis.

    I'm starting Les Mills Pump next weekend so may need to move up a step so the exercise doesn't kill me!

    Oh and Paleo is great...I just cheat too much at the mo to do anything but shakes!

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    ...and thanks Songbirdsings x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Been busy at work but still going!

    I've cut out the milk now so hoping I'll stop feeling hungry soon.

    I'm freezing all the time at the moment which I'm finding hard x 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    I had a chicken shish last night...asked for no sauce but it came covered and the sugar has booted me out of ketosis image no more food!!!x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    10lbs in 2 weeks image x

  • SongbirdsingsSongbirdsings Posts: 1,290

    Oh well done! image I was hoping you'd let us know. I'm very envious....I wish I had lost 10lbs image  H2b away all next week so I'm going to try to be really good whilst there's only me to buy food for.  Keep it are doing really well. You will soon be at a stone. image

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Thanks Songbirdsings, it's nice to have a reply to keep me going image.

    Don't you fancy having a go? It's hard but worth it...I find choosing healthy food more stressful!

    Exante is the online version if you want to could try 2 weeks without bothering with going to see someone.

    I'm going to start adding a small meal this week (still part of the plan) because I need to include some exercise.

    Good luck with your can do it image x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    So I woke up just before 6am today which meant I drank loads of water before weigh in. Still down 2lbs though, so 12lbs in 3 weeks image x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100


    So I'm a stone down in just under 4 weeks, really pleased and committing to another 4 weeks now. Won't be posting if there's nobody reading but will give an update if I see any comments image x

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