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Teepee fun in the Lake District - my 26th July 2014 wedding!!

I love reading wedding reports and real life wedding blogs so it feels great to be able to do a little one of my own! My husband to be and I met five years ago at a rock climbing wall in east london. I was a bit disillusioned with romance and had been on a few fairly rubbish dates so had decided to try a new tack of just getting on with my life and doing the things I enjoyed. At some point, romance would drop into my lap. And it did! Well, to be more specific, it nearly kicked me in the head when h2b came down the climbing wall a little too fast. That first day we met, we chatted and belayed each other on the wall and I knew straight away that it  he something different, I felt like id known him for ever.

Fast forward a by more climbing dates and we eventually moved our meetings out of the climbing wall ad into the pub! And that was that really. We both share a love of travel and the outdoors and have enjoyed some great experiences in India (where half my family come from) and in Africa (h2b lived there for a year after uni)

The proposal came the day before my birthday last december- I had been sent out of the flat to have a manicure and massage as my birthday present and, when I came back, the living room had been transformed into a little romantic 'restaurant' with the kitchen table having been moved into the living room( we just bought our flat so don't have much furniture yet!)


Between the main course and the dessert, he got down on one knee and popped the question with a gorgeous sparking diamond, and we spent the rest of the evening skyping family and drinking prosecco! We knew we didn't want a long engagement so the date is set for 26th July 2014 and the place is a teepee in the Lake District.i just hope the rain gods stay well away on this day!




  • Anita 3Anita 3 Posts: 24

    The wedding is going to be here:


    at the new dungeon Ghyll  hotel and we are having two tepees in the grounds:



    We actually booked most of the big things pretty early on, its a bit difficult as we live in London and the wedding is in the lakes but I manage to get up there quite a bit (I'm a teacher so can go up in the holidays!) I'm going up next week for my hair and makeup trial which is exciting and scary at the same time! Xx

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,907 New bride

    What a lovely proposal and a gorgeous venue! Looking forward to reading more plans xx

  • Anita 3Anita 3 Posts: 24

    One of the first things I wanted to get sorted was the dress! I was slightly apprehensive but shouldn't have been because it was so much fun! I actually found the dress in the first shop I went into- it's bigger than I thought I would go for. Initially, I wanted something quite Grecian and maybe an empire line.

    I explained my ideas to the lady in the shop (mirror mirror) in angel and she was great. She went and collected lots of different styles and I jus thought 'to hell with it, I'm only going to do the once, I'll try on as many as possible!' There were two by Pronovias that I loved, the first was very flowing and in keeping with this Grecian idea. Then the lady came back with a 'wild card' that she had chosen and when I tried it on I think I just knew. My sister summed it up when she said 'in the first one, you look like you're dressed for a very important occasion and you look lovely, but in he second one you look like a bride.' 

    Im so glad I went with the suggestions of he lady I the shop as I don think I would ever have looked at my dress otherwise. Its caller 'laurelin' by Pronovias:



    I just love it! I'm going to wear the little jacket in the evening and keep it off for the ceremony. I've chosen a cathedral length veil and a super sparkly belt to attach for the evening too! this was about the fifth of eleven dresses I tried on any it just stuck in my mind the whole time. Big big thank yous to my lovely mam for treating me! Xx

  • Anita 3Anita 3 Posts: 24

    Shoes!:I took advantage of being on school holidays on monday to venture to selfridges to look at shoes and fell in love with these:



    Unfortunately, they did not have my size so I ordered them and have been waiting (impatiently!) for them to arrive. They turned up this morning and, after having a totter around my flat in them, I have realised that they are too small! So it's back to the shop on Monday to get the next size up. Apart from the size thing, I do love them, I'm a sucker for sparkles! 

  • Anita 3Anita 3 Posts: 24



    Had my hair and make up trial yesterday up in Windermere- very exciting!! I wanted a very natural look with dark eyes and a nude lip, and the make up artist listened and did exactly that! Hair was a bit more complicated as it turns out my ideal style (lots of plaits!) is a bit difficult with hair as thin as mine. So it's time to order some hair weft!!


  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Oh wow, that dress is beautiful! 

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Yay! Date twin! Here's hoping for a beautiful sunny Saturday for us both! Love the dress, look forward to reading more! (And I'm a teacher too, and I went for my make up trial this week too haha!) xx

  • laurapjlaurapj Posts: 726

    oooh same weekend! Love those teepees, can't wait to hear more x

  • Anita 3Anita 3 Posts: 24





    Feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all this week, got mock ofsted inspection coming up at school which is taking the glow off wedding planning slightly!! Why can't I just have planning my wedding as my full time job?! 

    On a more positive note, we've had nearly all our rsvps back so have a clear idea now of numbers.

    We decided to make our own invites, partly to save money and also because I like to get a bit creative every now and then. You can see the finished articles at the top! We went with a bit of an Indian theme as I am half Indian and want to reflect that somehow in the day. We are also having Bhangra music and the bridesmaids are wearing sarees (which should be ready to pick up next week!!) 

    Making the invites was hard work but also really satisfying and once we got a little production line going, it made it a lot easier.

    The next thing on the list is wedding rings - I think we're going to go back to the jewellers who made my engagement ring as the diamond  is set low and the wedding band will need to be shaped around it.



    Writing this has made me excited all over again! Xx

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