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Cambrige Diet-12 weeks & 3 stone



  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Hi I've got a consultation tomorrow morning! My mum has been on it for 7 weeks and has done amazing! Just don't want to lose it all too quick. I've got a mini hen do in May so am fully expecting to undo any good work in these two weeks. I just can't afford to keep piling on the odd pound I've already lost. Had the final super today so will see how we get on tomorrow! Keep me posted x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Good luck...5 litres of water has helped me and the Berry water flavouring with sparkling water is a nice treat x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    image just realised you weren't on Cambridge already so my last posts didn't make sense. I blame lack of food x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Ok so I went to my meeting, she said 3 stone but I think I would look anorexic if I got that low! Started yday- feeling ok today, not really hungry just really tired! Fiancé ate all three of my Easter eggs yday so I wouldn't cheat this week! I will be thin!

  • Hi Girls

    I started Cambridge in November and whilst I was fairly weak willed up to this point I've lost just over 2stones and last month got engaged! So now with this sparkly rock on my finger I've found some inspiration to get back on the bandwagon and do it properly! 

    I started at 15.7 and am now 13.7 with an ambition to get down to 10.7 - its a huge loss but there's no greater motivation than your own wedding and a friend of mine has had incredible success with Cambridge in losing weight for her big day this July. Thankfully my wedding isn't until June next year but obviously need to lose the weight ahead of dress shopping!

    My Cambridge lady is on holiday this week so I'm having to wait until next week to see her but in the interim I'm on a low carb diet along with doing 30 day shred now and again!!!

    I haven't had a chance to read the history of this thread but do you girls have as much as me to lose? I'm so nervous about the amount I need to lose and the time I have to do it in, ideally I'd like to go dress shopping mid-end June.


  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Hi Farmer's Wife, I started just under you weight and I've lost 16lbs so far. I'm quite tall so only aiming to get down to at least 12 stone (2 more to go). Low carb is great whether it's Cambridge or just low carb eating and you have plenty of time so definitely doable!

    I had  major cheat over bank hol but back on it today. I didn't buy my dress until Feb and get married in August so maybe hold off until you are at a weight you are comfortable with? Most dresses can be taken in two sizes and I bought a 16 but hoping to have it taken in as it fit everywhere I was just too scared to go smaller...just in case!x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    ...if you are 100% on Cambridge though you could probably drop 3 stone by the end of June, it's just maintaining it for a year that would be the challenge x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    ...and well done Leanne, keep it going!x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Yeah I bought my dress in fen and also a size 16(my bloody hips!). I would definitely disagree with buying the size you think /hope you will be as dress will look as good when it's tailored to you and fits you properly rather than be tight in places. I'm a size 12 on my top half and 16 on my hips. I'm expecting wonders from the alterations! Lol

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    It's my back that's the problem for me...lost weight from everywhere but my back looked a bit flabby in my dress. It's the worst place to try and lose weight/tone. Nothing works image. Have a great week girls, we can do it x 

  • In terms of a quick fix for firming up and losing inches I can highly recommend a universal body contour wrap, it is amazing and in one session I lost 9 inches all over my body. It just targets places where your body naturally stores fat so stubborn backs could be zapped! Worth a try for £35 x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Ok so it's day 3- I've been at work since 5.30 and I'm really struggling. I'm not hungry, I just have stomach pains and headaches image. How long does this go on for?

  • It will pass don't give in! Drink more water! I found day 3,4,5 hardest. It's plain sailing afterthat! Don't give in or like me you'll have to start all over again!! Keep going xxx

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Thank you, Im not giving up! Xxx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    If you can get to day 10 you will feel fine! Days 5+ are much better too.

    I am on such a carb comedown from bank hol, totally not worth cheating.

    I had a busy day at work so got to 5 o clock with just 1 shake which makes the evening easier.

    Farmers Wife I might have a couple just for back inches image x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Felt great yday but today I have zero energy! It has made me realise how bloated I became when I ate carbs though! Down to a 14 trouser already image x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Well done Leanne! It'll get better.

    I have weigh in tomorrow but then I'm having a planned 4 days off for my birthday. I'm going away for 4 days so don't want to have to stick to the shakes.

    Ready for May though-100% no nonesense!x


  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Ooo let me know how it affects your weight. I'm going to cardiff for a mini hen in two weeks and will have no choice but to come off plan for two days. Happy Birthday! Xxx

  • t2bt2b Posts: 12

    Well done ladies - you're all doing amazing! So motivating so see such success stories.

    i'm really tempted by the cambridge plan - I've got a while before wedding, not till August next year but stressing about dress shopping as ideally want to loose 2 stone first then just maintain (possibly loose more) til wedding.

    Daft question I know but do you girls drink/ever properly fall off the wagon?


  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Always,but it's getting to that stage for me that I have to decide what's more important long term. To fit into my wedding dress or have that pizza that will always be there after September. 

    You can do it! Xxx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100


    Hi girls, Mrs Mft I would definitely recommend the diet and I have found you can cheat if you get straight back on it but drinking can be dangerous in ketosis so make sure a drinking cheat includes carbs beforehand.

    In terms of weight loss and cheating I ate all over bank hol (4days of crazy eating) but then back to shakes Tues to Sat and I stayed the you can cheat if you're willing to give up a week of weightloss.

    Doing the same now Sat-Tues and shakes Wed-Sat so will let you know what impact it has again.


    Then 100% in May!!!!x

  • Hi girls! I did it and my dress was a bit loose! My hoop kept falling down all day! A  pic for you. It's definitely worth it dont give up xxxx



    Link we'd wedding slide show xxx



  • Wow Mrs A well done you, you look absolutely stunning!!! Enjoy honeymoon and lapping up the sunshine feeling body confident image xxx

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Just had first weigh in, 8lb off. Consultant said she was surprised as I had prev done myfitnesspal. Only a stone to go until my 'happy weight' . No inches off hips though- that's where it needs to come off! 

  • EssexBride2EssexBride2 Posts: 121

    Well done Leanne !!! I went to Barcelona over Easter weekend and put on 6lbs whoops so I'm hoping this comes off this week. It's so hard to get back onto it when you have been on holiday but I'm not away again till my hen do in September so need to knuckle down now to lose the 3 stone I want to xxx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Congratulations Mrs A2B (you need to change this!!).

    Well done Leanne, that's fantastic!

    I had a lovely 4 day break for my birthday-back on it today though!! 1 stone off in May for sure!x


  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Essex Bride, do a May challenge with me image x

  • EssexBride2EssexBride2 Posts: 121

    Sounds fab AlmostMrsC, defo up for that what day do u get weighed ? Xx

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Really struggling the last few days. The dizziness and the headaches! Think I might need to step up to ss+ or even step 2, I'm hating life this week! Got my hen do a week fri, ita two days what kind of gain weight can I expect? 

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Saturday mornings Essex Bride, aiming for another stone off by 1st June...what's your aim for May? I'm taking it 4 weeks at a time, I find it easier than the bigger picture.

    Leanne move a step up if you think it's too tough, better that than giving up when you're fed up. I have done 2 weeks where I have eaten LOADS for 4 days and then strict for 3 days and I've stayed the same. So enjoy yourself but just get straight back on it and you should be fine x

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