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Hi everyone


Please please can you spare a second to vote for us to win Kent Wedding of the Year image it's a simple click to vote, no forms or anything.. would be much appreciated image




  • NowMrsH2014NowMrsH2014 Posts: 345

    Done!! Good luck honey xx

  • Thank you so much image I'm so excited xxx

  • SongbirdsingsSongbirdsings Posts: 1,290

    Good luck. I really enjoyed reading your report image

  • Thank you songbirdsings image I really need to sit and finish it off properly soon!! xxx

  • NowMrsH2014NowMrsH2014 Posts: 345

    Lovely report! I really hope I find time to write mine once all over xx

  • Thank you image I'm sure when it's all over you will have time to write it up and you'll be wondering what you did with all your time before lol xx

  • NowMrsH2014NowMrsH2014 Posts: 345

    Lol sure I will find time! Not long to go now, going through all the emotions lol xx

  • It's like someone has pressed the fast-forward button, the next few weeks will be a blur image do you feel ready to go? xx

  • NowMrsH2014NowMrsH2014 Posts: 345

    Yeah we're all ready to go, just waiting for the last rsvps grrr then time to get table plan printed, going to mums tomorrow to do last bits of DIY, then everything has to be taken to the venue the day before, very excited lol just don't know where the time is going xx

  • last RSVPs! gosh that must be so annoying!!! It'll be here before you know it image where are you getting married? xx

  • NowMrsH2014NowMrsH2014 Posts: 345

    I've stopped stressing about the rsvps now I have other stresses without them lol! We're getting married in chancery lane, London xx

  • Have you heard back from all of your day guests at least? Oooo a London wedding, the photos will look great!! xx


  • NowMrsH2014NowMrsH2014 Posts: 345

    Yeah we have heard back from all day guests, thankfully! Yeah should have some nice photos xx

  • That's the most important ones then image looking forward to seeing the photos and report!! xx

  • katyjanekatyjane Posts: 71

    Have voted for you, good luck x

  • Thank you katyjane!! image xx

  • ***Last few days.. Please click on the link below (if you haven't already!) and vote for us to WIN Kent Wedding of the Year!! image 



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