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  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Yes it's wonderful, looking forward to reading more!

  • Thank you all for your comments , can't stop got to get next post underway ! x

  •       Before we continue with the Sarah/Tom saga I must update you on an un-expected problem that has reared it’s head tonight.

    We have on our  hands what can only be described as a  “situation.”   Sarah has just burst into the house and also just  burst into tears.  “Tom we have a problem! A really big problem and it’s going to really mess the preparations  up!”

      I immediately came back with my standard calming response.  “Is this  a drill or  real world?”  

    She fixed me with one of her beady,  ‘this isn’t funny’ stares. “….Real…World

    .”     She had been to see her hairdresser, Helen .  Helen has been tending to Sarah luscious locks for the past twenty two years .

    They have shared the excitement of dates, the thrill of childhood, the agony of loss and the car crashes of their marriages, they have shared every catastrophe and triumph that life can throw at them and they have emerged from the confusing mess of that we call life with  their curling tongs  and thinning scissors held high .  

    When we were planning our nuptials, some things were unknown. Some things were known unknowns and some things were unknown unknowns.  Would my mother insult just Sarah's side of the family or would she attack everyone indiscriminately?

     Would my lush of an auntie  hit on just the waiters or would she cast her net further afield to ensnare the kitchen staff too?

      In other words, we decided to hope for the best and plan for the worst. As you know, to get the wedding you want you have to put in the effort, the hours, you have to be prepared to plan, plan, plan.  

    But one thing Sarah could set down as a key stone of her big day, one thing was as certain as the sun coming up or a politician fibbing. On her wedding day , Helen would be doing her hair . that was a given.

    She wouldn’t let her down, right?  WRONG!    

    Through the tears and big sniffs I got the story…

      Sarah got to the salon, sat down in the seat and Helen immediately set to work. Immediately, she asked how the wedding was going.  

    “Oh yeah its going great, Tom is doing this blog and its going to go viral, possibly global, there’s going to be a book deal and then of course there’s the  film rights to discuss…”  


    Ok she never mentioned any of that, she talked mainly about the cost of corkage and seat covers but I’m sure she was thinking about the blog.

    Anyway, not unreasonably as they were sat in a ladies salon the subject of hair came up.   

    So Tom I said to her “Well I’m going to have my hair up and obviously I want you Helen to come and do it.”   “What day is your wedding again?  

    “A Saturday”  

    “What time is it the ceremony?  

    “Five o'clock  

  • Then there was this awkward pause and she said   ‘

    “Right. Saturday at five.

    I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll come up to the hotel before work and fix your up do.  Say half seven?”  

    Half seven? what do think of that tom?’  

    I listened to this conversation.  I thought about what this could mean in context , in the wider picture.  

    i tried to look as though my opinion should matter.  

    I nodded half to myself and said “ Half seven, ok? So is that not ok or …?”


      “Not ok?

    So she’s coming to do my hair ten hours before the wedding and I’m going to just  have to sit there like a lemon all day?

    I cant have a shower, I’ll be tottering around like I’m balancing a jug of water on my head just cos she doesn’t want to put herself out for one afternoon?

     Twenty two years I’ve been going to her and on the biggest day of my life she’s let me down!”  

    The rest of the protest dissolved into incoherent blubbing. Clearly this was a disaster on an unprecedented scale  

    My suggestions betrayed the fact that on the subject of hair do’s I was distinctly off message   “Well why don’t you try one of the salons in the precinct?

    They're much  nearer.  I don’t know why you go all that way  anyway. There's loads nearer.”

      Sarah went to explain but instead she just gave me a red eyed withering  look and stormed off.  

    When I get my hair cut, I go to Reggies in the precinct.

    If there’s a queue I  walk round the corner to Harry’s.

     Now, Harry’s getting on  and he does your nape a bit wonky but he’s a quid cheaper so I don’t  mind. What do you want for five fifty anyway?  

    This lassiez faire attitude hasn’t gone down very well at all.  


    The nub of the problem is this, would you trust a complete stranger to do your hair on your wedding day?  Obviously not but what do you do if your chosen stylist gives you the brush off?  What does  Sarah do?  

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Oh dear, my chosen hair stylist went off on maternity leave. Initially told me she was only going to be away 3 months and then it appeared on their website that she's not back until October (month after my wedding and 6 months after she had told me she would be back!)

    I have had to find a mobile hairdresser to do my hair. It has meant months of searching and I am due to have my trial at the start of next month so we shall see. There are many stylists out there who will do a great job and some of them specialise in doing wedding hair styles etc.

    Im sure once the initial shock wears off she will find a stylist she can trust, however after 20 years of business you would have thought one afternoon would be possible, even if it was costly!

  • it's like reading a novel! image Fabulous writing! Thoroughly enjoyed reading with my morning cuppa. Looking forward to the next chapter

  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    I love reading this Tom; I will be sure to show it too my groom too. Hope Sarah manages to sort the hairdresser situation out. image

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    My normal hairdresser said yes, then no, she admitted she hates putting hair up. So giving an early time maybe Sarah's hairdresser bad attempt to get out of doing it. The other consideration is did the hairdresser give such an early time because she is expecting an invite and has factored time to go home? My normal hairdresser got a day invite but her boyfriend had a big event to attend in the day she didn't fancy coming by herself so switched to an evening invite.

    The lady I found to do my hair on the day was fab, she also did 6 other people's hair who had major roles in the wedding. Okay I had 2 trials with her, only paid for one the other was at a wedding fair where she had a stall. I knew immediately we would be a good match, like me she can 'chat'.

    One other thought maybe she is doing hair for another wedding or working at the salon and can't afford the day off.


  • Future MrsCFuture MrsC Posts: 684

    hi tom, just a suggestion for the hairdresser situation, could Sarah book an appointment in the salon and have her hair done there later in the day, she would still get the stylist she wanted, without it needing to be done at 7.30?? X

  • Hi Future Mrs C. thank you for thinking about her plight. he problem with going to the salon is that sarah and her chief bridesmaid wanted to relax and enjoy the day, upping sticks in the afternoon would mean the day would be broken up.  i think the make up girl is sorting her hair. helen is going to wash and condition it on friday and curl it and sarah is going for a trial with her make up girl


    lovely comments from everyone thanks itsappreciated



  • hi herstory

    Thats what i thought to be honest.  She just didn't want to give up a busy saturday in the salon which she is the owner of.

    but I explained it to Sarah this way - Yes they are friends but Saturday is her busiest day.  She has to earn a living.  If she did it for Sarah what about the next client who asks? I think the trial will sort it out.

    in case you were wondering, Reggie is coming over on the saturday morning to sort out my curls x


  • Pig  BearPig Bear Posts: 447

    This is great reading on my morning commute image 

  • MrsCZ14MrsCZ14 Posts: 135 New bride

    Brilliant writing! Can't wait for more. You should get a book deal!! x

  • beautifully written, sincere and witty at the same time. couldnt imagine a more better blog! x

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    glad desmond can sort ur curls - if wonky harry done it you might have a nightmare lol

    i also hope Sarah gets on ok with her trial with her make up girl

  • hydro girl


    harry will forever be now known as wonky Harry 

  • Ealing girl2 

    quite marvellous comment x

  • haha im glad you think so! x

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Hopefully the hair trial with the makeup artist will go well. My hairdresser started up her own business a couple of years back and was so happy not to have to work Saturday's.

    I will say planning a wedding helps you find out how strong certain friendships are.

  • abbapandaabbapanda Posts: 16

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.

    The writing style is excellent. Love the humour!


  • Herstory

    It  certainly does.  Sarah's bridesmaid is more excited than us about it.  certainly brought them closer together

  •   Ok  where were we? So Sarah delivered this bombshell about having a significant other. That night I was in a foul mood.  How dare she be seeing someone!  But I suppose, if I thought she was nice, it wasn’t unreasonable to assume that some other guy would too.   She was over 21, she could do as she pleased.

      I decided to go on some dates to try and get Sarah out of my head, but  like the Kylie song,  I just couldn’t.  But it was pointless hanging around waiting for her, she wasn’t hanging around for me, was she?  

    So I swallowed the last remnants of my pride and went online.  Thinking back I think I was just in the middle of a big old sulk.  Nevertheless  three days later   I was sat in a posh wine bar in Liverpool waiting for MozzaGirl556. 

      MossaGirl556 was forty one, pretty as a picture, and mad as a box of frogs.  
    I stood up and looked at her in that - “you are the only other person in the bar looking around gormlessly so you must be my date," look


    “TommyBoy234Go?” (yeah alright, shut up)

    “That’s me. Drink?”

    And so we sat on stools around a tall table and I ordered two glasses of the house vinegar. Silence. I smirked and raised my eyebrows. She did the same. Someone say something! Eventually, I opened my mouth to speak but before I could utter a syllable, Mozza took a deep breath and was off.

    “Well I don’t usually meet men like this, I normally meet them  on the street – Ha! Joke there. So are you married ? I’m divorced I don’t want to get married – do you? Lets have a prenup at least! Ha! Joke. Anyway, the last guy I dated, this afternoon, Ha! Joke, he…”

      As she droned on, her mouth a red blur of nonsense, I thought of Sarah. What was she doing now? Was she alone with her kids? Was she out with …him? Was she at home, with him? Were they… I really didn’t want to think about it.  

    My phone buzzed.  MozzaGirl’s eyes locked onto my mobile.

     Then she looked me straight in the eye and  said,   “Who is that texting you?”  

    “Er, well I don’t know yet because I haven’t picked up–“  

    Then she made a grab for the phone.  No, she really did.  I got to it first but she grabbed my hand.  We began to wrestle in silence for control of my mobile. Red faced, our breathing became laboured as we fought over my Nokia.

    People started to look over.  Eventually, with all my strength, I snatched my hand free.  I gave her a “what are you doing?” face.  She laughed and said,

      “So, is it a normal text or a flirty text? I like flirty texts, don’t you? Ha! Joke.”  

    “’I’ll look at my own texts, thank you.”

     I  looked at the message. It was from Sarah :  

    “Can we talk?x S.”

      I stared up at Mozza.  She gave me a resigned look,  shrugged her shoulders and mumbled, “you don’t have to pretend to go the gents and sneak out, you can leave now, I know it’s over.”  

    It’s over? What was over?  I  grabbed my coat and with all the dignity I could muster, sprinted out of the bar.

     I left Mozza with her wine and her memories of a beautiful friendship.

     I was standing in the street, it was pouring down.  A giggling couple ran past arm in arm, huddled under his coat.  They stopped at the entrance to the wine bar that I had just ran out of, kissed each other then strolled inside.  The rain dripped down my badly cut hair and ran down the back of my shirt. I looked at Sarah’s text again.  Fighting the urge to di

    dial her number and cry down the phone, I text back – “ok”.   No kiss? Tough Guy huh? You got it sister.  
  • RC15RC15 Posts: 235

    Oh no its cut off mid sentence!!!!! Need to know more!!!! lol xx

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    The suspense is killing me

  • Herstory

    It  certainly does.  Sarah's bridesmaid is more excited than us about it.  certainly brought them closer together


    She text straight back “great, can we meet at that branch of a generic coffee shop chain in the precinct that is domiciled in the virgin islands to avoid paying its fair share of uk tax? x”  (Ok, she didn’t say exactly that but I am mindful of our host websites ban on adverts).

    I replied “yes. How about six, after work?”  (please denote the continued lack of an x)

    “Great, see you then x. S”

    “Ok. Looking forward to it! XXXXXXX”    (the mind is strong, but the flesh is weak).

    The next day, in work, the expression “clock watching” took on a whole new dimention.  I swore that at one point the clock was actually going backwards.

    “Nigel?  Is that clock right?”

    “As right as it will ever be Tom.  By the way, have you put in a restocking order for those paper clips?”

    Eventually, finally, the hour reached half past the five and I could finally escape.  (I did order the paper clips, in case you were wondering.)

    Four minutes to six and I was in the coffee shop.  I ordered a skinny tea with extra choc something or other and sat hopefully in the window like the last puppy in the pet shop.

    By six thirty my tea was cold and my heart was in my boots.  She had stood me up!

    I went to text her and thought, sod this for a game of soldiers, and rang her. She answered with an echo.  "Tom, I'm so sorry. I got held up

    I turned around and there she was, looking absolutely drop dead.  My anger evaporated like sea mist in the Tropical  sun.

    “Hi. What do you want? To drink i mean?

    “Here, I’ll get it,

    “No its ok really, I -

    I relented,as  the over politeness was getting quite aggressive.

    There, at last we could sit and talk.  The first thing I wanted to establish was my credentials as a caring New Man.

    “Who’s got the kids? Are you ok here on your own?

    “Yeah, I’ve left them at home in charge of the chip pan.  Rob’s going to text me when the temperature gets to 300 degrees.

    I nodded to myself and sipped my tea.  She sipped hers too, her cup hiding the smile playing around her lips. 

    “They are at my mums.”

    “Right. Got you.”

    Silence.  Oh god not again. 



    “You know I said I was seeing someone?”

    “Oh yeah I think you mentioned something about that. How is he, he ok?”

    My mouth was dry, I was sweating like the grand national winner.

    “Well…to be honest I think its run its course.”

    Cue the opening fireworks at the start of Manhattan. Utter, complete, untrammelled joy. 

    I stuck out my bottom lip and nodded to myself.  “I see. Hmmm ok, so….”

    “The thing is Tom, I haven't actually told him yet, not in so many words. I mean I have dropped hints and stuff, but, well it’s just so hard.”

    “Yeah  I can imagine.”  Which of course I couldn’t, having never dumped anyone in my life.  I always preferred being horrible and distant until they dumped me.  What?  Like you’ve never done it?

    "So, I'm just saying, can you sort of bare with me, until I can sort things with...Brian."

    Brian?  Brian?  Brian's play bowls, Brians wear cardies. Brian's play with their grand kids.

    "Yeah no problem." This was like pulling teeth. "So..when..."

    Look Tom, dont put me under any pressure ok?  I like you but, I just can't at the moment, ok ? 

  • What I couldn't know was that the truth about Brian was going to have a massive effect on us both

  • Speccy4eyesSpeccy4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Dude you are killing me with the cliff hangers..... but in a strange way.... I like it lol



    At 2.59 Sarah gives tom the "brian" news

  • ChazzytChazzyt Posts: 918

    Your thread is fab, so funny & amazingly written. I feel like I'm reading a novel I can't put down. Your wtb also has very good taste - I have the same choos but peep toe (hole in front showing my toes incase your as clueless as my htb)... I can't wait to read more such suspense image

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