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Cambrige Diet-12 weeks & 3 stone



  • EssexBride2EssexBride2 Posts: 121

    hey girls I had to come off plan for 2 weeks as had a operation but back on it again as of yesterday i don't know how much I put on as haven't weighed myself have a weeks worth of shakes so will do it this weekend and go see my lady next weekend and hope anything I did put on is back off again xx

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    good luck, any weight you have put on will come off relatively quickly anyway so stick at it image xxx

  • EssexBride2EssexBride2 Posts: 121

    Hopefully I want to lose another 28lbs by my hen do in September hopefully xx

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    I ordered a size 16 wedding dress, I'm currently a size 12 top and size 14 bottom but likewise with my arms and thighs. I've invested in a slendertone so am hoping when I step up I can replace that with actual sit ups lol.

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    They made me order an 18 because it was one inch too small on the back but a million inches too big on the waist and hoping it can be taken in enough as I'm another 19lbs down since I tried on my dress the first time.

    Just got a call to say my dress is in and I have a fitting on 35th July so 6 weeks of no nonsense image.

    Let's get on it girls x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30


    I was made to order a size 16 and have tried it on today for the first time and it's like a tent! Thought I would be really happy, and I am, but I can't even imagine what the dress is going to look like now! It's now hung up in my wardrobe and is not coming out until the fitting! I've got 5 weeks until fitting(18th July) need to start banging out the squats! We CAN all do this! Xxxx

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Yeeeeeeees weeeeeee caaaaaan x

  • Simone CSimone C Posts: 112

    Hi girls

    i am starting this tomorrow morning on sole source. Lady came out last night but due to already agreeing to a meal with contractors I thought I would start in the morning. Fingers crossed it works and I stick to it. Got holiday on 4.5 weeks time but wedding is in 10 months so no rush once I'm back from holiday

    good luck, hope you don't mind me posting my day on here help me get through it x

  • How's everyone getting on with it? I'm 3 stones down now but still a couple to go, people are really noticing now which makes you feel great! I've scheduled dress appointments mid-end August so that is my current goal I'm working towards. It would feel amazing to order a size 12 dress although I've been warned how small the sizing on wedding dresses is! hope you're all good x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    I'm 5.5 lb from target of 11.7 and wedding dress fitting is Friday. Into size 12 clothes now which is good but still feel a right fatty. Dress is currently huge on me so not looking forward to Friday! Hen do is the following Friday so step two from Friday and Step 3 from next Wed. Had a few wobbles but I'm sooooo glad to be seeing the end of this diet x

  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    Sorry everyone, I've been so busy I sort of forgot about this thread!

    I'm at goal now 32 lbs off and dress fitting next Friday!

    Good luck everyone, keep going it's worth it x


  • Brilliant news! Well done Leanne and AlmostMrsC image

    How did you get on with the contour wrap AlmostMrsC?


  • AlmostMrsCAlmostMrsC Posts: 100

    I've had 3 and having another 3, they are making me feel more toned and smooth so I'm pleased with them x

  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Right ladies- haven't posted in a while! How we all getting on? I had my hen do in brighton last weekend and gained a flipping stone!!!! Been back on it since tues and I've lost 10lb so think I only actually put 4lb on but still! Felt rubbish on Monday and my tummy was realllllly bad! 5 weeks to go till the big day, where are you all at? 

  • They're awesome aren't they? I'm definitely going to get back into them in the run up to our big day.

    I'm getting on quite well, had last weekend off due to my best friend's wedding but on it again now and have lost 3.5 stones overall - weighing in again tonight and hoping to just maintain as I really did fall off the wagon at the wedding.

    That said though I need to be 100% from here on in now because I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago and booked dress shopping appts from 19th-23rd August so I've got three weeks pure SS and hoping to be a size 12 by then. I can get in most 12s now but never want to have to buy a 14 ever again.

    Shouldn't worry too much about your hen do, life is for living and enjoying! The extra weight will disappear so quickly and will have only been a temporary blip. How much do you have left to go overall Leanne?


  • Leannep87Leannep87 Posts: 30

    Well I was down to 11.10 so only had 3lb to target, but am back up to 12! 

  • image You really don't have far left to go then, 5lbs in 5 weeks is easy, especially when you add in the stress of the wedding!

    Don't worry x

  • Hi Girls

    Leanne how are you getting on with your remaining 5lbs?


  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    I'm not doing this diet but came on for a wee read, it's so nice to see how supportive & encouraging everyone is to each other to help in their weight loss goals  image

  • Yeah it's been a bit hit and miss. My weight hasn't moved, I still have that 5lbs to go but Im hoping it's just water retention as my measurements have stayed the same? 20 days to go for me now so I am 100% focused. Fingers crossed xx

  • 3lbs to go and as if not eating is bad enough my flipping hair is falling out! I'm going to be a bald bride!!!!image

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