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Feuding family :-(

Hello lovely brides to be, my wedding is 6 days away and I'm so excited. Today however my parents and brother have had a massive row image to the point where I think it's irreparable. I don't know what to do for the best, the argument was about long running issues that have been festering for years. I'm not sure why it had to come out a week before my wedding and couldn't wait but any advice on how to deal with this?? I obviously want all my family there, my niece and nephew are bridesmaid and page boy for a start but there's bound to be an awkward atmosphere in the day. Anyone else had this situation?? xxx


  • How awful! Can't say anything to help. I hope they can put their differences asides for the day for you. I hope it all gets sorted out.

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Hello Sarah

    my best advice is to start with a deep breath. Leave things for tonight. Everyone is still wound up and angry, hurt etc. nothing can be achieved today. See how things progress this week. It maybe that they are still not speaking to one another, but will attend for you on the day. Weddings unfortunately bring out the worst (as well as the best) in people. see how things progress tomorrow after everyone has had time to cool off and reflect in what has happened. In the meantime continue your preparations and good luck!


  • CD0412CD0412 Posts: 144

    A little insensitive Olivia considering she's clearly upset and 6 days from her wedding! Use your brain next time, honestly!

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    If people looked at the dates, they would notice that this bride got married in April!  image

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