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I have recently turned my hand to bridal make up as a full time career, after working for mac, chanel and dior and working on shoots for vogue and elle I realised bridal is what I love the most.

I thought id pop on here to offer anyone struggling some free advice. Feel free to pm me for in depth chats or just pop some comments below and ill respond.

If anybody wants any inspiration, visit 


  • MrsTaylorMrsTaylor Posts: 500

    What area are you in? image

  • London and West Midlands


    Weddings can be super stressful, I thought maybe this way I can offer online advice to people wherever they are without them forking out for trial after trial =]

  • Lisa - brideLisa - bride Posts: 377

     I'm trying to master my make up - it always looks good for the first hour after I've done it, but after that it's like I've not got any on! My foundation just never lasts! I currently use an Urban Decay one and a moisturiser with a bit of primer in - any advice to make it stay all day?

  • By far the best thing to keep make up on this spray. I'll be honest, it is far too strong to use all the time, but for wedding day make up its perfect, I've had brides sleep in their make up and still have it on when they arrive on their honeymoon.

    they do a regular one which is for dry skin, one for combination and oily and a bridal one. Ive never tried the bridal one I imagine its softer and less matte.

    They have an offer at the moment, free delivery and a free mini size with over $40 spent, great for travel i guess. The spray prime is immense too.


    The combination of prime and moisturiser mixed together may be a bit too greasy for you, that and the the Urban Decay Naked foundation is quite dewy too. It may be why it is slipping.

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