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TTC thread part 22

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  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Useful Abbreviations:

    TTC - Trying to Conceive

    BD - Baby dance (sex)

    DTD - Do the deed (sex)

    CD - Cycle Day (First day of your period is day 1)

    AF - Aunty Flo (Your period, also know as the Witch!)

    OV - Ovulation

    OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

    DPO - Days Past Ovulation

    BFP - Big Fat Positive (A positive pregnancy test result)

    BFN - Big Fat Negative

    PUPO - Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

    SS - Symptom Spotting

    CM - Cervical Mucus

    EWCM - Egg-White Cervical Mucus (Most fertile type)

    POAS - Pee on a Stick (Pregnancy test)

    IC - Internet Cheapie

    CBFM - ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

    SMEP - Sperm Meets Egg Plan

    FF - Fertility Friend (An online fertility monitor)





  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    New thread girlies! 

  • Thanks for starting the new thread Ellabella... lots of baby dust all round image I'm confident pt 22 is going to be a good one image

    ps don't forget the newest graduate cakeybride image

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    She's up there for all to see! Haha

    Yeah I don't think is our month but next month I refuse to see another bfn!!


  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Thanks for the new thread Ellabella, fingers and toes crossed everyone! 

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Congratulations cakey. How lovely to finish the last thread with a bfp!

    I have a feeling that this thread is going to be a good one! image

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Here is hoping! Fingers crossed all round An heaps of baby dust and all that jazz image

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Just bumping the new thread 

  • Jennie108Jennie108 Posts: 283

    Thanks for startin the new thread Ellabella and huge congratulations Cakey!! image

    Great way to start the new thread! (Ok I know it was technically thread 21, shh...)

    Hows everyone doing? 

    Im not tracking a single thing this month as oh and I literally have one day off together between now and the end of the month!!!!

    BUT we go on our hols in 24 sleeps! Yaaway!!!

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Cd 36 for me, had blood tests at 22 and 29 days both negative. I've booked another for today, according to app af is due is two days. We've not really dtd much this month, hubby is coming to the end of 16 days straight at work so not been in the mood!

    Has anyone thought about not really trying in the next couple of months to avoid having a july/august baby to coincide with school term?

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Thanks for the new thread Ellabella, fingers and toes crossed everyone! 

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Don't know what happened there...

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    We are now aiming for a July baby! It would work well with the tons of weddings we have next year! Haha!

    some peeps are posting on the old thread. I'm sure they will realise soon enough and join us 

    Not much to report from me. I'm the 2ww. nothing out of the ordinary. Still too early to tell anyway I think. I'm always dubious aboit symptoms pre 7dpo

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Thanks for starting new thread! Tons of baby dust to everyone, I feel this is going to be a good one for BFP's!!!

    I had a temp dip yesterday (8DPO) went down to coverline, this morning it slightly crept up, any idea what this could mean? It's my first month temping so not very good at it at the moment, I am temping vaginally as I sometimes sleep with my mouth open and I do it every day at 7am. x x



  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Thank you for the new thread Ellabella...let's make this one a lucky one eh ladies? image

    Still nothing much to report here - cd49 and no idea when af will arrive. Feeling very sleepy today but didnt sleep very well last night as I felt like I was burning up all night. Could just be the 'come down' after my sisters wedding though haha 

    MrsC from what I can gather from the more experienced tempers amongst us is that you can have slight changes in temp and it not mean too much really - best to wait until you have the full months readings to look at, to find a pattern xx

  • LolemLolem Posts: 959

    Congratulations cakey

  • MrsCNW2MrsCNW2 Posts: 14

    Congratulations to the new BFP! X

  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    Hi ladies, just wanted to wish you all lots of bfps in this thread! I will be joining you on here in a month of so. image

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Morning ladies hope we are well. mid way through the 2 ww for me wooo! Really nothing to report!!



  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Afternoon ladies from a very weepy MrsA! Dont know whats wrong with me today, been crying on and off all morning! image

    Hubby says my mood has changed slightly, as in, i am a bit more snappy today as well as the crying, and being snappy and and shouty are my usual signs of af being on its way - so fingers crossed this cycle could be coming to an cd50!

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    fingers crossed for you Ella xx

    hope AF appears for you soon mrsa6, I am 10dpo and CD39 today xx

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    ditto with the mood swings! The week before I'm terrible. poor hubs!!


    i have decided since we can't get a BFP I'm gona get skinny instead. Almost lost a stone in the last 7wks! Feeling pretty chuffed. i will be bikini ready hahha!

  • I'm still awaiting AF since stopping Cerrazette weeks ago image 

    does anyone know if its worth starting to temp before i have had my first AF post cerrazette?


    just wanna know where i am. ...although i am hoping feeling exhausted, bloated and sore boobs means its on its way,,, been like this for 3 weeks nowimage

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    MrsJellyBean2014, I stopped my pill 1st July and ovulated 10 days ago and I swear it's down to taking 2000mg of Vitex a day, I read about it on lots of other TTC forums and girls swore by it to help stimulate the gland that produces the hormones you need to ovulate and get regular cycles back. I started temping straight away too. I am now 10DPO and to be honest don't feel any different than I usually do other than being more tired but could be a coincidence so I don't think I will get a BFP this month so hoping for a period in the next couple of weeks fingers crossed xx

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Well done EllaBella on weight loss! image xx

  • ButtonmoonButtonmoon Posts: 924

    Mrs c I've commented on the other thread but even if this cycle isn't a bfp but it is looking very hopeful and I hope it ia for you. I fully expect your af to arrive in the next week.  ow you have ovulated image lutheal phases are usually short not long in most cases.

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Thanks girls. Yeah I'm feeling pretty motivated just signed up for a half marathon. I may regret it haha

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Mornings girls how are we doing? I'm 8dpo today. The 2ww always seems so long. I'm back at the GP for a repeat smear next week. Our GP was really reassuring last time Which was good. It won't make the repeat smear anymore fun though!

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Thanks button, I had a negative test this morning at 11dpo so feeling pretty gutted, temp has dropped to just above coverline again image I'm gonna hold out now until Monday and test if   AF hasn't arrived. xx

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Sorry for the bfn MrsC image Although remember you arent out until af arrives, so you never know?

    No change here...cd51 and counting image

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