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TTC thread part 22



  • MrsLDMrsLD Posts: 293

    MrsC14 definitely keep up with the vitex if it seems to be working for you. It really helped me to ovulate regularly. I hadnt had a period for months after stopping the pill until I started taking ac. 

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Thanks girls, have a feeling im out this month though but we will see! Tbh Im happy I've even ovulated as I only stopped pill beginning of July xx

  • Hi Ladies,

    Sorry about your bfn MrsC. Well done on the weight loss EllaBella, that's amazing!

    AF is due today but no sign as of yet so may test tomorrow which will be 16dpo but not getting my hopes up x

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Ladies i have a question about vitex - thinking about getting some this weekend as i'm heading into day cd52. Do you just take it every day, or just until you ov? xx

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Take it every day until ov MrsA6.

    TMI Warning! I had a tiny tiny streak of light brown discharge in my knickers today but nothing when I wipe, maybe start of AF image xx

  • Thanks for the advice MrsC14. Had never looked into Vitex but will now image

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Could be start of af mrsc but might not be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I don't want to get your hopes up but I had two temp dips and very light brown discharge before my bfp so you never know!

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    No worries mrsjellybean image

    thanks mrs lawvee, I thought 11dpo was a little late for implantation? So much to learn still haha! xx

  • ButtonmoonButtonmoon Posts: 924

    Not ar all toI late mrs c. If firat temp dip at 8dpo, brown spotting at 11dpo is another positive in my eyes. As brown blood is old blood so makes sense as taken few days to come out.

    11dpo is still early and as said I other thread for some it shows. There are ladies here tht didn't bfp till well after af due, lawvee and rv as examples.

    id hold out till af due now personally but I'd still say in with a chance

  • It's cd17 for me n it's est most fertile on Saturday which is also my birthday, so fingers crossed we catch this cycle.

    Think this thread will have more bfps - wishing everyone luck x
  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84

    Hi guys,

    I am joining you on the TTC thread. I came off the implant on 15th July. We started TTC on the 5th this month but then AF showed her face on the 7-10th of this month. We got right back to DTD but then she has shown her face again on the 13th!

    It's rather frustrating as this AF that came on the 13th is really light so I am not sure if it is spotting in between cycles or an actual AF. 

    Its really frustrating not knowing as it's just delaying me getting that BFP! 

    Anyways all, good luck to you all x

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Hi all, thought it rude just to stalk the thread. We've just married and started TTC, unfortunately AF just arrived so not for us this cycle image 

  • Hi Ladies, 

    I got too impatient to wait until tomorrow to test so did one this morning and got our bfp!

    Going to get a clear blue digital to get it in weeks but it still doesn't feel real xx

  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84
    MrsWood2014 wrote (see)

    Hi Ladies, 

    I got too impatient to wait until tomorrow to test so did one this morning and got our bfp!

    Going to get a clear blue digital to get it in weeks but it still doesn't feel real xx


  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Welcome girlies!

    Congrats mrswood! Brill news! Wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months!

    Temp dipped just below coverline today 12DPO, waiting for AF image xx

  • Thank you, fingers crossed for everyone to get their bfp image

    My temp dipped to around coverline MrsC and I'm 16DPO so fingers crossed you get your bfp soon image xx

  • Think it's 24th April Wifey xx

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Aw congratulations MrsWood! What a great start to this new thread image

    Welcome Rose1624 and SW83 x

  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84

    Thank you MrsA6

  • RedVelvetRedVelvet Posts: 1,297 New bride

    Congratulations, MrsWood! Hopefully this is the start of a flurry of bfps again. 2 in a few days - surely another few due!

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Thanks MrsA6 and congratulations Mrs Wood. Bet you're over the moon image X 

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Congratulations Mrs Wood! Anyone else testing this weekend? 

    Cd40 for me, no idea when/if I ov'd as all three blood tests negative, just a waiting game for af to arrive!

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Congrats MrsWood.


    I'm 11dpo. AF due tomorrow/Monday. not testing. Sick of wasting money haha!

  • Congratulations MrsWood image looks like this is a lucky thread already image

    Im testing tomorrow as now 7 weeks and still no AF. doubt will be a BFP but thought it best to check either way

  • Holly87Holly87 Posts: 7

    Hi there ladies, I hope you don't mind me joining your thread. My husband and I are currently in our first 2ww. I tested this morning as I couldn't wait any longer, bad I know as I'm only 9dpo. Not surprised to see a bfn but hoping I'm just too early. I used a Clearblue Digital, which I know is crazy for my first test and have bought some FRER. Just wondering what everyone else's testing experiences have been. When do you test and what 2ww symptoms have you had. This is our first month ttc so we are not hopeful (even less so with the bfn this morning). I have tender bbs but that isn't unusual for me before AF is due. I have pretty long cycles 40 days on average so been using ovulation sticks for the last few months and as far as I can tell I have been ovulating. Look forward to following you all and congrats on the bfps so far image xx

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Congrats mrswood - brilliant news!

    And good luck to all those due to test soon. I really do think this will be a good thread image

    Holly I didn't really get too many symptoms. I had a small bit of brownish bleeding round about 8 dpo and had two temp dips but apart from that nothing else. It was really the implantation bleeding that prompted me to test and I got a very faint bfp around 11 dpo. I had told myself I was going to stop testing but the bleeding just gave me the feeling I would get a bfp. My cycles were around 60 days so before I temped I had no idea when I was ov'ing. The number of tests I took and symptoms I had before then in what I thought was the 2ww when I hadn't even actually ov'd yet!

  • Jennie108Jennie108 Posts: 283

    Congrats MrsWood!! image

  • OMG so like i said yesterday no AF for 7 weeks since coming off Cerrazette, and wasn't hopeful. Did a test this morning just to be sure as been really tired this last week and....

    WE GOT OUR BFP!! Totally can't believe it!

    Desperately waiting for shops to open to go and get a ClearBlue test to find out timings as literally have no idea!

    really hoping its not a false positive... does that happen?

  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84


  • Mrs D 2 BMrs D 2 B Posts: 282

    Congratulations to all you ladies that just got their bfp! This seems to be a lucky thread. Hopefully some of that luck will rub off on us, coming up to a year ttc now.

    hope everyone else is doing ok xx

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