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  • Wow you go away for 2 weeks holiday and so much happens!! Congrats to all the new BFPs and welcome to all the newbies. Looks like this thread is lucky already! I'm due AF today but had quite bad cramps yesterday so expecting her to show her face at some point. Good luck to anyone near testing. 

  • AF arrived yesterday, cd33 first cycle since coming off micrrogynon. Recall similar cycle with my first pregnancy then had 28 day cycles.My SIL had her second failed IVF last week, which makes me feel incredibly insensitive to be trying to number 2 when she is finding is so diffult to become a parent herself.

    Hope to see more BFPs soon xx

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Wow finally caught up - read the whole new thread!

    Congrats to all the new BFP's and hi to all the newbies trying! image

    We are still trying ourselves but not doing anything official as in proper temping and ov sticks - for the 2nd month running I've had a normal period - well what was normal for me previously anyway lol!

    I think the wedding really must have knocked my hormones and stress levels for 6 as my af's were all over the shop and now afterwards they are all settled down - my new pattern seems to be this, 3 days of really light spotting then a mixture of 5 days light to heavy bleeding - then I will have mid cycle spotting which is normal for me and hopefully means I am still ovulating and then a day or 2 before af starts I will get a headache, last month it was just a headache, this month it was more of a migraine.

    I don't know what to attribute it all down to but after months of having stupidly long cycles and everything else, it's great to know where I am, just hope it continues and that by some miracle a BFP might happen! image

    Ellabella - oh no - poor you and poor hubby, not what you need! Will he get help trying to find a new job? xx

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Hello ladies - little update from me. We are about mid cycle now and through charting symptoms the past few months I realised that I am ovulating later than I thought and that my  lp is around 10 days so just on the too short side. Think that will mean we are out for this month (tho will carry on Dtd with conceive plus) but have got some bit b6 for next month - any other suggestions?

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    There's been a lot of talk about Vitex on here making you more regular period wise, don't know whether it would make your lp longer though.

    I know BabyZ mentioned exercising and standing up more lengthened her lp gradually - have you found acupuncture has helped you MrsTwizbe?

    I had another session of it before I got married in June and whether that finally straightened me out I really don't know but then I also took the period delaying pills for 10 days just before the wedding so I am just guessing - those pills also have different uses but mainly for painful, heavy periods.

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    We are going to carry on ttc but we haven't really been in the mood yet! Hubs has got really down about his job. He's off this week on holiday but so far hasn't looked for a job. I think it's denial 

  • Morning ladies! How are we all?
    Ella so sorry to hear about your hubs that is just crap. I really hope he finds something else soon.
    MrsC sorry to hear you're still confused- I think ff tries to fit as many clues that you've ov'd together as possible- temp, opk, ewcm. I guess without the opk it re-evaluated your chart, but fingers crossed you have really ov'd this time!
    I'm in the 2ww now, not sure where exactly as not monitoring this cycle but my guess is around 8dpo. Will test at the weekend if no af.

  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride

    Morning ladies!

    im looking for a bit of advice (and possibly a telling off)

    weve been trying for 5 cycles now and no luck yet so hubby suggested we start using ovulation kits.

    Ive been using FF and ewcm for ovulation/fertile times and we hve bought the kit to confirm this

    This month, CD12 today, I have used FF and also had ewcm -eggwhite, which im lead to believe means a fertile time before ovulation.  this morning i used the ovulation test and it said low fertility image

    Cue my mind going into overdrive and me having to phone the hubby and being really upset thinking theres something wrong with me as everything ive read says this is the most fertile period apart from ovulation days

    could it be possible that CD14 isnt my ovulation day like most women? the test said to test again tomorrow and i will do but im worried now that if i have low fertility during my ovulation period that im not ovulating?

    has this happened to anyone else?or does anyone have any advice?

  • Mrshughes very few women ov on day 14. I'm not sure about your usual pattern but I can have up to a week of ewcm on and off before I ov. If you have fairly regular cycles the likelihood is that you ovulate, as ovulation usually happens in order for you to then have your period a couple of weeks later. I really wouldn't get too stressed by one result. Keep testing, keep monitoring your ewcm but most importantly if you can dtd the eod then whenever you may ov you know you'll have times it right x

  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride

    my cycles have been strictly 27 days apart from the month of june when we were on honeymoon and flying/time zones made it a 29 day cycle, i ususally have 3 days of ewcm eggwhite before AF so im wondering if thats when im ovulating - think ill just keep testing everyday until AF is due, if only to put my mind at rest
    Thanks MrsMacca

  • I think it's unlikely that you ov that late- it's not unusual to have ewcm after ov. Remember that ewcm is due to raised oestrogen which spikes before and after ov. The hormone detected by most ov kits is LH- some people have a very short sharp burst before ov which some tests will miss. I think some kits test both LH and oestrogen and look for a rise in both to predict ov x

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    Hiya! Just to let you know MrsHughes, I used to get low fertility right up until I ovulated. I'd go straight from low to peak and rarely got 'high fertility' reading. I actually did usually ovulate around day 13 or 14 and still get low reading two days before. Not sure I totally trust OPKs though. Best thing we did was to stick to every other day method and we caught on cycle 6. Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust. x

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Afternoon ladies - still here but with me being on cd64, still nothing new to report from me! Started to take vitex, and hubby has been poorly with the 'man flu' so we've not really been able to dtd much - as soon as he's feeling better i'm going to aim for eod and hope when i FINALLY ov we might have dtd in the fertile window.

    Sorry to hear about hubby's job Ella image hope he finds something soon.

    Hope everyone's doing ok xx


  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Hi ladies. Cd10 for me. booked in for my smear tomorrow. Good times! Ekkkk I hate them. Shaving my legs in preparation haha!


    mrshughes- I don't ovulate on cd14. I never have. I ovulate on 20/21. I have a 32/33 day cycle. I get ewcm for approx 5 days before ovulation and the day I ovulate is actually the day I stop producing ewcm. What I am trying to say is everyone is different. Opks did not work for me. I recommending temping for a few cycles then once you know you are ovulating and when then you can stop. i hope that helps. If not then just DTD 3 times per week. I'm on cycle 10 and there is nothing obviously wrong with us so our dr just said we are one of those couples who might take the year to 18 months. You might also. Chin up xx

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Hi girls,

    So I went to Drs yesterday about my dizziness "drunk" feeling, pain in right side of tummy, into hip and down into pelvis and she gave me an internal examination then sent me to the local emergency assessment unit cue a very long 7 hour wait, canular, drip etc saw the gynae dr who did yet another internal examination (I am too young for smear tests so except an internal scan when I was 14 due to heavy periods I have never been prodded and poked so much in my life!) She said I may have a small ovarian cyst on my right but without a scan cannot confirm anything so been sent home to wait for a letter to go in as an outpatient and have a scan on my ovaries. She said my cervix and neck of my womb looked very healthy so I'm happy about that. I told her I didn't think I was pregnant but they still did a urine test anyway which came back negative. Pain has eased tremendously today thank goodness. 

    Hope you are all well xxx

  • mrshughes2013mrshughes2013 Posts: 2,063 New bride

    MrsC2014-ive had exactly the same as you. Low fertility yesterday and peak fertility this morning! 

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Af arrived this morning! If I gave another 52 day cycle I'll cry!!

    On another note, anyone watching 'In the Club'?? I am, quite like it! 

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Same here MrsC and MrsHughes ov test has altered everything on ff which now means I may have missed this cycle as Hubby is still working away, gutted! 

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    With you on that MrsSMc, currently on cd65 and begging for af to arrive! My mood swings are horrendous - poor hubby doesnt know whether he's coming or going bless him!

    I have been watching In The Club, it's great isnt it image 

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Morning girls . Just back from my smear. The nurse took my smear but also said she could see what she thought was a 2cm polyp hanging from the os of my cervix. She was poking about up there for ages that i started bleeding. She got a dr who then couldn't see anything for the bleeding so I have to go back tomorrow for the doc to have a look. 


    I ing need to ask tomorrow if this polyp is blocking / obstructing my os as that might be a reason why we have had no luck in 10 months. Will know more tomorrow. 

  • LolemLolem Posts: 959

    Ellabella, fingers crossed its all ok for you.

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Love and luck for you for tomorrow Ella, let us know how you get on xx

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Will do girls. Dr said of it is a polyp and if it's not affecting anything then she will leave it so I'm hoping it's not affecting anything. Anyone had a polyp before?

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Never had one, but actually saw a programme last night and it happened to show how they remove them and it seems pretty straight forward with keyhole (should it even get that far for you, fingers crossed its not doing any harm) xx

  • Hi girls! Oh hope they get things sorted for you Ella, sounds like nothing too serious I hope.
    Sorry to hear about your hospital trip mrs c, hope you're feeling better!
    And good news about the high fertility mrs Hughes, time to get jiggy!
    I'm 9dpo, had mild cramping on and off all week but nothing else to report. My lp ranges from 9-12 days so not sure exactly when af due, will test on sat if not here by then. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies!! X

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    Fingers crossed for you MrsMacca! x

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    fingers crossed!

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    Fingers crossed for you Ellabella! 

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    I'm convinced something terrible is wrong. Such a worrier . seeing the dr at 9.30 so all should be fine

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Good luck for this morning Ella. X

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