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TTC after a miscarriage

Hi ladies, just after a bit of a moan and some support.
I'm currently at the start of my 4th cycle after an early miscarriage in May. At the time the idea of increased fertility after a miscarriage and the fact that I'd gotten pregnant in the first place were a real comfort, but as the months go on I'm wondering why it hasn't happened again for us yet. I know I'm ovulating from temps and we have been timing things right so every cycle is just so upsetting and frustrating. We have only been ttc since last Xmas and I know there are ladies on here who have had a much worse deal than I have. Just wondering if anyone took a little longer to conceive again after a mc as so many people seem to catch again next cycle.


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Totes with you on this one. my cp was months ago and not a sniff of a second bean. We have Dtd so much this month and it is really getting to us that friends who seem less healthy. Than us have had no issues! 

    well next cycle is a new cycle and we just have to keep hoping. 

  • I'm sure it's just a matter of time for us both twizbe. I have a few friends who took over a year to conceive their first so i know it's not that unusual it's just so bloody frustrating! Doesn't help that I keep thinking things like 'I really hope I'm pregnant by Xmas'. Aghhhhh!

    Think we'll see the GP at the start of Nov to start the ball rolling with bloods etc. I'm 31 so not getting any younger!

  • Im going to sound a bit silly I know but here goes.  When we were trying for our first son we use boots lube.  But ww found out that this can hinder sperm.  So we tried conceive plus and within two months I fell pregnant.  We use it again this time and it took two months.   Not saying concieve plus is the miracle but what we disnt know was that the other lube was hindering the process.  Lol 

  • I've never used lube but willing to give anything a try- just ordered some off amazon image

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    We started using conceive plus this month and hubs loves it. Think Af is on her way so will see if it works next month.

  • Hi, sorry to hear you are feeling low. I know exactly how you feel and hope you can take some hope from my story. I had a miscarriage in November and like you had read all the stories about people conceiving straight away afterwards. I actually conceived in May, 6 months later which, whilst that is nothing compared to some people, felt like ages for me at the time. In the end I think that the timing was meant to be. I really hope you are also pregnant soon. image

  • Thanks Hippo, that's just the kind of story I needed to hear image

  • I can completely sympathise with you. I had a miscarriage before conceiving this time (am currently 31 weeks pregnant) and every month that went by between having miscarriage and conceiving again was disappointing. I used Conceive Plus and cheap internet ovulation tests the month I got pregnant, though I tried not to obsess over it.

    It is also best not to BD every day once you get a positive ov test as it depletes sperm quickly - try every 2 or 3 days. Saying that, each time I have got pregnant, seems to have been during a month where I was on holiday and slightly more relaxed at taking the ov tests....Good luck and keep your chin up. It will happen xxx

  • Thanks hun. We have been trying every other day through the whole cycle as hubby found it a bit too much pressure if I told him when I was fertile! Glad to hear you got there in the end too, I'm feeling a bit more positive now and got my conceive plus on order! Xx

  • I sometimes think people dtd too much.  I knew when I ovd and rhen we would do it every other day or less.  

  • Yeah, quality not quantity (sperm wise) i guess! image

  • Hiya ladies. I'm on my third miscarriage and one DD

    my first MC was a few years back and I thought nothing of it as I was young. I then went On to have DD six years ago.

    last October we started TTC and caught straight away... then at 14 weeks(January), after my scan at 12 weeks, the baby died and I had to have medical management.

    we left it for a month then started trying again and conceived after 5 months in July. We have since discovered it was an early MC, so different to the last one... But I feel like there is no hope!! 

    We are going to TTC straight away so will let you know how I get on. Xx

  • You've had a rough deal cakey, hopefully you'll catch again quickly x

  • Oh big hugs cakey, an mc is not easy to deal with anytime but you've certainly had it rough.

    I had the implant out last August and conceived on cycle 3 but had a mmc diagnosed at 9 weeks.  I too thought that we would get pregnant the next month due to the infamous high fertility but it didn't happen, then on cycle 2 I convinced myself that it would be cycle 3 the same as last time. When that didn't happen I felt quite let down by it all, I was temping and decided that I pretty much knew my pattern so didn't temp cycle 4 (although I actually cracked and temped for 4 days over my fertile days!) and we eerr successful. I had no signs or symptoms and didn't feel pregnant so it was an amazing shock! I'm now 19 weeks and all going well so I know how you feel mrsmacca but try not to get too down about it as there are lots of us with positive stories. When you do fall pregnant again it won't be easy but you have to just think that what will be will be and use the support you have around you both at home and on here to keep you sane.  (oh and I made hubby dtd. Every day for 10 days over as that had worked the first time and it seemed to do the trick again so everyone seems to be different there too!)x

  • Glad to hear you got a happy ending Hoping, you must be so happy that things are progressing well image. How funny, I also caught on cycle 3 off the pill and also thought maybe I'd catch again on cycle 6! I'm feeling quite positive at the mo as I've now had 2 normal length cycles and my first normal period since coming off pill (before this very long cycles, very light periods) so I do feel like my body is back to normal and it's just a waiting game now x

  • hi ladies, we conceived  in July after coming off  cerrazette pill but was unfortunately not meant to be, as ended in early miscarriage two weeks ago. image have been totally devastated and totally underestimated how this would make me feel. we have booked a holiday for two weeks time but have decided we are going to TTC again pretty much straight away. 

    have been advised to wait one cycle but apparently that is for dating purposes, but we are hoping and praying on catching quickly. i have also heard the myths of increased fertility after MC so have everything crossed. 

    Good luck to all of you ladies on here for BFP's asap. I had never heard of conceive plus but will order some on Amazon hope it arrives soon.


  • Hello ladies. 

    Although my story isn't quite the same, I have just had my rainbow baby this July after a miscarriage last year. I just wanted to say don't give up, you WILL get your rainbow baby, sometimes mircles take a little longer. 

    Im very sorry you've all been through a loss too. Xx

  • Thanks nestypie image

    Jellybean miscarriage is such a strange feeling, I don't think anyone really understands unless you've been through it. No matter how early it happens you start planning your future the second you find out you're pregnant and it feels so cruel when it's all taken away image. I know we'll all get there again in time.

    On a positive note, my conceive plus has arrived today so will be trying that out tonight- not due to ov for another 10 days but no harm practicing image x

  • Thanks guys... enjoy the conceive plus MrsMacca, I'm still waiting for mine.image

  • I also concieved the first month we used conceive plus with my little boy! Good luck ladies image

  • Hey ladies i was wondering how long it takes to get AF back after a miscarriage? I have read a lot that says 4-6 weeks but I'm not sure if that from the start of the bleeding or from when it stops. i am trying to mentally prepare myself for it, as still haven't had a proper  period since i started cerrazette two years ago?


  • MrsJellyBean - I only bled for about 3 days after my mc and then it took 6 weeks until I got my period, i also didn't ovulate in this time (I was using ovulation sticks)

  • I think everyone's different jelly bean. I classed the first day of bleeding from mc as cd1, and got my next af 46 days later but since then I've had two 31 day cycles so they seem to have settled down. Hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday- if we haven't caught by November we're booking a big hol to either Thailand or South Africa for next feb so at least we'll have something to look forward to! X

  • Thanks Ladies.

    Thats so helpful to know Mrs Macca, I'm just want things back in order so i can stop worrying. 



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