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Went dress shopping yesterday and fell I love with two dresses out of 20 I tried on!!!


the two dresses are in different shops and I'm totally torn! 


Ella rosa - be250 love the fit & the detail


justin Alexander 8630 - the fit absolutely blew me away but would maybe like a bit more detailof pearls / beading within the lace like the Ella rosa one. Aaarghh!!


  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Both beautiful!

    But... I am biased as JA 8630 was my wedding dress - I felt like an absolute princess in it all day. It's such a flattering dress! 

    Good luck making a decision! xx

  • I love the fit of the Justin Alexander one & did have a little tear in my eye!


    i just keep getting drawn to the detail of the Ella rosa one

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    both dresses are beautiful.  Could you ask the person doing you alterations about embellishing the JA dress to get it how you would like? X

  • I like the JA, It would have been a contender for my dress, but i don't like my back so wanted t covered. Also I'm not a huge fan of illusion neck lines.
    Did you get any photos of you in them?

  • Yes! 





  • image




  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Eek! They are both so beautiful! 

    Edited as you didn't actually ask for our opinions on the pics so decided to get rid of mine! 

  • Im happy to have opinions?!

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    Both are beautiful On, what a dilemma!


    i really like the first set of pictures, the plunging neckline lovely And it's very flattering image

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    They are both beautiful. Lookin at the photos I think I personally prefer the dress in the first photos, purely because I think you can see where the corset ends on the 2nd dress? It may just be the photos though! Both are lovely and very flattering! Xx

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I prefer the first one! Even with my 8630 bias! image 

  • Thnk you everyone, it's so hard.

    they are In different shops.


    im wondering if I can find somewhere that stocks both so I can compare together

  • Both are beautiful,however,I love the Ella rosa better!How about their prices? I would choose a cheaper one and see if I can do some alternation using the disparity!

  • It's £275 difference in price

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378
    rhiannon1234 wrote (see)






    I love this one image but they are both beautiful, I think I prefer the delicate look of the upper part.

  • Not having much luck finding one place that stocks both to re try & compare

  • both dresses are beautiful! But I like the second one more ,especially the details of the back image

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I love the top of the Ella Rosa one - so delicate and pretty.  However if the only thing stopping you from choosing the Justin Alexander is lack of embellishment, you should definitely ask the shop if you could have stuff added.

    Sounds silly but when I had narrowed it down to two I thought about which one I would feel sad about if I never got to wear it.

  • I'm thinking if I would be sad not to wear one it would be the ella rosa one.

    I love the way the justin a dress pulled me in but I love the detail on the ella rosa one, I'm wondering if I could get adjustments on ella rosa one so it pulls me in too!



  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I'm sure you could, just speak to the shop image Although your figure already looks amazing in it!

  • I think u look amazing in both- congratulations on having a great figure!!! Either one you'l look great.

    I love the JA one though. I love lace, an think it has enough going on without all the extra embellishments an it fits u really well.


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