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Teachers - please help!

Hi! I'm sorry if this sounds very silly, but I'm hoping for a bit of guidance with regard to maternity pay entitlements. According to my unions guidance on maternity pay, I get - 4 weeks @ 100% pay, 2 weeks @ 90% pay, 12 weeks at 50% pay, 21 weeks at statutory maternity pay only, 13 weeks unpaid. My confusion is when it comes to statutory maternity pay, and how much I get when. During the weeks when I get 100% pay, do I get statutory maternity pay on top of this? (I.e will be earning more than my actual salary?!) If so, how much is this? Also, I am on M4, if is helps... Thank you, I think I've read so many different things I've confused myself!


  • Statutory mat pay is £138 a week Hun so basically your first month you'll get full wage

    Second month a percentage 

    3.5 months on 50% and then you'll go down to £138 per week

    hope that helpa

  • Hello

    I'm a teacher,currently on maternity leave for the second time. You get your smp after the first 6 weeks I believe. So half pay plus smp. I'm 0.6 contact on m5 & the 50% pay plus smp isn't much less than my normal wage. They'll never pay you more than what you'd earn at work though. I have my breakdown of pay per month so can be more specific if you need. X

  • Actually the first 6 weeks are classified as smp too. I think everyone is entitled to 6 weeks at 90% (or similar) and £138 per week  up until 9 months, regardless of occupation.

    As a teacher you're entitled to the 12 weeks at 50% too. This is occupational pay & you receive it on the basis that you return to work for at least 12 weeks after the baby is born. This 12 week period of occupational pay starts after that initial 6 week period.  Xx

  • Hi, I am just researching this as we are hoping to have a baby soon... I would be really grateful if you could share your breakdown please? I am on M6... working out how much we need to save!!!!!

  • Thank you for the help ladies. EllieKate83 - a breakdown would be really helpful, thanks! 

  • Ok guys, I'll try & scan & post it up xx

  • image



  • This is based on me working a 0.6 contract.  I'm either on M5 or M6 - can't actually remember. 

  • Thank you so much, this is really helpful - I am 0.6 too! X

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