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Thomson Wedding - Mexico few 2016

Hi, we've been planning our wedding in Mexico for Feb 2016 for almost a year and know exactly what we want, hotel, flights, reception, wedding package, honeymoon hotel etc. we're expecting everything to be available to book in the next few weeks with Thomson/First Choice who are the only tour operator to do this particular hotel (we've been there before).

I'm very nervous about booking through Thomson as I've read some pretty terrible reviews on line about their wedding service, however feel a bit backed into a corner if we want this particular venue. I've contacted them a good few times already while I've been researching, including visiting several stores, emailing the wedding team with questions, and on twitter and to be honest so far I've found their knowledge and customer service mixed at best and pretty shoddy to none existent at worst!

Has anyone else booked with Thomson/First Choice and do you have any experience/advice to share? Do things get better once you book or should I be preparing myself for a stressful time?




  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    What hotel are you looking at booking? My friend recently got married at Sensatori Rivera Maya and had a terrible time, they had loads of problems with the hotel and again on the wedding of the wedding itself. She has since complained to Thomson as she said that it practically ruined their special day.

    I think it's like anythng though, some people can have a good experience, some bad, just like in the Uk I suppose? Are there any other hotels you could look at instead?

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    I have no experience of booking a wedding through thomson but just wanted to back up what you said about their knowledge. h2b & I have booked our honeymoon through them. I did lots of research of the area and the hotel beforehand and when I went in to store to enquire and possibly book, the agent was really trying to BS her way through a "sales pitch" of the hotel I had already decided on booking anyway and clearly knew way more about the hotel and the island than she did. I asked about their half board option (as the hotel have a system where they give you vouchers for 1 meal per day and you can use this in various restaurants around the island) and she started looking in the brochure and said half board would mean meals in the restaurants at the hotel itself. She had no knowledge of the voucher system, looked at me blankly, then told me it wasn't in the brochure so it didn't exist. I have since contacted the hotel and they have confirmed their half board system to us. I just wish if they weren't sure and didn't know a whole lot about a certain place they would save us the embarrassment and just admit they weren't sure but they would find out for us! 

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    We booked our honeymoon through Thomson and found both their sales agent in the travel agents, and the rep in Mexico, to be absolutely second to none. They were fantadtic, very helpful and knowledgeable. In fact our sales agent knew that someone who worked at another branch had just been to our hotel so put him on the phone with us to tell us his experience of it. 

    But that is a honeymoon, not a wedding. So I can't comment on that. Just could see this thread turning into a Thomson-bashing so wanted to provide a bit of balance. Obviously it depends on who you end up speaking to and where you are x

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    Ok I have to say, travel agents in generaL are pretty crap! We booked our may 2015 wedding in April this year. We kept going into our local Thomas cook and had our name written down plenty of times to be rung when the brochures and prices come out. We are still waiting for tjay phone cAll! We decided to book with a independent travel agent with all the atol protection and that. And she is so much better, yes she is part of Thomas cook still but any questions we have, she will get back to us within a hour with the answer! She also done brillsint prices. Have you contacted the hotel directly? X

  • We're looking the grand princess in playa del carmen - did think about doing the wedding bit of the holiday ourselves via the hotel's own wedding planner as we've been to the hotel before so know what we want etc but I'll be honest so far they've been even worse than Thomson as they haven't even replied to both the emails I've sent directly to their wedding planner - doesnt bode well i know - I'm hoping that once the holiday is available to book things will get better, and also hoping that by being super organised and having done all the research it will all be ok - but still leaves me a bit uneasy. I'm finding you need the right person at Thomson as there are some super helpful people who know their stuff and are willing to really do everything they can to make the whole experience amazing - I've spoken to a few now and will be making sure I book an appointment with someone I trust.

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    don't forget, to them feb 2016 is quite a long way away and they probably have lots of weddings to deal with in the mean time. although to us we want them to answer straight away! 

    Give cathy howard a call or message. her phone number is 0800 810 8959 or you can find her on facebook Cathy Howard- your holiday booking. 

    I know so many people that book through her, and any other holidays we go on i will use her too x

  • Thanks Popsy - I've sent her a message x

  • tom8tom8 Posts: 3

    Hi Claire,

    Just in addition to what Popsy has said, i can also recommend an independent travel agent, her name is Sammy Jones and she has a niche section to her business that specialises in Mexican and Caribbean weddings. Im sure if you contact her she will be able to give you any advice that you need with regards to your wedding plans.

    her email address is [email protected]

    i hope this is helpful,


  • I booked my wedding with Thomson ! we got married in Zante in May this year x have to say the booking process with Thomson is extremely frustrating to the point where my weddjng planner out in Zante rang me the week before with the wrong date and venue !!!! But just wanted to tell u as I've done it my booking experience with Thomson was awful but the day and the wedding planner when we arrived were amazing ! Think Thomson are just doing so many weddings they just don't have a personal touch to it. No excuse really but I recommend booking directly through the weddings team rather than visiting the travelagent because they don't have a clue !! best of luck if u are worried contact the hotel direct they may be more encouraging xx

  • Thanks crazeejo - I've also contacted the hotel 3 times and the only response I've had is 1 automated out of office - I'm gearing myself up for some frustrating times ahead x

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