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Which country did you choose and why?

Hi, We are getting married in France next year and just curious as to why people choose to get married overseas and for what reason.

Our choice in France was largely due to the location being perfect for flights from Ireland, we opted for an all in package which included the meal, canapes, champers etc but still gave us plenty of flexibility to swap and change.

We also are able to bring in our own alcohol which has reduced the overall spend enormously.

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  • i wanted overseas but hubby wanted a big home wedding so thats what i had, would have loved going abroad

    dont want to bring a downer on your plans but do you know you (you, partner or parents) have to reside in the town you want to get married in for 40 days before the wedding? i know another bride wanted to get married at disneyland paris but couldnt as the cost to live there for that long is expensive and takes up a lots of time from work


  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    We're getting married in Italy. Our 'reason' is because my fiance is half-Italian (his mum is from the north of Italy) but a big part of the decision was that you get amazing food and wine for less than you'd pay in the UK! I also struggled in the UK to find places that would let you party till 3am whereas, in Italy, there's no rules - it's just however long you want to pay the DJ for!image

    We've had a *lot* of overseas weddings because I think people are finding it harder and harder to get good value for money in the UK. I don't mean to sound negative about a UK wedding because I think they're *beautiful* but, in order to have my 'perfect' English country house wedding, we'd have had to pay a lot more than we're having to pay for our 'perfect' Italian villa wedding. If that makes sense!

  • We are debating overseas or a home wedding. It's so tough to decide. It is so much cheaper abroad, I was looking at the Caribbean and  you got so much more for your money but I just couldn't get my head around not being able to see the venue until a week/3 days before I get married.

    My H2B wants it abroad, its cheap, more guarantee of nice weather, we could do it on more dates during the year (Scotland has a VERY short summer period!). My parents live in Spain so as a compromise I would get married there, in a vineyard or Olive Grove on a hacienda something like that. And we could nip out there one weekend to see it before we commit our money.

    I don't know anyone who has had a wedding in Spain, anyone had any experiences? We haven't cost it up yet but think it should be a little cheaper. We would get a wedding planner though as I don't think I could manage myself! 

    What sold overseas to you? Would love to hear so that we can decide!

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    We decided that we would get married abroad as neither of fancied a big wedding with loads of people staring at us, our idea of hell tbh. 

    We have also both got fairly big families and if we went for a wedding here it would more than likely be in Ireland as that's where my family are and his family more than likely wouldn't travel and that would then potentially cause all sorts of ructions. So we have decided to go away to get married, if people want to come then that's fantastic. 

    We are getting married in Greece, having been to same resort / hotel twice they have started to do weddings, the family who own the hotel are fantastic and we love the place so it made sense to go there, 

  • We have chosen Greece and we had a wonderful time. We got married in Santorini and we had a wedding planner , who arranged everything. Nice food and wonderful wine - in the venue we were allowed to bring few bottles of special alcohol

    Have a wonderful wedding


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We chose Cyprus, because we'd been there for another wedding the year before so we had the chance to go and view some venues

    It's also really simple to get married in Cyprus, not tonnes of legalities to go through (whic h is why our friends had also picked it!) 

    The reason we married abroad was I wanted a small wedding, OH wanted a church, and I didn't see how we could have a small wedding in the UK and a church with hardly any people in it! Abroad you get a lot more tiny chapels, so it all worked out perfectly 

  • Hello there, we are a wedding planning company situated in Vilamoura in the sunny Algarve of Portugal; consider one of the best European destinations.  We have a wide range of amazing venues from beach view to countryside and we work with the best suppliers of the Algarve. Contact us for a free quote and make your dream a reality with us.

  • ow france how romantic ciara. italy also sounds lovely. we got married in santorini. the reasons for an abroad wedding were, we didnt want a big thing with lots of people starring & politics with familys & them spoiling our day. & the weather. i love the sun & the weather is so unreliable in england. i wanted outdoor photos that were slightly unusual & wedding photos that were different. i dont know how we came up with it it. think when we decided to get married. doing it here just wasnt an option, it was an instant abroad decision. theres so many lovely places abroad though, so many countries only 1 venue to pickimage


  • So true about the photos rachel, on our visit all I could think of was how beautiful these would be, so much nicer than anything i would see back at home. we are having an outdoor wedding, alfresco dining and outside band - took us 4 months of looking at so many different venues before we fell in love with the one we picked. nothing even came close for us image


  • In case you decide about Santorini check with our wedding planner Olympia from Marryme in Greece. She helps a lot not only you with the wedding but also your guests and gives you advise to vaoid pitfalls. You can contact her at [email protected]

  • Hi! I'm Italian and if you need any help in finding a "non tourist" location in my beautiful country I'll be happy to help you! There are places where you could have an unforgettable wedding with a low budget but only local people can suggest them image good luck!

  • I really want to go to Phuket Island,however,we don't have much budget,so we will have a local wedding.We will go there for our honeymoon for 1 week.

  • We are getting married in Spain on the Costa Blanca, our reason for choosing to do this is because it so much more affordable when you compare it to the UK and we know can guarantee the sunshine (We hope). It is also not too far for guests and family to travel and flights are easy to come by, with lots of airlines flying into Alicante. The good thing is we can also combine our wedding with our honeymoon afterwards there too. For us it was an easy choice. We have also found a great wedding planner too with "Say I Do Wedding Planning Costa Blanca". They are able to organise everything for us, which when you don't live in a country or talk the language is so important and gives us peace of mind. We are so excited for our wedding in 2015.

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