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Hated my makeup trial

Sooo its 26 days to go today! I had my makeup trial & hair last night! And I hated my makeup!! image she said we'd go for a vintage look red lips etc. & i hated it. I made her change the red lipstick but I hated everything else as well. What should I do? Even h2b said I didn't look like me and he thought it was a lot of makeup. 

I get that you need a lot for the photos but I didn't like it! and I dunno what to do now? I'm really worried about paying another £70+ pounds for it done on the day & then having to wash it all off and doing it myself x


  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    I hated 2 make up trials I had and thought I looked like a clown! I ended up doing my own make up and was complimented on the day, by people who didn't know it was a diy job!

    im pretty confident in applying my make up and I'm very particular in how I want to look.  

    I know people say you need a lot of make up for photographs however I think this is not really the case as long as you have a good base and define your eyes and lips well with colours that suit. 

     Was a vintage look the one you wanted? Are you confident doing your own make up? 

  • Make-up really is such a personal thing, and very few of us regularly have someone else doing it for us! It must be so difficult, especially if you have a unique idea in your head of how you want to look. I think if you're paying a premium you should be able to have as many trials as necessary for the artist to 'get' your idea. If you're confident in doing it yourself then go for it. I know several brides who have done their own make-up. I'm not so good with it, so I will need help (industrial help!). As far as photography goes, it's just about making sure your skin colour is even and matt. Even then, I think it's such a shame when you see beautiful brides with their freckles or beauty marks covered completely. Why don't you ask your photographer what they actually need? Did the make-up girl refuse to do any more?

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    I got married in August and my first makeup trial I absolutely hated I looked like a drag queen / clown so decided not to go with that makeup artist but was in complete panic mode as I had similar amount of time to you to my wedding day and it was a Sunday when I decided not to use her so was unable to do anything. On the Monday I phoned the salon where my friend got hers done and made an appointment then and there for my wedding day and for the trial on Saturday after the Monday which I loved (luckily) 


    Try not to panic but get onto other makeup artists this week and get a trial booked in as soon as you can


  • Thanks ladies. i wanted something vintage but I'm very fair and didn't expect her to use so much bronzer particularly with it being a winter wedding and she used so much eyeliner etc! It wasn't that it was badly done- someone else may have loved it! It just wasn't me and i didn't really like any of it? She did a fab job of my bridesmaid and I have emailed her about changing things and explaining how I feel? But she's yet to reply. When we went to my hen do I got several compliments on my makeup & was told that I should just do it myself! So I'm still in two minds, as I don't really have any spare cash at the moment for a retrial or a new trial xxx

  • You could go to a make up counter and ask for a trial to get some ideas and then do it yourself with new products? I know Bobbi Brown, MAC and Laura Mercier offer this, so I'm sure other brands will do too if you prefer one over another?

  • You must communicate with her and tell her what you disliked about the makeup do that changes can get made. 

    Out if interest where is  your wedding? Maybe I can recommend someone incase you decide to go elsewhere. Juliet x


  • That's an excellent suggestion Jessica20, Im a big fan of mac products- always nicking my MOHs. Lol. I have emailed her and she has suggested coming earlier on the day? I just feel a bit panicked about it as I'm running out of time. X

  • why not find a look u want - by going to boots makeup counters and take photos, similarly take photos of how u like ur skin and ask for a new trial - if she gets it wrong the second time (with photos of how it should be) then get a new MUA or do it yourself (i done my own after a Benefit lesson and i think it looked fine - my trials also made me look like a drag queen!)

  • As Juliet says, it's absolutely vital that you let her know what you didn't like about the makeup and how you would like it to be changed. I would recommend either going back to her for another trial or approaching another makeup artist for a trial. They may even give you a discounted price on this if you explain what happened.

    Do let me know if I can help, I'm a makeup artist from Buckinghamshire.

    Good luck!

  • Good Morning Ladies,

    Have you sorted out the hair and make up? I am still trying to sort it out image... I saw an advert on eventbrite about a Bridal Afternoon tea, a company called Kvision is hosting a afternoon tea with hair and makeup trial, isn't it amazing? Tickets are a bit expensive, but it is the same price as a makeup an hair trial, plus you can invite 2 friends to be there with you and enjoy a girly afternoon tea. Last thing, they are also hosting a photo shooting at the same event, and I read that you can even chose to have a boudoir photo shooting... Very cool, I look forward to this event! If you fancy get a look at their website:!bridal-afternoon-tea/c10uc

    Good lucky!


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    Professional Bridal Make Up Artist based in North West London.

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