Help please, i feel abit stupid asking lol

So im planning on buying some of these for the tables at the reception, but i really have no idea to turn the tealights on once they're inside... image if they need turning on before they go in that just wont work as we wont have the time to go round putting them together and tying them all up after the wedding ceremony.. if thats the only way it looks like we wont be having them after all!

Has anyone else used these or know someone who has?


 (ive checked the description/pictures on ebay and there is no hole at the back to just slot them in either)


  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    usually the switch is on the bottom of the tea-light. Which would unfortunately mean you would have to switch them on individually and then tie them up....

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    Could you stick the candle onto the bottom of the box then cut a small hole to allow access to the switch? That way you could have them all tied up and ready to go and someone could just pick the whole thing up and flick the switch. Mother are too pretty not to have them, I'm sure you could make it work image x

  • Ah Miss2Mrs you may have just solved that problem! Thank you!! image X

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    glad to be of assistance image Hopefully you can sort something. X

  • Will deffo be doing it that way.. i dont know why i didnt think of that, my brain is like mush lately! Lol. X

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    haha wedding eh? Why are they so stressful! 

  • Tell me about it! X

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    Miss2mrs14, that's such a simple but genius solution lol.  I was just looking at them thinking "hmm...there's absolutely no way of doing it...".  D'oh!


  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    Haha, im back to being practical now our wedding has been.  It's only taken a week image

  • Well keep your eyes peeled Miss2mrs as i dont get married for another 9mths so there might be more for you to cast your genius eye over lol 

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