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Worried children will ruin the wedding!!


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  • i would see how they improve first before risking upsetting anyone as invites will not go out until a few months before, and like sayitwithvodka says u could hire a babysitter, your venue may have a room they can play in for an hour with supervision

    explain it that u dont want them to be bored as they will have lots of sitting around etc and standing aorund for the photos

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    Entertainment is key (and distracting and occasionally bribery) with children!!  Get packages for the children to do especially at there age it may help when they are at the table and large games (jenga, oa and xs etc) if you have room at your venue?  We have a son who will be 5 and that is what we are doing.  Also if your able, stress to your whole bridal party and family re the child worry and if they are disruptive to be taken away outside.  Being a parent myself I would be mortified if he played up and would fully understand your worry and work with you!!

    hope that is helpful,.

  • Im kinda worrying about the same thing for mine, a few kids coming to mine are abit unruly.. my worry is more about the decorations though as i know they will touch and i dont want my fiance to spend the whole morning decorating our venue for the kids to come in and start touching and moving stuff, i might just ask the dj to make an announcement and tell parents to not let the kids move or touch any decorations, im planning on getting some large outdoor games to occupy them plus they'll have the food and dancing so hopefully it should be ok!

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  • I gave each kid a 'job' whether that was ring bearer, handing out confetti packs etc. Think the more they're involved the more they realise how important it is. Reception i let them run around. Kids are kids after all. Got them each a gift bag with goodies in..sweets, toys, fart putty (went down well) and a disposable camera. They all went round taking pics. Kids are generally well behaved when they need to be. They'll probably surprise you xx

  • Dog crates. That is my advice. Hate screaming children.

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    no children welcome at your wedding then!

  • I think you should not worry about it!As Amy said you can refuse to ask them to attend your wedding or just take everything as it comes.Maybe they will not make any trouble on your wedding,who knows.

  • The only way to be sure of a quiet ceremony is to have a babysitter in another room or not invite them.

    We got our wedding film back the other day and as the ceremony goes on the more you can hear kids shouting and talking. We can identify them too, the husband's two cousins have a child each and they simply cannot control them and like you say think it's 'cute' and 'funny'. Even when they did eventually take their kids out of the ceremony room they did only take them outside of the ceremony room door, which was open!! we then had garden games which we thought would tire them out and when we went in for the meal we had kids activity packs and the speeches first, the thought being that they would be occupied for half an hour....on the second speech one of the cousin's kids annouced he needed a wee and then announced it a second time whilst being led out the room, which involved walking past the top table. The other cousin's kid then ran under the cake table (cupcake tower) and the cousin did nothing about it. If I had it my way I would have had children of close family only (husband's 4 nephews and niece) as they are all aged 8-12. I didn't invite some children of my friends blaming it on numbers lol! Husband agreed with me after the wedding, a bit late though! 

    Sorry for long post, but the kids issue reallly irritated me! 

  • I'm gonna play devils advocate here but....Either the kids and their parents mean something to you or they don't. If they don't, don't invite them. If they do surely you want them there regardless? Kids won't ruin your wedding, you stressing about them will.

  • Amy61 wrote (see)

    no children welcome at your wedding then!


    Really I jest image I'm not 'the child-catcher'! It is a difficult thing to imagine, a crying baby while you're reading your vows or a friends kids running around terrorising waiting staff at the reception. I think giving them something to do is a great idea, a 'fun pack' at their table etc. Can be homemade and inexpensive. There will be kids at my wedding ranging from 1-8 years. The only baby will be my nephew (who isn't even born yet). I am willing to accept that he may decide to scream all day, but he's my nephew and part of my family and I know I'll love him regardless. As for more distant friends' children, keeping them busy will be the key thing. The other kids who are coming are well-behaved and I've seen them behaving really well at other weddings. 

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  • Don't forget it's your H2B's special day too.  They are his nephews so you need to ask him how much he wants them there as ultimately it should be his decision as it's his family.

    We had children at our wedding and honestly we couldn't have asked for them to be better behaved.  There were even 2 newborns and you didn't hear a peep out of any of them during the ceremony or during the speeches (only afterwards when the best man's 3 year old son shouted "Well done Daddy" after his speech, so cute!).  If you are really worried then give them something to do during the ceremony.  Like a little colouring book in case they get bored - or if they have any hand held games like a Nintendo DS let them bring that if you trust them enough to have the sound on mute!

  • I have been to so many weddings with unruly children it's crazy. I totally blame the parents too and not the little ones, because the kids typically don't know any better and the parents don't correct them.  I think you have the best plan in speaking to her about it a bit in advance. When you do, if there are also other children attending, I would make it clear that you are "having this talk with ALL parents" and not just her so that she doesn't feel singled out. If she balks at your talk, I would offer her the alternative of having someone watch them during the ceremony and then bring them to the reception afterwards. If she doesn't seem to want to cooperate with the plan, then there really is no other way than to have them not present at the ceremony. It's not as if they're missing out on anything anyway - they're kids and that part of the big day is "boring" at that age!

  • Can they have something to play with in the service. I often used to see children at church playing with a car etc to keep them occupied. Wedding ceremonies probably aren't much fun at 5.

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