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Hey girls, I'm really struggling to find a veil I like which goes with my dress! I've only been to a few bridal shops looking for a veil but I haven't found anything and it's hard to see if it will go with my dress without trying them on together! I just wondered if anyone had any ideas for veils that would go with my dress (pictured below) I ideally want it to be a 54 inch length, or any websites I can look at for them? thank you! x





  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    I found veil shopping more stressful than the dress, i personally wouldnt look online, i did & when went to see them they looked so different, i would stick with a more plain one rather than a fully detailed one as the detailing on your dress is beautiful

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    thank you! I know, im so worried about ordering online but everytime I go into a bridal shop they only have veils with lots of diamontes & things on! You're right, it's definitely a lot more stressful then dress shopping x 

  • MargalfMargalf Posts: 159

    Richard designs do some with lovley lace edges which i think would look great

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    My dress is a little similar to yours only mine has capped sleeves. I am going to have a fingertip length lace edge veil but I will be getting it from the shop I've had my dress from to make sure the lace matches.

    I think a plain tulle veil would look nice with your dress too, just a single layer one

  • I think a see though veil will match your dress, since you are wearing a sleeved wedding dress, you need to show it out.

    How is this one Kate Middleton wears?


  • Fran7Fran7 Posts: 78

    Beautiful dress - as it is very detailed you just need a plain veil really. Next time actually ask in the shop as the one I was in explained they can get any type of veil but there are so many styles they dn't keep them all in as samples.

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    Yeah that's a good idea, I might ask them to order me one in then! It's annoying that the shop I got my dress from is quite far away though as nowhere else stocked the dress I wanted, When my dress arrives in March I think I will go and see it and try on more veils and will hopefully find one then! thanks for your help image 

  • Pronovias has some lovely simple veils - I tried on a similar veil to Kate's (as above) it was lush!! Halfpenny London also had a great selection and can also make as you wish!

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