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Advice Needed!!!!!

Hey gals,


So I've just started on this whole panning process and I just don't know where to start! My mum didn't get married and neither have any of my friends, so I don't have anyone to give me any pearls of wisdom. Have any of you guys that have already got married or brides to be that are almost done planning, got any advice? If you could do it all again what would you change? 


Please help! xxxxxx


  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    I would buy a couple of wedding magazines (careful - they get addictive!), and browse through the real weddings features. They will give you some ideas of things to think about.

    Try not to get sucked into what you 'have to' do - it's you and your H2B's day, so just think about what you and he do and do not want.

    You're going to need a venue - do you want a church wedding, or a secular ceremony? A big traditional reception, or a low-key afternoon tea? Do you want a grand country house, or to hire out a quirky pub? These kinds of preferences will guide you in where to start looking.

    Set a budget early on, and stick to it as far as humanly possible. Don't be persuaded to spend more than you want to - the wedding industry is designed to suck money out of you like you wouldn't believe! Remind yourself - there is always a cheaper alternative, you just have to find it. That said - don't feel guilty if you want to splash out on something. It's your wedding, after all!

    Popular months for weddings over the summer mean that these times of year are more expensive, and good suppliers get booked up more quickly.Have a think about whether a summer wedding is important to you, or whether you would rather go for a less popular month. That said, popular venues get booked up a couple of years in advance, so don't delay this element. 

    There is loads more I could tell you, but honestly, then it becomes about my wedding and what I did. Make sure it's about you and your H2B above all else - and make the most of every moment. Planning a wedding is great fun, and the time passes more quickly than you would ever believe!

    Good luck!

  • Thank you so much! What an amazing reply you absolute babe!

    I've heard of so many horror stories about things that can go wrong, and I want tot ry and avoid as many pitfalls as I can so if anyones got any tips please share!!! xxxxx

  • A few things to think about early on are: what is your budget, how many people are coming and who are they (ie lots of children who may need entertaining), where will your day be - registry, church, all in one place, and take it from there. 

    I think you really can do anything you want, but I also think making sure the day works for other people too is important. Things like parents expectations, travel etc. 

    Wedding magazines are definitely helpful and fun! Be prepared to stick to your guns about what you and H2B want for your day, but also be flexible as your ideas change and be wary of over-committing too early!

  • Yeah I know what you mean, i bet my visions will change! Is there anything you did that you would of done differently if you were to redo everything again? xxxxx

  • I'd say my first pearl of wisdom would be to talk with your H2B and plan a budget as theres no point in booking things and paying deposits on things that you wont be able to afford. Secondly Id choose a date you want and go and find some venues, book up a venue and provision a registrar are the 2 main things so you can have all the nessasery on the day! image x

  • I'm not married yet, but one thing I learnt pretty quickly was to set quite a detailed budget right from the start. I could only figure out how much we could spend on our budget when I had an idea of what other things would cost.

    Also book your registrar as soon as you can! They get booked up super early.

  • Budget and date are important to set early on. Also look up a timeline so you have an idea of when you should start doing things. We booked our venue and photographers 2 years in advance but I left my dress until 9 months before. 

    Once you have your date (and perhaps your venue) you can go to wedding fairs and speak to suppliers. This can help give you an idea of what you do and don't like.

    Make sure you have a spreadsheet too. I lived by mine. It had a budget tracker, guestlist, deadlines for when we had to make payments etc. I don't know what I would have done without it! It can be easy to get carried away with spending but this helps keep you on track and on top of where your money is going.

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