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Ivory veil, reasonable price and not stiff? We're to buy from

Hi all, can any1 advise were they bought there veils from, how much? 


I bin iught one from eBay but was very stiff ????, tried steaming, fabric soften etc but nothing worked.

the one I liked in my bridal boutique was £160 is this reasonable? X


  • I've got a really nice ivory veil for sale, floor length, perfect condition and definitely not stiff at all! I bought it from a boutique near leicester for £805, but only looking for £40 if you're interested? You can see it quite well in the picture below but I can send more if you're interested image xx



  • moonpiemoonpie Posts: 166

    If you're in Glasgow then try Melle Cloche if you haven't already. It's cheaper than a lot of the bridal boutiques and they've got some stunnign veils. I got my veil there although I'm going to take it back because it doesn't match my dress but they have been really good about it and are happy for me to take it back in.

  • Lisa- Bride do you still have the veil for sale? My dress was waaaaaaaaaay way way over budget but I had to have it! So am looking to save where I can veil being one area! If you have it i will be interested! image



  • Yup yup still got it If you're interested. Just pm me image x

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