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New Year's Resolutions!

What are you saying to yourself now that the year is about to come to an end? 
- I wish I kept to the diet
- I wish I'd lost that weight
- I wish I had eaten more fruit and veg
- I wish I had done more exercise

Sound familiar? 

I assume that a lot of you will be making New Years resolutions - but are there the same ones that you made last year, and the year before? 

New Years resolutions can be a great thing, but I think that most people try to do too much in one go, and then give up because the goal that they have set themselves is totally unrealistic. 

Tip #1 - Set a goal. This may take a bit of time, but please do take the time - it will be worth it! 

My belief is that most people give up on their resolutions not because they don't know what to do, but they don't know WHY they are doing it. And "Because I want to lose 2 stone" ISN'T the "WHY". 

First set a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) goal, such as "I want to lose 2 stone by the end of 2015." WRITE THIS DOWN. Studies have shown that the act of writing down a goal means you are more likely to achieve it.

Then (and this is VERY important) write down WHY you want to achieve that goal. Be really honest with yourself. What would it mean to you to achieve that goal? What would you be able to do (that you can't now) when you have achieved your goal? What are people going to say to you when you have achieved your goal? How will you feel when you have achieved your goal?

Then write down everything that will happen if you DON'T achieve your goal? Again, be very honest here. 

then really visualise yourself already having achieved the goal. Close your eyes and see what you look like, feel what you feel like, hear what others are saying about you. 

make the goal a SMARTER goal - make sure that it is Exciting and also have a big Reward that is not food related that you can aim for when you achieve it! 

Pin this up somewhere visible so that you are reminded of this every day.


  • New Years resolution tip #2

    Make sure that your resolution isn't too drastic! You want this to be a lifestyle change, not something you do for a couple of days and give up because it's too difficult. 

    If you currently do no exercise, eat 1-2 portions of fruit and veg a day at best, drink 10 cans of fizzy drink a day and cannot get out of bed without a cup of coffee, then don't say "My New Years resolution is to run 5 miles every day, drink only water, eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day and quit coffee"

    There may be the odd person who will stick to this for life, but for the vast majority, this is too drastic a change and will give up after a few days. 

    Be REALISTIC - Change something small every week. 

    So it could be:
    Week 1 - start walking 15 minutes a day
    Week 2 - swap one of your biscuit snacks for a piece of fruit with a small handful of nuts, or some veg sticks with hummus
    Week 3 - swap every other can of fizzy drink with water
    Week 4 - swap your morning coffee with herbal tea

    Just make sure that this is something that fits into YOUR life, these habits have taken years to become a part of your life, so give it time! But you will be able to change your lifestyle, just take it one week at a time!

  • New Years resolution tip #3

    Get rid of your limiting beliefs 

    Do you ever think:
    I will never lose weight because my family are all overweight
    I have no willpower
    I hate exercise
    I can't live without chocolate

    These are all limiting beliefs that can seriously hinder your healthy lifestyle.

    If you think something enough, your brain will start to believe it. 

    And beliefs are just something that you have chosen to believe, they are not necessarily true! 

    If you really want to achieve your goal, make a list of any negative thought that you may have. Be totally honest with yourself, and lost everything you can think of. 

    Then turn all those into a positive - so for example:

    I can't live without chocolate could be : I will live a life fulfilled by other loves in my life.

    If you tell your brain something enough, it will start to believe it! 


  • New Years resolution #4

    Make the resolution specific for you!

    Everyone is at very different levels of health and fitness, but everyone also wants a different outcome.

    Don't just follow a certain plan that's popular at the moment, or something your favourite celebrity is doing so you want to do it - just check that this is something YOU want.

    Is it going to help you to achieve your goal? If you want to tone your arms and lose some body fat, then following a marathon runner's plan isn't necessarily the best thing for you.

    Do you like what the plan is recommending? If it suggests that you eat porridge every morning and you hate porridge, you are probably not going to stick with it for long!

    Also, is it achievable for you at that moment in time? Are you already at a level of fitness that may be required for that programme? Do you have the time to prepare the food/exercise that is required?

    Make sure that it is specific to YOU. You could get a coach, nutritionist or personal trainer to help you if you are not sure what to do.



  • New year's resolution tip #5

    Don't beat yourself up!

    No matter how determined you are to reach your goal, there may be times when you end up eating more than you planned. A lot more. And of all the wrong foods.

    And then you spend hours berating yourself for not having any willpower and that you fail at everything. You then think 'well, I am useless anyway, I might as well eat more'

    Can anyone relate to this?

    This is something I used to do on a regular basis and not only does this not serve you, it just makes no sense!

    If you do end up eating more than you planned, firstly try to work out why. Had you not eaten enough that day? Had you not drank enough water? Had you slept enough? Were you sad, bored, angry, happy? Make sure you write down why.

    Then forget about it. It happened, and move on! There is absolutely nothing to be gained from thinking like you are a failure, draw a line under it and make sure that the next thing you eat is healthy and don't eat too much of it!


  • New Year's Resolution Tip #6

    Throw away the scale!

    Now, the scales can be used as PART of tracking your progress, but do not let it define you.

    I remember a time where I was obsessed with the scales, weighing myself a few times a day (where you will see massive fluctuations throughout the day anyway), even thinking that when I got my hair cut I'd be lighter! I realise now how ridiculous this was!

    When you lose "weight" you will probably have lost some fat, but also some muscle and water too, and the scale won't pick this up.

    Instead, go with measurements and how your clothes fit. Or get your body fat% tested if you can from your gym. Also take some pictures that you can compare - weight loss is so gradual that you often don't notice it!


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