Wedding decorations and items for sale

Hi everyone.

I am selling some of the items from our wedding, and include photos below. I live in Norwich, so collection is preferable but can look into postage costs if needed. 

Colours are predominantly blush pink, vintage champagne, gold/silver, and cream. Also have some pine cones/wooden items to sell, as well as manzanita trees, vases, mirror plates and table centrepieces so will be posting additional pictures shortly. 

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Laura x

1. Card box with vintage champagne ribbon and bow decoration, with luggage tag 'cards' label. (£10.00)
    25cm sq height, 51cm tall. Ribbon and bows can be easily detached if you would like to use a different colour. 


2. 14 silver/grey plant/flower pots with taupe ribbon decoration. Ribbon can easily be changed. (£15.00)
    13cm x 11cm




 3. 8 x New white wicker stars (4 large, 4 small)
     Small ones 20cm, large ones 25cm. 


 4. Wedding arrow sign


5. Glass/Mirrored trinket boxes (I used to put chocolates in on tables)
    9 x small boxes - (8cm wide x 9;5cm high) - 1 missing clasp but shuts and opens fine.
    3 x large boxes (9.5cm wide x 11cm high)
 (£22.00 for all)






 6. Blush pink, sparkle invitations with envelopes x 55








  • Hi Laura,

    I would be interested in the wicker star hearts. Is there any chance you could post? And what would be the cost?



  • 7. Ten cream ceramic tealight/candle holders
        8.5cm high x 9cm wide at top




     8. 20x blush pink candles 
         10cm high


     9. 18 LED Tealights - NEW




  • HI Vicky

    I'm not sure what the postal cost would be for the wicker stars, but can check for you next weekend (am away with work Mon-Fri this week). Assume you are in the UK? x


  • Lu-luLu-lu Posts: 4

    Hi Laura, I'd really like the tea light holders and LED tea lights if theycsn be posted as I'm too far to collect? X

  • Kim40Kim40 Posts: 46

    could your find out how much trinket boxes would be to post?

    interested to see centrepieces x

  • hi everyone, will find out postal charges next week and post on here to let you know. Thanks x

  • LuLu & Vicky, I could arrange to get the items to Northamptonshire if that is closer for anyone to collect? Trinket boxes are quite heavy and delicate as made from mirror and glass x

  • TRINKET BOXES & PLANT POTS NOW SOLD. Sorry Kim but had someone who could collect and as they are so heavy that is much easier than posting. Thanks for your interest though & will post centre pieces if my friend doesn't have them x

  • Hi, any news on the postage costs for the stars?


  • Hi Victoria, I ended up getting back from work later than though so not been able to get them weighed yet but should be able to go early this week. Sorry for delay but not been home at all x

  • No worries just let me know when you find out. Also do you remember where you got the stars from as I would ideally like to get some more as well? Thanks

  • Hi Could I have the wedding arrow please x

  • Hi Victoria & Rosie, I was going to message you with postage details but can't work out how to do this. Are you able to message me and I can reply? 

    Thinking the best way to do it may be for me to list the items on ebay then post a link on here or via a private message for you to buy that way? 

    Postage costs are £6.50 for the wicker stars Victoria, and £3.50 for the wedding sign Rosie.



  • Wicker stars now sold x

  • Did the led tea lights sell? image

  • Hiya Future Mrs S. they are still for sale x

  • Do you know how many hours they last for & how much is P&p image

  • What pine cone things do you have and how many manzanita trees? Thanks 

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