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Gift ideas for Father of the Bride and Sister of the Bride

As you can tell from my username I am a bloke - I am the groom and need help in deciding on 2 gifts; one for the father of my bride and one for my bride's sister who is also maid of honour and a good friend of mine.

I have bought watches for my two best men and my brides brother but am seriously stuck on ideas for both of these!

Any help would be appreciated! image


  • How about a nice piece of jewellery for the Bride's sister? What's your budget?

    Could the Father of the Bride not have a watch too?

  • I have about £100 for each of them.

    Was thinking of the watch too but wondered if that was the easy option?!

    Yes jewellry for her though she doesn't wear much but she is also a keen traveller and going on a holiday for a few months and was trying to rack my brains for something to do with that.

  • I think if it's what you've got the other male members of the wedding party then it'll be fine, unless you really want to get him something different.... Does he have any particular interests/hobbies?

    The website Not on the Highstreet is great for ideas. They do loads of quirky gifts, many of which can be personalised.  

    Does the sister have her ears pierced? If so, you could get a nice pair of studs that she could wear while she's away as a memento of the day? (I've not done much travelling myself I'm afraid so can't be much help with ideas for that I'm afraid!)

  • Maybe a nice pocket watch you can get engraved for Father of the bride, i will be taking mine with me to give to my dad when it is just the two of us, its my little gift from me to him but you could give it at any point of the day image i would also say jewelery for the maid of honour maybe some nice earring? she could wear on the day

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