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Inexpensive entertainment ideas?

Hi all, first time poster here!

I'm getting married in 6 months time and have had my heart set on having a ceilidh band or photobooth, mainly because alot guests will be travelling a fair distance (and some just for the evening do) - I wanted to make it as entertaining as possible for them, as well as us. However, looking at our budgeting, it seems we have already overspent by quite a bit, so cannot afford a band or a photobooth. image We are having a sweetie table, buffet, dj, a table full of activities for the kids and bathroom baskets in the ladies loos etc, but is this enough? I've looked into a DIY photobooth but I fear that with my lack of creativity it would be pants! Plus I don't own any sort of camera and wouldn't dare ask relatives image. Please give me some inspiration/advice ladies (& gents!)

Thanks, and nice to 'meet' you! x


  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    What about outdoor garden games like giant jenga etc? What do you have in the bathroom baskets? I would love to do something like that!

  • You can really do too much, we have seen it at so many weddings we have gigged at, keep it simple - as long as the guests are well fed and entertained then the night will be magic for them.  

  • Jan11Jan11 Posts: 5


    If you're still looking to include a ceilidh band, contact us

    We can customise our band format to suit any budget.


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