DIY Make-up

I'm thinking about doing my own make-up and want to know your recomendations for the best products to use!


I'm very fair skin and have oily/combination. I love a matte finish and want something which looks classic and perfect all day with a high coverage.


  • Estee Lauder Double wear . Get a free sample from any counter to try it out, so many shades ,bound to be one that suits you. Really does last all day. Best foundation there is, if you like full coverage like me . What I would suggest though is taking photos with it on before the big day as I've heard SPF in foundations can make you look Pale.

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    Thank you so much Samantha21 this has helped loads! I will go in and try and get a sample!

  • Your welcome. What I meant to say that the flash on camera can make you look pale when wearing makeup  with SPF in it . Don't want to look ghostly in wedding pics. Cant say I have noticed it , only what I have read doing my research. Good luck

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    I'm with Samantha for foundation, you are best popping to a counter to find something that works for it is your big day you want to make sure it is right. You can ask for it to be applied at the counter then before you buy make sure you go outside as the florescent light in shops can be misleading; take a friend to give their opinion.

    Or give a BB cream a go rather than a foundation.

    I am a Presenter for Younique (link in my sig) and what I would recommend is our lip stains if you want something on your lips that will last all day. They don't smudge, budge or come off when you kiss ya fellaimage I'd also reccommed our 3D Mascara, eye-liners and lip pencils BUT for wedding make-up I believe the lip stains are a winner.

    They go on wet and dry matt, topped with a lip gloss they look gorgeous.

    I wish I had done my own make-up when I got married as I feel my make-up artist made me look too fake image ah well!

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