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I am planning my wedding for September 2016 - which feels like ages away but I know it's not! I am debating a wedding in the UK verses one in Bergerac in France where my parents live. Has anyone got any experience in planning a wedding in France? My big concerns are around accommodation and then organizing a bus to get people to the venue and back to their hotels/gites. Then there is everything else...

Ideally I think I am going to need a wedding planner, so any recommendations would be great! 

Any help/advice would be great!!



  • marie-3marie-3 Posts: 24

    Hi, not sure how far bergerac is from where we are getting married near to Saintes. We have opted for a fab Wedding planner as part of the package. Let me know if you want more details. We wouldnt dream of organising it ourselves as I would have no idea whether we have the right supplier or best value for money. M x

  • EmmaSEmmaS Posts: 2

    Hi Marie it is about 2 hours away. Do they only support the venue you are holding your wedding? Any details would be great, personal recommendations are so much better than just the web! Thanks Emma

  • Hi Emma - Bergerac is 30 minutes away from my house and a very very pretty part of the world (I may be biased of couse!) 

    We've worked with this wedding planner - who is also based in the Dordogne but works across france.

    If you're looking for marquee hire we've been to a few weddings where these have been used

    And if you're looking for hair and make-up I'll also put in a plug for my sister - she specialises in wedding hair and make-up here in France.

    Buggs car hire at Bergerac airport are a local company that maybe able to offer help with your transprt questions - they're english so drop them a line

    and if you're looking for a band... feel free to get in touch with me image

    Happy planning!

  • Hi Emma,

    For a wedding planner who can help in that area I can recommend:

    Elian Concept

    Marry Me in France also

    A Dream French Wedding

    Happy Planning

  • Hi Emma !

    We are based in France, really close to Bergerac/Bordeaux, and we are specialized in wedding organization for uk, russian, chinese citizens in France image

    Think I can help you to find your venue, accomodation, caterer... and everything you need for your wedding ! 

    If interested email me))) 

  • ChlobelleChlobelle Posts: 303

    If you are looking for a wedding cake I still have availability for next year.

    Here is my work on Pintrest

    I do travel as far as Bergerac as well



  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Another vote for Marry me in France - my friends used Kate for their wedding and she was absolutely brilliant. Good luck!

  • Sarah296Sarah296 Posts: 11

    Don't know about these other places, but my vote is for Jenny at le petit moulin in saintes where we are getting married. Nothing is too much trouble for her and the place is out of this world. Good luck girls x


  • Victoria2405Victoria2405 Posts: 229

    Yet another vote for marry my in France - Abs styled our wedding near Aubeterre last month. I co-ordinated the suppliers myself as but I couldn't have done that without Abs pointing me in the right direction of suppliers! We had the most amazing wedding, I wouldn't change a thing about it! 

  • We had such a horrible experience with Marry Me In France that we felt compelled to share our experience with potential clients. The whole planning process with Marry Me In France ended up giving us more anxiety, rather than the support a couple looks to their planner for. If you want to have a stress free wedding, I would look elsewhere for planners. We were left with such a terrible taste in our mouth that we knew we needed to post and inform others of the headache that comes with booking MMIF as planners. At the end of the day, we felt like our wedding was nothing more than a cash-grab for the company. We started off the process with the owner (Beth), then after signing the contracts, we were handed off to her aloof underling (Becky), who then wasn't even available by email the day of the wedding. We were then handed off two days prior to our wedding to an on the day coordinator who was not fully prepared or filled into any of the specifics for our special day. The whole thing felt like a bait-and-switch. After the fact, we reached out to the owner to voice our displeasure but she replied saying she was too busy to discuss or deal with until wedding season was over. 


    Throughout the process, we felt like we were always forced to chase down MMIF for guidance and answers which caused even more stress. Our planner was very passive and reactive and only sent answers or actually did things after we expressed concern and asked for a skype meeting to follow-up. Prior to our skype, we would finally get what we needed 5 minutes prior to the call to avoid conflict. We had to chase our planner down several times just to nail down a timeline for the wedding day, which we felt was an absolute necessity and one of the primary tasks of a wedding planner, and were met with resistance - she said we didn't need one and that these things work themselves out on their own and that a timeline can make things more stressful. We pushed back and eventually worked one out but feel we did the lion's share of creating it and received little assistance from our planner in creating it or offering us a sense of what a normal timeline should be. She assured us that a schedule was not needed in part because the vendors knew exactly what to do, and this was not at all the case. 


    The hand off process to the on the day coordinator was anything but smooth and felt like a way for Marry Me In France to clear themselves of any liability or blame for problems the day of - no one could be held accountable for any issues.  The venue did provide a beautiful backdrop but our on the day planner and the vendors (all referred by Marry Me In France) were unprofessional, ill-equipped,  and unprepared when it came to our requests and needs. Much of our wedding day was spent scrambling to fix mistakes which were easily avoidable-if only the coordinator was properly prepared/filled in or anyone from MMIF had been reachable the days leading up to the wedding. We have included only a handful of things that went wrong below:


    -Our on the day planner wasn't available for the actual wedding rehearsal so we needed to fill her in moments before we walked down the aisle on walking order and discuss song specifics with the jazz trio since MMIF never passed along this information. We were also unable to reach anyone from the Chateau or MMIF when we were without power for 18 hours. We left several messages but they did not show up to remedy this problem in any way. When the rehearsal dinner restaurant called us an hour before our dinner to tell us that they could not accomm

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