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Hi all, 

I'm newly engaged and looking for venues! However, i'm hitting a brick wall! 

We are having a pretty large guest list as most of my family live in birmingham and we are a BIG family.

every venue we have looked at and fell in love with has turned out sooooo expensive something we can't bring ourselves to spend due to wanting to buy our own house too,

We have looked at nearly every golf courses in bristol! but even those are ridiculous prices.

We would ideally like somewhere with a large room, with nice surroundings.

Any ideas?


bride to be Shelley xxx


  • VickySCVickySC Posts: 56


    We got engaged last year and wanted to  get married in Bristol as thats where we met (at the Uni) but really struggled to find something nice! 

    Have you tried:

    - Leigh Court

    - Aldwick Court

    - Ashton Court Mansion

    - The Avon Gorge

  • VickySCVickySC Posts: 56

    And congrats on your engagement! 


    I also forgot to say that we could find anywhere in Bristol in the end, so ended up booking a lovely venue in Bath called the Tythe Barn at Priston Mill. It's only 10 mins outside Bristol


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