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Getting married by ourselves abroad.. Ideas?


We want to get married abroad, on our own and hoping for some good suggestions as to where... as we want to do it this year - October time (short notice I know!).

We originally wanted the Caribbean but I know October isn't the best time to go. We literally just want something private, quiet, simple, on the beach, just the two of us..

Thanks in advance!


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Hi, Have you looked at some of the legal bits for various places? A friend of mine wanted to get married just the two of them and went for America because legally it was simpler to do it there (don't think you need any more witnesses than the person who marries you) They organised it all in 48 hours.

    I would start with there it is legally possible to do what you want and then go from there.


  • We're getting married in Cancun in April next year at the Moon Palace Grand Golf and Spa Resort. We're doing it through Thomas Cook who take care of pretty much everything, assign you a coordinator (who can even arrange witnesses) and cover all of the legal aspects.

    Although we're making it a slightly bigger affair with friends and family booked to join us, the option to do it just the two of you is very popular and can easily be done.

    Hope that helps give you an idea x

  • xArlaxxArlax Posts: 4

    Thanks, I will have a look at America. Cancun also sounds nice.. It's just the time of year I think is a problem as its the rainy season in the Caribbean in October time :-(

  • Dee20Dee20 Posts: 2


    If you are looking for some inspiration, luxury hotel group GHM Hotels have recently launched a wedding guide to get married abroad. If you wish you can go their website or copy and paste this link direct on your browser to get the pdf -

    The wedding guide provides couples looking to get married abroad with insight into the customs and traditions of each location, useful information on how to get married abroad, handy links, in-depth articles and an invaluable wedding planning checklist, the guide was designed as a first step in one of life’s most glorious journeys.

    Good Luck. 

    The guide features four fabulous destinations; Bali (Indonesia), Vietnam, Oman and Switzerland. Hope it helps :)

  • MrsAWMrsAW Posts: 21

    New York! license and married in little over 24hrs then have a beach honeymoon straight from there :) 


    You know, the weather is a lottery. I have been in oct and had brilliant weather in one year. Prices are lower in oct. It`s great idea to celebrate it on your own. We had beach wedding for two of us organized by . It was memorable and fantastic.
  • Tuscany can be gorgeous in October.  See if Lisa at Hitched in Italy can rush your paperwork through.  Ours was quicker than we thought it would be. We didn't get married on the beach, but there is the Tuscan coast to think about.... I didn't go but heard its very pretty.

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