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I am a new b2b and we have decided getting married abroad is definitely for us. My dad won't fly more than 4 hours!!! I struggle with heat so I think Easter time will be for us.

I need with: 

- where we can get married?

- any laws we will need to look into?

- are there any time restrictions on what time you can marry? 

- how to book? Through and agent or book myself?

Any help would be amazing I am like a fish out of water!! So excited but have no idea where to start. 

Thanks in advance 



  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride


    What about Greece, it's only 4 hours away.  I'm getting married in Rhodes in June 2016 we have booked r holiday with jet2 but booked r wedding with a independent wedding planner,  there is no legal requirements really just have to give the right documents in,  we are also getting married at 6pm so it's not to hot when we actually get married, I hope this helps any questions just ask.  

  • Soooo exciting!


    I got married in Italy (less than a 2 hour flight) , it was incredibly simple, the paperwork was a bit confusing at times, but our wedding planner made it really easy. We had a really relaxed Tuscan wedding, sat on long tables, ate seasonal food and drank local wine.  It was everything and more than I can possibly wish for. It wasn't very expensive either and our guests were keen to pay their own flights and accommodation so we just made a week long holiday of it. We did cookery courses and went horse riding in the hills.  It was fab!


    I can highly recommend Lisa at Hitched in Italy.  I've mentioned her a few times in this forum.  She's really down to earth and we've stayed in touch.  She's more of a friend than a wedding planner.

  • sorajasoraja Posts: 5

    We are getting married in Santorini June 2017!

    It is a very romantic place with stunning views ,direct flights from Gatwick airport through easyjet.

    I booked through Gold-Weddings Santorini an awarded wedding planning company with 28 years of experience in the wedding industry.My planner is Alexandra and is great! We are having 30-40 guests kids included and as  vnue we chose Le ciel!

    Congratulations and don't panic!

  • Swati2Swati2 Posts: 1

    Many congratulations for your wedding! Destination wedding plays an important role to make our moment special. I didn’t get the chance for this kind of wedding but I must say India is one of the most popular places for destination wedding not only for Indians but also for foreigners as well.  To handle these types of situations the wedding planners or event managers can take care of every single detail of the ceremony while incorporating important rituals listed by the family and make your wedding spectacular. Frankly speaking my wedding was not hosted in any destination but I hired FNP Wedding Planner to make the whole occasion more enjoyable and fun & while they took the celebrations to another level. You can contact them to make your wedding into another level. Hope this will help.


  • Hi Kelly,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    Have you thought of Portugal? I got married there last year. Only 2 hours flight, nice, sunny and not too hot like Greece. In Portugal it's only really hot in the Algarve - If you go to Lisbon or Porto you will get the nice 25 degrees and if beach wedding takes your fancy then you can still have a beach wedding in Porto or Lisbon.

    I had mine in Porto, because it is a gorgeous town and much cheaper too, so our budget allowed us some extras we wouldnt been able to aford in London!

    We tried to do it ourselves but soon we realised we needed help so we got a weding planner to sort it out for us (1 of the extras mentioned above eheh). The company name is Love Connection Weddings if you want to have a look

    I am sure you can get marrried any time of the year, and paper work was really simple and easy, we just needed a few certificates like birth certificate and then Teresa, our wedding planner,  sorted all out for us. 

    Hope this helps and good luck! xx

  • GulnazGulnaz Posts: 20

    Hi Kelly!

    What about wedding in Slovenia? It is in central Europe and takes less than 2 hours to fly.

    Documents needed:

    - Cer­ti­fied copy of birth cer­tifi­cates, issued within the past 6 months with an Apostille

    - Valid Pass­ports and photocopies

    - Ver­i­fi­ca­tion of sin­gle sta­tus (can be obtained from your Embassy in Slovenia)

    - Cer­tifi­cate of No Impediment*/Affidavit declar­ing that each party is free to marry (obtained/sworn in your res­i­dent coun­try by the Sloven­ian Embassy or your Embassy in Slove­nia)

    - Divorce decree or death cer­tifi­cate, if applicable

    - All documents must be translated into Slovenian language and have Apostille.

    - Also you will need 2 witnesses.

    To book your wedding you can here

    If you decide to have wedding planner you won't have any headaches.

    Slovenia has lots of possibilities for wedding venues.- castles, seaside, mountain peaks, palaces, villas, homesteads etc. And you will be surprised with prices.

    Good luck!


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