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  • Hi Jessica,

    Welcome 😁 we are all super excited!! have u had issues with the planning? Unfortunately I can't recommend anyone either because like Victoria both my best friends are hair and makeup artists who will be doing it. 

    Victoria I I am catching up, however, after reading your last post about the videographer I had a look and I love him!! I have actually saw his work before and I think he is incredible. So much so I am having doubts about mine and have contacted him to see if he is free on my date. I haven't heard back yet. Do u mind me asking how much he charges? If he isn't completely out of budget and available I am going to go with him as I haven't been 100% on the one I confirmed. I am happy with the photographer just not the videographer. When I compared them I felt it was a big difference and I got my sis to have a look at each of their work and she said the same. 

    I have started looking at music and really want the string quartet and soprano for the ceremony then the napolian trio then not sure if I want something for during the dinner then DJ afterwards. Have you's had any thoughts about music? Xxx

  • Hey Melanie, I'll need to dig out his price list but from memory he has a few different packages depending if you want 1 or videographers and how many hours you want. I think we went for one of the pricier packages and it was about 2.5k (sterling) roughly. The Euro/pound exchange rate is great just now so I'm probably splashing out more than I should! Has he got back to you yet?

    I've started to look at music, but I'm really struggling actually. Cimbrone are apparently really strict and only have a small list of approved suppliers for me to choose from. However, having said that, I've not found anyone I LOVE that I would want even if the supplier list wasn't an issue. There was a big wedding there last month, a playboy model married a billionaire and they had John Legend!!!!!! Absolutely bonkers. I emailed my wedding planner asking if John Legend was on the approved list, but I don't think she really got my sense of humour! The other thing I'm struggling with is a Piper. My partner is Scottish and so we were hoping to have a piper at some part of the day, but again there doesn't seem to be many local pipers!

    Anyone else managed to find a Scottish Piper close to Ravello?

    Let me know if you find any amazing music as like I said, I'm not inspired so far!


  • Trying to catch up!

    Melanie, your pizza party and possible quiz sound fab - does that mean you hire out Villa Eva for two separate days? I was thinking of having a midnight pizza later in the evening as seems a waste not to utilise it!

    Victoria, we have now gone with Gianni - I'm really happy with our choice! Great style. What's your colour theme?

    Thinking of doing white with just a hint of blush or possibly vintage antique colours? Dusky pink and peach?

    Welcome, Jessica! Do you mean Claire from Love in the Lemon Grove? She is our planner and is fab! My future in laws met her in Ravello a few weeks back and they loved her too.

    Victoria, hilarious (and bonkers) about John Legend!! I follow a celebrity makeup artist on instagram and she was in Ravello with John Legend and his wife last month and now I realise why!! We can but dream...

    Will start looking at music and report back xoxox



  • Oh, accommodation wise, feeling a bit stuck.

    I thought Villa Maria would be a shoo-in becuase of it's proximity to Villa Eva or Hotel Giordano but some reviews were shocking - not all I want to add. Some people had great stays but does anyone have any ideas of hotels in the area that are not too pricey?

    I count my blessings we have this forum!


  • HI Ladies, 


    I am so happy to have found this forum!! I was beginning to think I am the only person planning a wedding in Ravello! :)

    Can I have people's thoughts on Accommodation also? I wasnt too impressed with Villa Maria or Hotel Giordano to be honest. They don't offer a decent discount even though we have booked Villa Eva for the reception and it seems SO EXPENSIVE. We were considering booking out a big Villa with loads of rooms and having us, our parents and our  bridal party guests staying there and using this accommodation for the following day activities. This might be less expensive then hotels? I just think that the amount of time you are actually going to spend in the hotel room is very minimal I would much rather spend this money on the honeymoon!

    Has anyone had any luck finding bands? I noticed some people were thinking about wanting an english speaking band too! 

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone-I can see this forum being my new addiction :):)

  • Hi Sarah!

    Welcome and congratulations!   When is your wedding? Did you go out and see Villa Eva or just book it (like I did)?

    That's a brilliant idea about hiring out somewhere. I may have a look into that as well...? I think Villa Maria and Hotel Giordano look lovely but as soon as you go on tripadvisor, that's when I start getting doubts... reviews about door opening onto beds, bad bathrooms and general bad vibes but then not all the reviews are bad! I would be really upset if we booked in our family and friends (as well as us!) and then found it was a nightmare.

    I'll take a look and see what might be around villa wise!


    Niki xx

  • Hi All,

    Niki- great news on Gianni! His photos look lovely don't they. We really liked him as a person too, so will be happy to have him there on the day with us.

    Accomodation is really a tricky one- everything is expensive, and expensive doesn't necessarily translate to luxury. I think its just Ravello as a place. when we visited, we stayed at Hotel Graal, we got a last minute deal and paid roughly £120 a night. At that price it was fine, however I believe their standard rate is closer to £200 a night and at that price, I wouldn't have been happy with it at all. Its classed as a 4* but not sure I would agree.

    In my ideal world, I would stay at the Caruso, but their rate card for next year shows a standard room as £400 a night, and whilst I could justify that for us (its our wedding afterall), I want our family and friends to stay in the same hotel as us, and I can just imagine what they would say if I asked them to pay that! (it wouldn't be yes!) Similar for Palazzo Sasso, it looks lovely, but too expensive for guests.

    In the end, I think we have decided on Villa Fraulo, which is risky as I've never stepped foot in it, but its reasonably priced and right near the town hall gardens. My wedding planner also recommended it. Something is holding me back from confirming it though!

    A lot of our friends seem to be booking in Amalfi vs Ravello- as I think your money goes a lot further there. Its about 20 mins in a taxi, so totally doable for the day.

    I'm rambling on a bit now so I'll stop!

    How's everyone else getting on with planning?

  • Hi All 

     Sorry for my rant everyone. I was so upset when I wrote that email on Saturday! I was crying as I was typing. Thank god I have calmed down now and my fiancee and I have sat down and decided how much we are willing to spend and will make sure the planner can source us things that can work within this budget-not the other way around! I will do my very best to not  post something like that again :) If I am honest, I was feeling desperate! 



  • Hi All

    Just want everyone who is planning a Ravello wedding to know how stunning the place is, I returned from my wonderful wedding which was on 28th July 2015 and had the best day of my life. The place is beautiful and I felt like I was in a dream. I know how stressful the planning is so if anyone has any queries I am happy to help. We stayed in Hotel Caruso where we had the reception but only for one night as it was too expensive for friends and family, it is amazing and well worth the expense. The I rest of the time we stayed in the Hotel Giordano which was fab with a great pool. 

    I highly recommend a great hairdresser, Mr Gerrado and used Nicole Storey as my make up artist. She was fantastic and so nice to work with, her website is not great but don't let this put you off she is excellent.


    hope you B2B are enjoying the planning. xx



  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32
    Flossy38 wrote (see post):

    Hi All

    Just want everyone who is planning a Ravello wedding to know how stunning the place is, I returned from my wonderful wedding which was on 28th July 2015 and had the best day of my life. The place is beautiful and I felt like I was in a dream. I know how stressful the planning is so if anyone has any queries I am happy to help. We stayed in Hotel Caruso where we had the reception but only for one night as it was too expensive for friends and family, it is amazing and well worth the expense. The I rest of the time we stayed in the Hotel Giordano which was fab with a great pool. 

    I highly recommend a great hairdresser, Mr Gerrado and used Nicole Storey as my make up artist. She was fantastic and so nice to work with, her website is not great but don't let this put you off she is excellent.


    hope you B2B are enjoying the planning. xx




  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Hi Flossy38!

    Congratulations on your special day! Its so lovely to hear what a fantastic day you had! What time of day was your wedding? Thinking back to it, what was your favourite part of the day? Tell us more!

    Can I ask how you contacted Nicole please as I have tried to contact her and Ive had no response? Also how soon to your wedding did you book her and the hairdresser? My wedding is on June 1st 2016.     

    We are getting married in the town hall gardens and reception at Villa Eva and family are all staying at the Giordano! I'd have loved Hotel Caruso though! :)   

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Gemma x

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Flossy!

    Congratulations! Yes, to all the questions Gemma asked above, we'd love to know how it went!

    Were you very happy with Hotel Giordano? I wanted to book either the Villa Maria or Hotel Giordano knowing that we should get a discount if a whole wedding party stayed there but the reviews on TripAdvisor are really putting me off!

    Apparently no hot water at night, doors opening onto beds, breakfast hopeless.

    It looks absolutely beautiful otherwise!

    N xx


  • Congrats Flossy! I would LOVE a full report on the day once you've got the time to do it!

    How was the weather? Our date is only 1 day apart from yours (but next year) and I'm worried about the heat a bit!


    Sarah- you have no reason to apologise (although I can't seem to find whatever post you are referring to) I'm sure it wasn't that bad! Ravello definitely isn't a cheap option, but nothing is compulsory and I'm sure you will be able to make your day work to your budget!



  • Hi Flossy,

    congratulations and thank you for sharing. I am so glad your day was all you hoped it would be 😁

    I too would love to hear all the finer details of your day. 

    We are considering staying in Giordano and 2 nights in Palazzo Avino. Nikki I was also slightly worried about the reviews. Some of our guests were considering Villas. Is anyone elses guests doing this? 

    Niki how's the dress shopping going? I think I havw found mind eeekkk went on my birthday on Friday and I started crying when I put it on as did my mum and sis xxx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Ah! Melanie! Was it the dress you first tried on that you all really liked?!!!! So exciting!!

    Happy belated birthday btw! What a lovely way to spend it.

    I looked at the villa's too, Melanie but part of me thinks it's too much with everyone staying together, whereas with hotels, you can all go off to your own rooms and there's no having to organise the shopping for breakfasts and having to co-ordinate everyone. It's a brilliant idea but not for me I think...

    Went to a wedding fair this weekend with future SIL  and I didn't find it too helpful but it was fun to go! My problem is finding a dress with no sparkle!

    Hi Victoria! I'm so pleased going with Gianni! I went for a 7 hour package. What did you choose? I thought 5 hours wasn't quite enough?

    Have you ((or anyone else here?) picked their cake maker? I am in love with a particular design but need to make sure the cake maker is up to scratch!




  • Hay Niki,

    No wasn't the first dress but when I tried it on I started crying as did my sis and mum so think that's the one. Going to put the deposit on this week. I love it!! U been back out shopping? Do u not want any sparkle? 

    thanks for the birthday wishes 😘 

    i know what you mean with the Villa idea. May avoid that actually. 

    Oh really!! What did you not find helpful? I am going in a couple of weeks With my mum and sis. 

    Had an appointment this weekend to design my wedding stationary which I loved doing 😁 xxx


  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hello Melanie!

    Ah, that's so special! What a reaction - of course it's the one!! :)

    I don't think I want sparkle but looking at some of the dresses at the show in London, some of them with just a little strap or little beading on the back is beautiful! I just don't know what I want at this stage! Need to lose more weight and try more dresses!

    I think, if you're planning a wedding in the UK then the shows are really super helpful but please don't let that put you off as we had a lovely look around! We loved the catwalk shows and had champagne and looked at table decorations. It does give you ideas.

    Ah, I love the stationary part! Is this for your Save the Dates? xx



  • I know I think it is but I am nervous to committ 😁 i really need to get a move on with my diet I haven't started yet. U started? Maybe book into more shops too as I actully enjoyed the experience on Friday but didn't the time before. 

    Yeh would like some ideas for tables and flowers. Any excuse for some champagne too 🍸👍😁 

    no we decided with her not to send save the dates and just send the official invites wKath RSvP in jan. I loved designing them. Going to get lovely boxes for them to be delivered in too With our initials on them. 

    The wedding planner was emailing about lighting of the venue today for fairly lights and lighting the villa. Can't believe its only 10 months away. 

    What you focusing on now? Xxx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    I know what you mean, it IS a big commitment deciding on a dress! You'll do it when it feels right :-)

    Yes, definitely going to book into another shop in 3 weeks I think? I am doing a diet where I eat no carbs after 2pm and it's helping quite a bit. lost 5 pounds in a few weeks so it's slowly, slowly for me! Swapped my beloved bread for dark rye bread so if I do have bread occasionally then it's the better stuff. Lots more water and small dinners. I just had a 2 egg omelette for dinner with mushrooms. It's surprising how quickly I got used to having small dinners. I think I might get some small weights this weekend too?

    Urgh, had a bit of a shock when you said 10 months! Eeeek.

    Yes, we have decided to get the fairy lights in white, not the blue and we may not get the villa lit up (though it does look really pretty). Just have a ton of fairy lights EVERYWHERE! What colour are you going for?

    I didn't like the plates in the menu photos where it's divided into sections? Looks a bit airline style?? Do you know what I mean??

    That sounds fab having invites in a box! Woo! What kind of style have you gone for? I think we will go classic. White and lace?

    Not really sure what to focus on next tbc! I'd like to choose the cake!

    Are you having round tables or one long table? Sure I have asked this before! xoxo

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Oh, I forgot, we are looking at rings next. Though possibly to order in January xox

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Anyone struggling with the cakes? I'm after a certain type of two tier but a lot of the cakes I have been shown are quite... colourful?




  • Sent u a wee email Niki, 


  • Hi Both

    Sorry for my radio silence, I've been on holiday the past two weeks. Was nice to relax and not think about wedding planning/work for a while! I felt super organised to begin with, but now I'm like "oh shit, its October". Feel like it will soon be Christmas and then the real countdown begins!

    Niki- I can't actually remember what package we booked- he hasnt asked for a deposit yet (fingers crossed he hasnt forgotten about us) but I'm busy paying off other things (namely the dress I got a bit carried away with) so I don't want to remind him for another couple of weeks! Hope it doesnt backfire on me!

    I've been to quite a few shows (we got engaged early 2014) and agree they are mostly catered for UK weddings, however agree they are great fun. You should definitely do the VIP package at least once Melanie. The gift bag and free champers makes it worthwhile!

    I've sent out my Save the Dates already- I had tea towels made! And thinking of sending proper invites in January. I've not even begun to think about stationary though. creativity is where I fall down!

    I've also ordered my dress. Same as you Melanie, I cried, mum cried, bridesmaid cried. I was totally shocked, I'm not the most emotional person normally but I was crying before I realised what was happening! I went wayyyyyyyy over budget though so need to start looking to cut back in some other places now :(

    How are you both getting on?

    Have we had any other Ravello brides join in? I want a Villa Cimbrone bride to chat too!


    V x

  • Hi Victoria,

    welcome back 😁

    yeh I am looking forward to going. plan on making a day of it and doing dinner and cocktails. 

    Thats my dress all ordered Eeekkk I think when u cry it's a sign Eh. It was completly unexpected for me too. I know what u mean about going over budget 🙈🙈 but I am sure very worth it!! 

    Dont think any other brides are on board. I was speaking to a guy I work with who said Villa climbone is out of this  world. I was emailing them as I am considering staying there on the day of our wedding for a few nights but concerned about the walk into the town for the wedding. They said its about 10-15 mins which worries me in the heat with me dress on. your wedding will be Stunning. It looks so beautiful xxz

  • Oh and Victoria I saw ur other post about kilts. I am scottish. MCCalls is also a good company to use 👍 xxx

  • Hello Ladies,

    Great thread. I am getting married in Ravello town hall gardens, followed by toast in square and reception at Villa Eva. I booked without actually going to Ravello to view... wedding date 15th Sept 2016.

    We are using planner Rosaria at RavelloEvents and she has been fab so far. We are using Luigi Matino for photos and video and we are just in the process of choosing flower arrangements.

    For music, we are thinking some Italian musicians/music for the ceremony and for the entrance to Villa and then Ipod list for evening reception.

    We sent save the dates back in July to 50 people and formal invites went out this week -- looking like final number will be 35 - hope this is not too small for Villa Eva reception. Planners suggested one long table for this amount of guests.

    Our wedding invitations were designed by Jill Ellis at after I had spent hours searching the net for hours looking for the perfect touch. We have received such great feedback from our guests on the deign and quality of them I thought I would share this with you. Jill was a pleasure to deal with.

    I have my first dress shopping trip planned for 21st November .. eek!

    I have provisionally booked some Ravello accommodations via will offer these to guests - prices range from £65 per night for BandB's to £300 per night for those that prefer a more luxurious hotel stay. We have not decided on a hotel for ourselves yet.

    There was a video on youtube about Villa Eva and it mentioned a new bridal suite that was due to open Sept 2015... does anyone have info on that? I have just emailed our planners for more info.

    Niki, if you read this and are happy to share your villa eva photos I would be so grateful :)

    Ideas I am flirting with -- miniature limoncello bottles / baci chocolates for favors. Fans for ceremony / shawls for reception.




  • Hi Tanya,

    I am getting married on the 8th of September next year and having the same as yourself. Very exciting!! 

    I have booked hotel Giordano for the week in a superior room but really wanted something extra special for wedding night so I would be very keen to hear about the wedding suite. Could you let me know what your wedding planner says. 

    I havent sent out any invites yet. They are being made and we plan on sending them out in Jan. Similar to you we aim to send out 50 and expect about 40 to attend. 

    Good luck for the dress shopping. I have mine ordered and absolutely love it. Now I am focusing on the bridesmaids. Have u a style u like?

    i am also thinking fans for the ceremony and flip flops for dancing at night. We hope to do soprano at the ceremony, flowed by the Neapolitan music and dj at night. I would like little extras throughout the day also But not sure what. 

    Melanie xx

  • Hi Melanie,

    Very exciting.

    I haven't decided on a style for bridesmaids yet. I am hoping we can all get together soon to shop and chat about. I am quite happy for them to decide what they wear and happy to have different styles if that's how it happens... ie some short, some long -- so long as it all looks co-ordinated in some way. How about you? Do you have a certain style in mind?

    I have received quotations for my flowers... via our wedding planners.. to use malafronte... the main flowers are:

    flower arch for ceremony - 1000euros

    bride bouquet - 250euros

    bridesmaids bouquets - 75euros each

    petals for walkway - 250euros

    reception flowers for tables - 80euros each

    Has anyone any other florist recommendations in Ravello? I have nothing to compare.

    Our wedding planners have no info on a bridal suite at Eva and just mentioned the sister hotels Giordano and Maria.

    We have decided to travel on to Sorrento after the wedding date.. I think we can go by ferry from Amalfi

    Hope everyone is enjoying planning their wedding in Ravello as much as I am :)

    Where is everyone planning to get ready/stay on the wedding day?







  • Hi Tanya, 

    No I haven't either but have an idea of the style. i can't wait to go out and spend the day with my bridesmaids trying them on 😁

    my quote is similar. 

    I i have opted for the columns at the ceremony which are 500 as it can be used for either side of the top table at the evening reception so felt it was value for money

    220 per centre piece - I opted for more flowers which took the price up from 170

    200 rose petals

    160 for my bouquet and 75 for bridesmaids 

    it was all the other decoration extras which  added to quite a lot like 1000 for chairs for both the ceremony and reception 🙈 but I fully believe it will be worth it. 

    We have booked hotel Giordano for the week in a superior room So hopefully big enough to get dressed. I lookEd at hotel Avino Piazzo but it was coming in at 1000 for the night and I couldn't justify that when we want to go on honeymoon striaght from Ravello. Hope I don't regret that. What about U? Sorento will be amazing. We are going to go to Rome for a few night then Venice and then not sure where afterwards. 

    I am loving the planning and can't wait to get my invites out 😁 xxx

  • Hy Tanya, Hi Melanie

    My name is Antonella and I live in Italy close to Sorrento and Ravello. If you need tips or suggestion you can ask me ;))

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