Maybe I'm stressing about something ridiculous....Opinions please

Hi ladies, 


So I have sat and spent about 4 hours doing my table plan myself, full of embellishments etc and a lot of work has gone into it. Anyway I have had four guests drop out due to a family illness so what was 6 tables of 11 now is 5 tables of 11 and 1 of 7....... I also have another guest that will be travelling on his own from Kuwait, but has told us that he may have to go to the states last minute and so its not a definite that he will attend (he's on the table that has ended up as a 7). So cue a little re jigging and i have now got 4 tables of ten and two of 11 the way its worked the table with the guy travelling from kuwait is a 10 table and so if he doesn't come last minute the table will be a 9 table which leaves me with two tables of 11 three tables of 10 and one of 9, my question is is this table of 9 really going to matter is it going to look odd or if the chairs and place settings are arranged correctly will it all blend in and not really matter? Im sorry for this rambling maybe stupid post but its really stressing me out. We are having a formal wedding in a castle and I just want everything to look perfect??? any opinions would be gratefully received xx


  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    i think you have spent so long doing this you have driven yourself slightly mad :) it would be nearly impossible to get every table 'equal'. i have never been to a wedding and counted how many people are on each table - i doubt your guests will either. i'm sure no-one will notice on the day! x

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    I really wouldn't worry.... our tables at our wedding weren't equal, i.e some had 10 on, one had 6. No one will notice, promise. Don't let the small things stress you out x

  • Thanks so much ladies xx Lubes I think your right I may have driven myself mad. Bella2015 Thanks so much, glad no one will notice xx

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