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Affordable photographer for a London wedding


I'm getting married in East London in June this summer, and am trying to seek out a decent photographer that won't break the bank. I'm already pushing my budget more than I'd hoped (as to be anticipated in London!), but I know the photography is important so I want to get it right.

A lot of the photographers I've found via Google so far charge a minimum of £1,300, which is more than I can afford. Can anyone recommend someone at a lower rate?

I'm looking for a natural documentary style photographer who's unobtrusive but can advise on how to look the best in photos.

It would be great to get some suggestions. Thanks!


  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    Have you tried looking at photographers from a bit further out? Even will paying mileage you might end up paying less than a London photographer - and they might jump at the chance to work on a wedding in a different location than their usual areas. Most photographers will travel! 

    I live in the Midlands and we're paying around £1,000 for our photographer which includes pre wedding shoot, coverage from bridal preparations to first dance, hardback album, online password protected gallery for guests and all images on USB with license to print images.

    Its a substantial part of our budget but we agreed that your photos are a long lasting memory of your day so well worth the money - especially as we love our photographers style! 

  • I know what you mean. We are getting married in December and dealing with London prices Aswell. We searched and searched and couldnt find anythingthat suited what we wanted/liked for  under the £1400 mark. In the end we found someone whos photos I loved for £1499 but so happy with the decision as they are such an important part for us.

    so you know any budding photographers, I know some people often get friends to take getting ready photos or evening ones and Then get a photographer to come for The main bit in the middle. That may save some money 

  • sam79sam79 Posts: 160 New bride


    can I ask you ladies what deposit your photographers ask for? Mine has asked for 50% 12 months in advance, is this the norm?

    And we've found the cost to be around £1400 too for a good photographer even outside of London sadly. 


  • Thanks for your responses ladies, some food for thought. SeptemberBride16, would you mind sharing the name of the photographer you're using? 

  • Just a thought but have you considered using someone that is not typically advertised as a wedding photographer? Maybe a newly qualified student or someone still practicing. You could get them to carry out a pre wedding shoot as a lot of photographers do and you may find that as these people don't have an established name for themselves they are still trying to build a portfolio so will charge a lot less as they need the opportunity to push them further into the industry. There are some fantastic photographers out there in this position xx

  • Chloe16Chloe16 Posts: 83

    Have a look further a field, you may find a cheaper wedding photographer that charges for travel, but still works out cheaper than someone you like in London.

    Take a look on sites like where you can select your budget and browse them that way. Most will travel so don't be afraid to get in touch with ones that are midlands based for example.

  • We would love to be considered! Always happy to travel for a reasonable fee and a cheap travelodge! 

  • Hi!  When are you getting married?  I am based in South Wales but am happy to travel.  Depending on dates, I could stay at my friend's house who also lives in East London, saving on hotel fees.

    I'm fairly new so my prices are very reasonable to reflect this.  Have a look at my website or Facebook page (even better if you can give me a like 

    My packages start at just £650 xx

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Hi, we used UK-wedding photography. Henrick is based in East London and really good. I am afraid I cannot remember how much he was, but seem to remember it being pretty reasonable.

  • CR1689CR1689 Posts: 378


    I'm getting married near Colchester (Essex) and this photographer couple are travelling up from Kent. Really reasonably priced. 

    we are having them do the photos and video. Not half as expensive as you would imagine.

    good luck x

  • Hi,

    Getting married in London. I contacted Indiego Photography and met up with them, they're lovely! Very excited for great wedding pics! Would definitely recommend them as well.

  • Thanks for your recommendations CR1689 and sarah587. I have been in touch with Indiego. They seem lovely and I really like their style.

  • Hello. 

    Picking the right photographer- It is a very exciting but can be also challenging time for you. Everything has to be perfect and what always seems to be the case, if it is for a wedding then some vendor has added a zero to the bill.

    Myself, Rockerharley Wedding is an award winning photographer that for over ten years shot with the biggest and baddest celebs in the world. Shooting the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry to The Wanted. I always deliver iconic imagery and without a doubt deliver the same type of service to the weddings I photograph. 

    Reason for this post is not to sell me but to make sure you pick the right photographer. I see hundreds of weddings a year and understand needs and requirements from not just the bride, but the brides family, the groom and the guests.

    Whether I am the right photographer for your wedding is another matter but picking the correct photographer is critical to guaranteeing incredible pictures which savour your memories for a lifetime. 

    Countless times the bride ends up picking the cheaper alternative photographer because lets face it saving pounds on your big day is important, but may I add that saving your pennies on a photographer isn't the best option. 

    Other than your other half, this is the one thing that will remind you of that perfect day. These photos will come out in 10, 20, 30+ years and you will laugh, giggle, cry and just reminisce. Your children will want to see the pictures, their children and so forth. 

    Wedding photographers don't have to cost the earth but wedding planners say spend 10% of your wedding budget on a photographer. That is money well spent. Trust me. 

    Photography is very subjective. Picking photographers work is very hard but it is worth doing well. 

    Please take a look at my work, and if you have any questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to contact me. Myself, I want you to have the perfect photographer for you and you alone, so if that isn't me, I can help find you the person that is. 

    Enjoy planning. xx

  • I am a photographer who is also researching about Wedding planning and looking for brides who would like to share the whole story from day 1 of planning to the big day!  I am also future Wedding planner and PHOTOGRAPHER who is offering REALLY AFFORDABLE PRICES, huge passion for romance, love and couples and who likes to make the day relaxed and enjoyable as much as possible!!!


    p.s. if you would be interested in my work/ photography I would be really really happy if you would visit me on my WEBSITE: or FACEBOOK -




  • DeleDele Posts: 8

    You can check Strada media website below, very professional and quality pictures and Albums, Prices are from £800.


  • Hi Louise,


    Very worthwhile looking at this site they have fully accredited suppliers for all your wedding and honeymoon needs from your Photographer to booking your Honeymoon.

    They come highly recommended as all their  suppliers are vetted and have to adhere to the highest level of service 24-7.

    Website is

    Wish you luck.


  • Hi - if anyone found this link through google (like I did!), I'm a student, offering free wedding photography in London. No catch, just that I'm still learning. The link to my website is here, which has more info on how to get in touch:


  • Bebe2Bebe2 Posts: 61 New bride

    Hi we are in London am using a guy called Joe Mallen. He is charging us £900 but I think he is usually £1000. He is super nice and will photograph depending on the style you want so it's worth checking out a few different weddings on his portfolio. 



  • £1100 full day coverage  all images on USB.

  • £1500 full day coverage  with 500 images
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