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Reception DJs in London - Disco Shed or Wedding Smashers?!

hello! we're torn between both these two DJs - can anyone help? Anyone been to a wedding with/used either of these? Both seem to offer very similar friendly services, open to our varied (OK pop) music tastes, for a relatively  similar price. Also- each seem to play a three hour set. We're getting married at 12 then moving to the repetition venue at 2. I was planning on first dance about 7.30, followed by DJ til 11 so am thinking I'll need to pay the extra hour - any advice on this plan?! All advice welcome! Thank you in advance 


  • MrsN2016MrsN2016 Posts: 147

    I can't comment on the other one but I've booked the wedding smashers for my wedding in June. Would love  hear what other brides think if they have used them!! 

  • Louise24Louise24 Posts: 117

    I've heard great things about the Wedding Smashers! 

  • Hi Imogen,

    Thanks for the mention on here, and the interest in booking us for your wedding! I've heard great things about the Wedding Smashers too, though I can't vouch for how long they play for.

    We definitely don't just play a 3 hour set though, in fact we don't put a time limit on how long we play for at all - every wedding is different, things often overrun so it makes no sense to us to specify a definite set length. Plus the last thing we want is you to be worrying about time, or indeed anything to do with the entertainment on your wedding day.

    So, our standard package covers us for the whole evening, so we aim to be ready as soon as possible after your meal (basically, tell us when you want us to be ready by and we'll work backwards from there) and are happy to play until any time, within reason!

    The only thing we might ask for is some accommodation if the night runs any later than 1am as I don't like to ask my DJs to drive home so late after a long day / night. With a midnight finish in London though I don't anticipate this being an issue anyway.

    Hope this helps anyway! Please visit our website at for more info or drop us a line if you have any other questions - I'd suggest email (given on our website!) is best!

    Thanks again,


  • As a professional DJ I would go for the disco shed personally if you like that sort of thing. Just looks like a more viable option. Nice quality equipment/presentation too. I like HK audio sound and quad phase lighting - nice simple combo. Cant find a lot of info on what you will actually get with the wedding smashers, but a lot on this thread seem to rate them, so i guess they would suit someone who is very precise about their music. 

    However. I don't see a lot of difference between these services and a decent DJ tbh. other than the quirkiness of having a shed, or them playing venal with bongos etc. (Love the look of that shed though). Things have moved on considerably since the days of DJ Dave so don't believe the horror stories or some crap DJ that your friends booked as they only paid £200, never met the bloke or supplied any music/information to them. Like anything the worst you can do is sit down with a range of suppliers and have a chat with them. that way you can make sure that you know what you are going to get. Good luck. 

    For the OP. Pretty sure both do more than 3 hours as the average wedding function lasts about 4-5 hours. 

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