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Is my English Husband to Be fine to wear a kilt?


Over the years I have been to many weddings in England and Scotland.  In 8 weeks time I will be at my own wedding but I have just started having  niggling thoughts.

I have been to a few of my Scottish friends weddings where their now husbands have not originally been from Scotland but have wore a kilt in honour of the family they are entering.  

I was originally born in Scotland now living in England and getting married in England too.  Our wedding guests are about 50/50.  My other half would love to wear a kilt but didn't want to offend anyone or start any feuds. I have never thought anything of it before, but now as our day looms I wanted to make sure that I was in the majority in thinking this is fine?

Thanks in Advance


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  • My boyfriend is Dutch and he wore a kilt at my sister's wedding in October 2014.  We didn't tell anyone about it, we hired it in secret and told people he was wearing a suit when they asked.  When he appeared out from the bedroom wearing it on the day,everyone loved it!!

  • I was under the impression that the tartan kilt is largely an invention of the ENGLISH victorians, so you should not get too much problems as it does not have much historical heir achy (as opposed to other traditional dresses across the world). Don't quote me on that. I think a groom wearing a kilt is fine personally and would show respect to your Scottish guests as its not something i would fancy wearing?? I had a scottish bloke at one wedding showing his you know what all the time. it was funny on the first time, but by the end of the evening it was quite annoying. Not that i care but he was not very big either. 

  • My H2B is English and he is getting his own kilt made to wear at our wedding.  His nana wasn't too keen on the idea to begin with but as we're having a Scottish wedding with the piper, ceilidh band, etc I couldn't imagine him not wearing a kilt.  He's really excited to be getting a kilt and his nana has come round to the idea.  His best men who are English have also agreed to wear kilts.  It's up to your H2B what he wears on his wedding day so if he wants to wear a kilt I would say go for it x

  • Royal Stewart tartan is the best known tartan of the royal House of Stewart, it is the tartan of Queen elizabeth II, so any of her subjects (british, including english) can wear this and it still be proper.

    it is also a quite nice tartan!,!iEE9S(y-c-!BPbJWWR6Iw~~/s-l1600.jpg

    The things you learn watching QI eh!

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