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Talkback: Party on! How to beat venue noise restrictions

In my experience councils demand a noise limiter level which makes it impossible for an electric band to perform a viable gig and, when it is enforced on venues, generally means that they have to give up putting on live music events. Quite a few bands now include a "no noise limiter" requirement in their contract. A noise limiter being triggered can and does damage equipment such as valve amps and I would advise anyone using such equipment NEVER to perform in a venue with a noise limiter set at less than 95Db. The present trend of councils demanding noise limiters as a condition of an entertainment license allowing live music may well, with all the other factors, spell the end of live amplified live music in this country which seems to me to be a shame and tantamount to cultural vandalism.


  • Bands cut costs and quality by not engaging a competent sound engineer who knows how to equalize a room to defeat the potent wavelengths that trigger a limiter.  We run with one of the best engineers on the circuit and regularly play sound limited venues with no issues at all.  It is just a question of knowing what you are doing and we are a large band, with saxophone and trumpet !  

  • Clare126Clare126 Posts: 1
    In terms of decibel levels, 80dB is the noise level of a vacuum cleaner! So that really is low. This article is interesting in terms of clear and expert advice for brides and grooms :
  • Fola2Fola2 Posts: 1
    Hello there,
    Pls help me out here, I have chosen a wedding venue coming up in 5weeks, but the sound limiter is set at 85 dB and my guests would be 250 in the Hall. I will make use of a 3 man live band for an hr and a DJ till close at midnight, pls would the sound level be enough for people to be to dance?
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