Gypsophila smell?

Hi everyone,

Our rustic barn wedding is in June and we're doing all the decorations ourselves. I love the look of gypsophila in jars as centerpieces but I've heard it can smell a bit bad if there's lots. Does anyone have any experience of this? I won't be going crazy with it but there will be an arrangement on each table (we have 7 tables) and then probably on the cake and card tables.

Thanks! B x


  • Chevs85Chevs85 Posts: 52

    A florist did say this to me but I am also planning on using it in my table arrangements... I'll be following this thread to see what the opinion is... I really hope it doesn't!! 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    We had gypsophilia centrepieces on our tables in jars and although there was a smell I wouldnt say it was a bad smell. The smell of alcohol, food and perfume of guests etc will soon outweigh any smell from the gyp in my opinion. No need to worry.

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    One of my cousins got married in December and had gyp in her bouquets. It did smell I'm afraid. Not enough to smell in the room but when close to it (as in, to sniff the bouquet) it did smell. Like the lady above me says, if its in the centrepieces then all the other smells will cover it x

  • Beet13Beet13 Posts: 68

    Thanks for your responses - I feel more reassured about using it now. My bouquet is mainly roses with just a bit of gypsophila to break it up so hopefully that will be ok. That's a good point about the food smells covering it up.

  • Chevs85Chevs85 Posts: 52


    These were the centre pieces I was thinking of... There is so much of it!!! I am now imagining walking in to a stinky room 🙈🙈

  • Lola4Lola4 Posts: 129

    I think the centrepieces you're thinking of is lovely. I wouldn't change it. Gyp looks beautiful. 

  • Thought about artificial ones? 

  • Chevs85Chevs85 Posts: 52

    I contacted my florist to ask... She said not to worry and that there is hardly a smell... Feeling a bit reassured now 😊. 

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