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I'm struggling to upload any photos - but I have the Sophia Tolli Cashmere Y11317 dress & I don't know if I should be wearing an underskirt!

Please if any one could advise I'd be so grateful! It's a 'step-into' dress so I also wouldn't have a clue how to get the underskirt on!


Thanks in advance :)



  • Also if anyone has advice on what length veil might look best? I bought a shorter one but now doubting myself thinking longer one would be better! 

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    Hi Lauren-Emily

    I was told to go for a long veil as otherwise the shorter one would distract from the fancy bit at the front. I prefer the look of the long ones anyway but just my preference!

    Good luck!


  • ellaphumpellaphump Posts: 62

    Hi Lauren, 


    I would also go with a longer veil as it will elongate you and give full view of your dress. i think an underskirt would help structure the bottom of this dress. Could you ask the shop if your meant to have an under skirt? 

    Good Luck!

  • I got the dress off eBay as it was so expensive in the shop! Ok thanks so much for advice. I will look into getting an under skirt although I'm not sure how I'd get it on! 


  • CR1689CR1689 Posts: 378

    If an underskirt and hoop are the same thing, I'd say go for a fishtail hoop. Would give the bottom some structure. And I think try and longer veil ☺️

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    An underskirt and hoop are different.....the underskirt is layers f extra tulle/netting for poof, and a hoop is just a big round hoop on a skirt to give dresses more structure and also keep the underneath layers off your legs making walking easier and your legs cooler. You can wear one or the other or both. 

    To the OP, I think an underskirt would look good with your dress. It seems the model pic has one on as the skirt seems a bit more shapely on the model pic then on your pic, but I guess it just depends what look you are going for. Maybe ask the shop to try one with it and see how you look/feel? Same goes with the veil tbh - see how you like it. I have personally gone for a longer veil as I want to feel as bridal as possible! 

    My shop kindly let me go back for an accessories session where I tried on different varieties of all the extra bits to decide what went with my dress!

  • NennypennyNennypenny Posts: 151

    I know you bought your dress online so it might be tricky to get a chance to try the underskirt on in a bridal shop....Do you have any friends or friends of friends who have got married and might have their spare for you to try?

    Also, I would think you would put the underskirt into the dress somehow then place it on the floor to step in to get it on? Hopefully that make sense! Or if you have helpers on the day just pop the underskirt on and then get the dress over your head! Maybe give both a try!

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Oh I missed that you bought it online. You could call your local shop and ask if you can bring your dress you bought elsewhere and see if they will do an accessories appointment. A sale is a sale at the end of the day and you could say you are looking for underskirt, veil/tiara, shoes, lingerie, BM dresses etc. I bet they won't turn down your custom even if it isn't to buy a dress. 

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    Just want to say your dress is really beautiful and you look so happy in it! I also think an underskirt would help keep the shape x

  • Thanks so much for your advice guys. 

    I do have a hoop I think that's what it is I found it in the bottom of the dress bag. I couldn't work out how I could get it on though! That makes sense put the hoop skirt into the dress & then step into it thank you so much!

    i bought my original veil in a sale for 35 so I've gone ahead & ordered a long one then I guess I have a choice I so appreciate the advice & rainbooboo thank you so much for your comment :):)

    youve all been so helpful. X

  • The hoop that was in the dress bag has 2 hoops I think & tulle - then a satiny bit at the top where you put in on. Hopefully that's the right thing! I agree the shape in the pic of the dress looks way nicer I prefer it like that!

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